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Thread: Slave Raid

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    42 (x2)

    Slave Raid mission - 500 pts

    Ultra Marines:
    1 Leader (HQ)
    Bolt Pistol (x1); Close Combat Weapon (x1)
    Terminator Honours
    Artificer Armour

    9 Tactical Squad (Troops)
    Bolter (x; Flamer (x1)
    1 Veteran Sergeant
    Bolt Pistol & CCWep.
    Purity Seals

    9 Scout Squad (Troops)
    Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x6); Sniper Rifle (x2); Heavy Bolter (x1)
    1 Sergeant @
    Bolt Pistol & CCWep.

    1 Land Speeder (Fast Attack)
    Heavy Bolter (x1)

    1 Land Speeder (Fast Attack)
    Heavy Bolter (x1)

    Models in Army: 23
    Total Army Cost: 498

    Dark Eldar
    1 Haemonculi (HQ)
    Destructor; Scissorhand

    4 Grotesques (Elites)

    14 Warriors (Troops)
    Splinter Rifle (x10); Splinter Cannon (x2); Blaster (x1); Shredder (x1)
    1 Sybarite @
    Splinter Rifle

    10 Warriors (Troops)
    Splinter Rifle (x10)

    5 Scourges (Heavy Support)
    Splinter Rifle (x2); Dark Lance (x2); Splinter Cannon (x1)

    Models in Army: 35
    Total Army Cost: 496

    --- Intro ---
    I made a newbie mistake with my Sybarite by not upgrading the Splinter Rifle.... but it was too late and my opponent didn't grant me any leeway.

    The table was 4'x4' with two hills in the middle on which the Marines deployed. There was a forest to the west and rough ground to the East. There were also buildings to the North and South.

    Objectives: DE - The Haemonculus felt he was being punished for past inadequacies. His mission: to capture new slaves, but without any Raider support.

    SM Deployed:
    Scouts on the Northern Hill and the Tac Squad with the Leader deployed on the Southern Hill. (the two Land Speeders were in Reserve)

    DE Deployed:
    The Slaver raiding party deployed on the southern edge - 12 " from the Tac Squad.

    Turn 1
    The Scourges stayed put and fired upon the Tac Squad failing to wound anyone.
    All other DE units advanced 6". The Haemonculus engulfed 7 marines with it's Destrutor (AP 1) inflicting 4 casualties. The combined fire from Troops 1 & 2 (20 rifles, 2xCannon, Blaster, Shredder and Pistol) eradicated the remaining Marines (of the Tac squad, including the Leader).

    The scouts on the Northern Hill opened fire on the 10 man DE squad, killing 5 and forcing the rest to retreat off the table.

    After a bloody first turn in which both armies lost an entire squad, the Ultramarines prayed for early reinforcements and the Dark Eldar Slavers hoped they could close fast enough to assault and take prisoners.

    Turn 2
    All units advanced 6"
    The Scourges Cannon and two Rifles failed to wound the Scouts but the Cannon from the surviving Troop killed a single scout.

    One of the Land Speeders arrived, moving 12" to the East and killing 2 warriors.
    The Scouts 'advanced towards the rear' firing at the Dark Eldar HQ and Grotesques (the only targets), failing to score any wounds.

    Turn 3
    The HQ and Grotesques advanced 6", but the Haemonculus' Destructor failed to wound anyone.
    The Scourges held thier ground, unleashed a combined Dark Lance and Splinter Cannon barrage, killing 2 scouts.
    The Troop Squad, lead by the Sybarite, used fleet of foot (a full 6") to move into Assault range: they killed 5 scouts (3 of which were captured) and suffered only 2 casualties.

    The Dark Eldar had now satisfied all scenario requirements and could retreat at any time (and win).

    The Scouts attempted to rally and force the Dark Eldar slavers back, but only succeeded in killing 2 figures.

    Turn 4
    The Troop Squad ran N past the Scouts, taking up a crossfire position (provided the HQ and Grotesques won thier assault).
    The HQ and Grotesques closed into assault range and a scout died to the Destructor.
    The Scourges destroyed the Land Speeder.
    And during the assault phase the Grotesques forced the Scouts to fall back - into the crossfire of the Troop Squad. There were no survivors.

    The remaining Land Speeder arrived, surveyed the carnage and immediately conceeded.

    The Haemonculus redeemd himself on the eyes of the Kabal, capturing 3 slaves and utterly destroying the Ultramarine force.

    War Record Since Sept 2005
    Old Codex 48-20-9 Dark Eldar
    New Codex 1-0-0 Dark Eldar

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    Fortunately for you m'friend, you played against the biggest bonerific marine player I have ever heard of:

    1 Leader (HQ)
    Bolt Pistol (x1); Close Combat Weapon (x1)
    Terminator Honours
    Artificer Armour

    What a disgrace to the Ultramarine name, somebody should knock the crap outta his punk ass..Who would take T. Honors on a leader!! that's enough points to take him up a wound, WS, BS, I, A, and a wound!!!

    This battle really has me split, I used to play DE, now play Ultras..

    other than the fact he was stupid about his HQ, good job on the win

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