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    Black Templars Vs Red Marines.

    ok ok i admit it, the red marines were blood angels, but my opponent didnt want to use them that way, so he decided he would call them the red marines...

    Story behind the game:
    the red marines and black templars have been fighting on a planet to re claim it. Mashall Damascus has been forwarding this crusade. they met fierce resistance from chaos beings. but what happened next decimated the imperial forces. the red marines heresied just after all the chaos had been defeated. they proclamed it in the name of the real emperor and death to the false. They turned on the templars and killed many of them, unsuspecting the attack, those that could fought back and other retreated to fight another day. the Marshall called a tactical retreat so they could strike without warning.

    Black Templars
    "The inquisitor has contacted us sir, he told us to destroy them, they are, ahh tied up in other matters, they need our help. this can only benefit the chapters position with the inquisitorum sir. Marshall Damascus, this battle has rageded on for to long now, even our own are growing erry, there is something about this planet something with in it, the red marines turned to the forces of evil, they mused be stopped, other wise the planet will become something we cannot imagine. our losses are staggering, we cannot keep up."

    "i realise this young initiate, i am waiting for the right time. ex Chaplain Rednar has heresed and will be stoped. i have spoken with there chapter leader, he is, purifying his chapter. at dawn, we strike with everything. tommorow, the red blood will fill the plains, they shall burn.

    Glory to the Emperor"

    Red Marines

    " these Black templars are making the gods most unsettled. if we are to please our new master we shall burn and destrroy there crusade. there Marshall must die, his head will make a brilliant goblet for me to drink from at our sacrifice feast. Any word from the scouts?

    "no sir, they cannot locate them."

    "Hurry UP, i grow impatient of your incompitence."

    "sorry master."

    "we will sit tight then, tell the scouts to serach harder or they will be the sacrifice!"

    "death to the false emperor mi lord" - Wow, sorry. My is spelled with a 'y' not an 'i'. Laziness is not an excuse, seeing that it's the same number of keystrokes for heaven's sake. PLEASE spell the simple words right... I beg you... - Firedrake28

    "death, to the enemy!"

    Black Tempalrs musted forces
    Emperors Champion
    Accept Any Challange No Matter The Odds

    Total: 140

    Power Fist
    Plasma Pistol
    Iron Halo
    Terminator Honors
    Total: 160

    Terminator honors
    Polt Pistol
    Holy Orb of Antioch
    Total: 121

    Extra Armour
    Total: 110

    Crusader Squad
    10 Inititates
    power Fist
    Melta Gun
    10 Neophytes
    Total: 285

    9 Initiates
    Power Fist
    Melta Gun
    Total: 169

    10 Initiates
    power Fist
    Melta Gun
    Total: 185

    Land Speeder Tornado
    Heavy Bolter
    Assault Cannon
    Total: 80

    Land Raider
    Total: 250

    Total: 1500

    Red Marines Heretic Force
    Master of sancictiy
    Bolt Pistol
    Jump Pack
    Terminator Honors
    Artificer Armour
    Total: 156

    Extra Armour
    Total: 110

    5 Marines
    Total: 90

    5 Marines (A)
    Melta gun
    power Fist
    plasma Pistol
    Total: 125

    5 marines (
    plasma pistol
    power weapon
    Total: 116

    5 marines
    Plasma gun
    Plasma Cannon
    Total: 105

    5 marines
    heavy bolter
    Total: 70

    8 Scouts
    Plasma pistol
    Missile Launcher
    Total: 128

    10 Assault Marines
    Melta Bombs
    power weapon
    Total: 265

    3 bikes + attack Bike
    power wepaon
    plasma pistol
    Total: 172

    5 devestator marines
    4 missile launcehrs
    Total: 155

    Total: 1501

    The fightin groundz

    The Battle

    Turn 1
    The black Templars won this roll off. they decided to go first.

    The crusaders and marshall got into the land raider to protect themselves from future enemy fire. the engines roared and it moved up the line. The Emprors champion lead his squad up the right flank. my chaplain lead his crusader squad close to the middle piece of terrain. wile the dreadnought and landspeeder moved up along the left flank.

    The heavy bolter, assault cannons and storm bolters from teh dread and speeder opended fire on the enemy. (5 man squad with all the plasma). 2 went down from the assault cannon. 1 went from the heavy bolter and another fell from the storm bolter. 1 man remained. passing all Ld cheaks, the plasma gunner filled with chaos rage and held his ground. the land raider opened up her left lascannon, missing the first shot but hitting the second aginst the fearsom red dreadnought, a penetrating hit was scored and the dreadnough burst open leaving nothing but rubble.

    the red marines realised that the chaos god were not happy, they got on with the job at hand. the bikers moved forward up to the emperors champion squadguns blazing. the lone plazma gunner held his ground wile the assault sqaud as well as squad A and B moved forward hoping to get into position for the oncoming slaughter.

    The lone plasma gunner burst open a round at the land speeder, scoring a glancing hit, only to shake the speeder. the heavy bolter further down opened up along with 2 bolters either side of it. they were un able to effect the land speeder. the flamer fron the bikes opened up a burst of flaming promethium. able to hit 3 of the enemy crusaders there armour was to good for the flaming liquid. the plasma gun from the sergeant on the other hand hit and killed a crusader. there Ld test was sucessful and they surged 4 inches forward.

    the bikers were now able to assault the emperors champion and the crusaders following him. the emperors champion lifted his anchinet sword and slayed 2 of the bikers, they fought back with what they could killing 2 crusaders, those crusaders fought back before they died, killing 2 more bikers, leaving only the sergeant.

