I don't know the exact army lists..

Command Squad...HB..Junior Officer w/PW BP
Mortar Squad
Anti-Tank Squad w/ML w/sharpshooter
Grenadiers x7..2 w/PG...Sarg w/PW BP
Leman Russ w/BC HHB

Int-Chaplain w/BP
Assault Squad x7..2 w/PP..Vet Sarg w/PW BP
Tac Squad x2...5 w/ML PG.. Vet Sarg w/PW BP

Nightstalker ( custom, basically a Carnifex thats fast and has a barbed strangler )
3 Warriors w/3 deathspitters 1w/rending claws 2w/scything talons
10 Hormagaunts
10 Gargoyals
Biovore w/frag mines

Tomb Spider
10 Warriors
3 Destroyers

Okay so basically we were using the rules for 40k in a Flash, which can be found in WD. One thing thats open to debate is the fact that no 4 wound creatures or above yet you can field any tank 200 pts or less (like oh say a Leman Russ or Basilisk). Also no 2+ saves...so 'Nids are limited.

We rolled on the chart and got Sabatoge. The good guys ( I was playing IG )would be defending while the baddies try to assault the bunker. The terrain was pretty straight forward a few rubble piles (difficult terrain) , some small hills and a large piece of building to the front left of the bunker. Pretty straightforward.

First of all this mission is great if the defender is IG, as you can put your entire HQ choice and one troop on the board ( which happend to be my whole army minus the Russ ). So I deployed my Anti-Tank squad in the bunker, the command squad to the left of the bunker and the grenadiers to the right. The DA player placed his Chaplain next to my GR, and put a tac squad on top of the bunker. The enemy deployed in its mass, with Necrons on the left and 'Nids on the right.

Right off the bat the sentries ( the front 3 ) are useless as they move around 5-6 inches backwards towards the bunker ( doh! ), and as it turned out only one sentry went forward. Not a good turn of events...

The Tyranids run forward, getting about 16" or so from the bunker. The more mobile &#39;Crons move forward 12 keeping up with the &#39;nids while the warriors and lord move up just ahead of the biovore. No shots fired...very peaceful <_<

This time one of the front sentries moves forward 4" moving dangerously close to exposing the Nids. But nothing happens.

The &#39;gaunts and flying &#39;gaunts both charge the sentry in an attempt to silence him. However they manage not to kill him ( the Tyranids misjudged the charge range and ended up only getting about 5 in BtB, plus the sentries were SM and made a few saves )..anyway the alarm gets raised and the battle is on &#33;&#33;

Reserves are rolled for and my tank shows up as well as the assault squad ( who ended up comming in on the long edge..about 36" from the bunker...not good ), however the other tac squad ended up on the left edge, about 10" from the biovore &#33;&#33;

The tank moves to get a better field of fire ( it ends up in a nice spot, and can basically fire at everything, while being about 30" behind the bunker ) , while the assault squad moves forward in a veign attempt to be of use in the battle. The tac squad on the left edge moves towards the biovore..firing bolters and a plasma and manage to destroy the &#39;Nid..much to the enjoyment of the guardsmen &#33;&#33;

The grenadiers rapid fire the &#39;gaunts killing 6. While the command squad fires at the rest and finish them off. The anti tank squad fires at the Nightstalker and produce no wounds ( actually none of them even hit :blink: ). The mortars fire a salvo into the destroyers and manage to produce 6 hits but no wounds... The stationary tac squad fires at the Nightstalker producing a wound from both the PG and ML..as the guardsmen admired the SM aim...

The chaplain fires his BP and kills a f&#39;gaunt as he charges in and dispatches 3. Meanwhile the other tac squad charge into a squad of warriors ( it was a bottleneck, so only about 3-4 in BtB contact ). The DA manage to produce 4 wounds only to have the Necrons shake it off and kill a DA in return &#33;&#33;

The nightstalker advanced firing into the stationary tac squad and managed to kill a single (non-important) Marine. The warriors fire into the grenadiers and manage to kill everyone but the sargeant &#33;&#33; The Destroyers, not to be outdone by their bug counterparts shoot into the command squad. All that was left was bone ( good dice rolling grr... ). The nightstalker veignly tried to charge the Chaplain but ended up being a rock thrower... Just as the Chaplain dispatched 3 more. In return the &#39;gaunts produce a wound. The SM create another wound on the &#39;Crons which also fails to hit the mark, again in return the Necrons dispatch a DA. Both squads jockey for position and the Necrons win. The DA run away, with the Necrons on their heels ( auto-regroup, still in CC just eight inches towards the bunker ).

Not much moving, as the good guys want to fire. The anti-tank squad downs the Tomb Spider, while the tank blasts 3 warriors into bits, in a glorious display of flying flesh & bone ( This ended up being the end of the tyranids as it was the only Sny. Creature ). The stationary tac squad fires at the scarab swarms (2, by the remants of the TS ) and produces a single wound. The mortars fire at the Destoryers and manage to kill 2..for now...

Meanwhile in CC, the Chaplain disposes of the remaining three gaunts and prepares to deal with a very big monster ( who managed to miss all 3 of his attacks this phase ). The SM finially get some where and dispatch of 3 warriors ( now hopefully they don&#39;t get up ).

At the start of the Necron turn the warriors don&#39;t get up, while both destroyers do &#33;&#33; They proptly fly to the side of the bunker and open fire on the mortar squad killing 3 guardsmen ( the lasgunners ). The scarab swarm charges at the lower part of the bunker assaulting the anti-tank squad. The guardsmen manage to produce 2 wounds, while the scarabs kill one in return. Meanwhile the Chaplain grinds the Nightstalker into the ground while being hit once in return...however his holy faith comes through ( he rolled a 6 for his 4+(I) ). Meanwhile the tac squad vs warriors produce no wounds and the DA run 8 inches only to be followed by the Necrons..who come up short at 5 inches.

The assault squad comes to aid the anti-tank squad and dispatch the scarabs. Meanwhile the combined mortar, stationary tac squad fire kill the 3 destroyers. The other tac squad fires at the warriors and assaults. 2 Warriors fall. No SM casualties.

At this point random game length comes up..and ends... ( we rolled a 1 ... ) , however the Necron Lord was all to happy to accept the defeat with his life as he faced a full assault squad and a Chaplain, in addition to the remants of the tac squad. Plus then there was an anti-tank squad, mortar squad and a tank.


Notes :

Okay first of all the Tyranid player is an idiot ( j/k ), hes a friend but not real great tactic wise and made some poor assaulting choices. Such as assaulting the sentry and not the actual units. This was our first time playing this scenario..so learn through mistakes. Secondly the Necron player was new to the game, however made a good game of it, and very nearly took the bunker, if not for the Tyranids getting wipped out. The Leman Russ made one shot all game but managed to make it an important one which really crippled the Tyranid attack. The mortars did alright, although had a real tough time on the destroyers st4 vs t5..but oh well. WBB worked real well for him. He also made alot of armor saves in CC ( well actually shooting to ), which helped him alot. The assault squad spent the whole game trying to get to the battle..and only ended up in helping taking out the scarabs..which would have had to fight the tac squad up top after killing the guardsmen..which they wern&#39;t doing. The game looked really bad for the first 2 turns, but worked out well..although having the enemy start 18" (+ or - ) from guardsmen sucks.

Any feed back would be appreciated to help my furute battlereports.