    EC and sergeant in assault

    Turn 2

    the back templars looked at the dead of there fallen crusader commrads, filling them with rightious fury.
    The crusader squad disembarked from the land raider and moved towards the yet unkown scouts. the land speeder held and dread moved along the left flank. the Chaplain lead his squad through the difficult terrin in the center of the battle field.

    the land raider opened all guns, the lascannons killing 2 of the devesator marines. the dreadnought opened all guns on the assault squad, only killing one. the land speeder fired all guns at the lascannon squad, killing 2 outright.

    the marshall was the only one able to make it into combat, the scouts struck him but failed to wound him. the marshall stuck back with black templars madness, hitting only 3 times but killing 3 of them.

    the emperors champion stuck at the bike sergeant killing him out right.

    the red marines struck back.

    the chaplain left his assault squad to fly over and above the enemy crusader squad. the assault marines walked into difficult terrain. squad B circled the marshall and his squad.

    the devestators shot at the land raider, that one shot hit the land rader and blew it to sitherines. the lone plasma gunner scored a penetraiting hit on the land speeder only to immobalise it. the lascannon missed all together. once again the heavy bolter opened fire on the now immobalized speeder. even after scoring 2 penetrating hits, all the heavy bolter was able to do was to shake and stun the speeder.

    the assault marines smashed into the crusader squad and the chaplain hit the side of it. the assault squad failed to kill andy of the templars wile the templar chaplain killed one and his squad killed 3.

    the red chaplain killed 3 initiates wile they were able to wound him once.

    squad B was able to kill 1 templar wile they killed 3 in return. the scouts were able to kill 1 crusader wile the marshall decimated there squad with his powerfist, wiping them out.

    the assault squad fell back 8 inches wile squad B held.

    Turn 3

    the dreadnought continued to move down the left flank, by himself now.

    the Ec moved up infront of the devestators with his squad opening fire.

    the dreadnought tryed to finish off the assaylt squad but only killed 3 of them. they failed there ld test and almost ran off the board. the EC and squad were able to kill 2 devestators.

    the Red chaplain was able to kill 2 neophytes, wile the BT chaplain was only able to get the red chaplain down to 1 wound.

    the marshal finished of squad B.

    The reds were worring that they were being over powered. but pushed on!

    squad A now moved up to the marshall ready to assault.

    the heavy bolter was able to destroy the land speeder once and for all. the lascannon blew open the dreadnough destroying it on a penetrating hit.

    Sqaud A charged the marshall, they killed 3 templars and 2 of them died in return.

    Turn 4

    the EC split from his squad to help out the marshall, wile his squad shot the las devestator.

    the combats raged on. the EC charge into combat with squad A and killed 2 of them, wile his squad did kill the devestator.

    the Red Chaplain killed 3 Initiates wile one brave Neophyte kill the chaplain with his combat weapon.

    the shooting from teh red marines killed 3 neophytes from the chaplains squad. the EC killed the last marine from squad A.

    Turn 5

    The Marshalls squad and the EC squad moved towards the left flank. the melta gunner from the Marshals squad killed the lascannon.

    The red assault marines flew up the the marshals squad, wile the plasma gunner shot at the chaplains squad along with the heavy bolter. 3 Neophytes were killed and one initiate. they surged 5 inches towars the enemy.

    One assault marine was killed in there assault and so was one black templar.

    Turn 6

    The chaplain surged forward towards the heavy bolter squad. his squad shot at the lone plasma gunner and killed him.

    the EC assaulted the 2 men left from the lascannon squad and killed them both.

    the chaplain assaulted the 5 man heavy bolter squad and kiilled 4 of them.

    the power fist in the marshalls squad killed the las assault marine but he took one with him.

    the chaplain killed the last red marine. ending the game.

    Sir, it is done, but at what cost, a terrible cost. at least the red marines were not able to take this heresy any further, we shall be prized for our glorious victory."

    "yes we will, tell the inquisitation we have cleansed the un worthy, the emperor protects."

    Victory points:

    Red marines: 675

    Black Templars: 1501

    Result: Crushing Victory to the Black Templars.

    After Game Thoughts: this time i thought i would do something different, i thought i would take a character list. basically as you can see is i have beefed up my leaders. all had invulnerable saves and potent weapons. one thing i forgot to use was my holy orb of antioch. but none the less it was not needed.

    for those who dont know how 20 man squads do, well you know now. basically i used it to protect my chaplain. i think it did well to come out with 4 initiates and 1 neopyte, to exact 25%.

    my opponets list... umm not really sure what to think about oit. it certainly has potential, the bikes and assault squad could have been used better. the dread, well that was just unfortunate. the 5 man squads... i hate them, its either 10 (or 9) or nothing. or 20.. hahaha.

    hope you enjoy reading it as uch as i did playing it. (PS sorry about spelling mistakes, i will correct them in the morning.. so tiard and sleepy...)

    Last edited by Katie Drake; October 3rd, 2006 at 21:24.

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