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    Last game with old Codex, Eldar V Marines

    This was the last game i was to have with my old eldar codex.

    it was 2000 points eldar V marines

    here are the forces:



    Power Sword
    Bolt Pistol
    Terminator Honors
    Melta Bombs
    Frag Nades
    Iron Halo
    Total: 122

    Command Squad
    Librarian: Codicer
    Bolt Pistol
    Vortex Of Doom
    8 Marines
    2 Heavy Bolters
    Power Sword
    Company Champion

    Storm Bolter
    Extra Armour

    Total: 394

    Storm Bolter
    Terminator Armour
    Total: 115

    Terminator Command Squad
    10 Terminators
    Assault Cannon
    Cyclone Missile Launcher
    Chain Fist
    Total: 450

    Extra Armour
    Assault Cannon
    Heavy Flamer
    Total: 123


    Tactical Squad - Alpha
    10 Marines
    Plasma Gun
    Heavy Bolter
    Power Fist
    Teleport Homer
    Total: 200

    Scout Squad -Alpha
    5 Scouts
    Missile Launcher
    4 Sniper Rifles
    Teleport Homer
    Total: 113

    Tactical Squad - Beta
    10 Marines
    Heavy Bolter
    Teleport Homer
    Power Fist
    Total: 196
    Storm Bolter
    Total: 60

    Heavy Support
    Extra Armour
    Total: 130

    Vengeance Missiles
    Total: 85

    Predator Annhiliator
    Heavy Bolter Sponsoons
    Extra Armour
    Total: 135

    Total: 2001



    Total: 80

    Witcch Blade
    Shuriken Pistol
    Mind War
    Runes of Warding
    Runes of Witnessing
    Spirit Stones
    Total: 146

    Warp Spiders
    5 Spiders
    Power Blades
    Total: 152

    Howling Banshees
    10 Banshees
    Wave Serpent
    Twin Linked Eldar Missile Launcher
    Star Engines
    Total: 326

    Fire Dragons
    10 Dragons
    Wave Serpent
    Twin Linked Bright Lance
    Star Engines
    Total: 339

    Guardian Storm Squad
    20 Storm Guardians
    2 Fusion Guns
    Total: 194

    Guardian Defender Squad
    6 Guardians
    Total: 98

    Heavy Support
    Total: 120

    Holo Field
    Spirt Stones
    Total: 190

    Dark Reapers
    5 Destroyers Ancient
    Eldar Missile launcher
    Fast Shot
    Total: 233

    Total: 1998


    pretty much we played on a 4x4 board, long side deployment.
    we played a good old war of attrition for some fun, but made it interesting by having 3 objective markers.
    the middle one gave an extra 250 VP's wile the 2 others gave 50 VP's.
    you had to be within 3" of the marker with a scoring unit to take it, with no enemy within 6" of it. One was placed in the dirty terrain on the left flank, one was placed in the crators on the right flank, the 250 VP one was placed in the center building ruins.

    the crappy picture i made in paint of what the board looked like can be seen here:
    Dunno_Bourne - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    The marines went first

    Turn 1
    The marines started by moving the command squad in the rhino straight down the middle towards the center objective.

    the scout squad moved into cover in the middle of a creater, with the vindicator following them. the predator went down my left flank, wile the dreadnought followed the command squad. marine squad alpha followed the predator. the whirlwind was tucked in behind the sand bags. marine squad beta went after the (my right flank) right flank objective.

    his whirlwind opened the shooting. it was aiming at my storm guardian squad but scattered into my falcon and did nothing.

    his predator fired its lascannon into my firedragon wave serpent. luckily, he rolled a 3 for penetration!

    Ok, so no real damage, but nothing like a bit of revenge served ice cold.

    i started by moving my wraithlord, Avatar, defender squad and stom guardians down the middle toward the big objective. my falcon and banshee wave serpent went down the right flank after the vindicator and scouts. my dragons went after the predator. my warp spiders made it to the center objective in there jump. my dark reapers were in the building in my deployment zone, over looking the predator and marine squad on the left flank where the dragons were.

    i opened my shooting with a hail of shots from my destroyers ancient, there reaper launcehrs killing 5 marines and the exarch ML killing 2. my firedragons opened fire on the predator infront of it, destroying it good. the wave serpent behind the dragons took out one more marine.

    my next attack came with my warp spiders rapid firing at the command squad rhino. they immobalised it. my falcon took a shot at the vindicator and destroyed the demol cannon, then my banshee serpent destroyed it with its bright lances.

    the wrathlord too some starcannon shots at the 2 remaining marines on the left flank and killed one, the sergent remained from squad alpha. he passed his ld test.

    i thought i did pretty good: destroyed vindicator and predator, immobalized rhino, almost destroyed a whole marine squad, and had all 3 objectives within my grasp, and its only turn 1.
    Turn 2
    he started by calling in his terminators. bang. they came in where his lonly veteran sargeant was on the left flank.

    his dreadnought moved towards the center objective some more. marine squad beta moved up behind the banshee wave serpent. and disembarked

    he started his shooting with his scouts. they hit and pinned my guardian storm squad, killing 3. his whirlwind hit my defender squad, and killed them all, except the farseer.
    his terminators opened a hail of fire on my fire dragons and eventually wiped out the whole squad. marine squad beta's rhino shot the back out of my banshees wave serpent with a storm bolter, once again blowing it up on a damn glancing. 2 banshees died. his tac squad then opened up and killed 4. they held there ground. his dreadnought opened fire on my spiders but did no damage.

    his lonly vet sarge then charged my wave serpent, and hit it once. his power fist demolished the wave serpent with a glancing hit.


    i didnt see that coming. i sent my avatar after the terminators, my wraithlord went after the dreadnought. my spider zipped around behind the command squads rhino. my falcon moved in directly infront of the scout squad.

    i started my shooting with my dark reapers. they killed 2 terminators on the whole. my wraithlord then was luckily enough to destroy the assault cannon on the dreadnought (good rolling). my falcon killed 3 of the 5 scouts. my warp spiders rapid fired the back of the command squads rhino. they scored a vehicle explodes result. the librarian scored a wound and 3 marines died.

    my bashees assaulted the marines that had shot them, for some reason my rolling was on fire and this was proof. i had 4 abshees left, witch totaled 9 normal attacks and 3 exercutioner attacks. 7 marines died. 3 from exercutioner. the marines held and were not able to fight back.

    this battle, has been very damaging for both sides so far.

    Turn 3

    he started by moving his vet sarge out to meet my avatar, his termi squad moved out but stayed within reach of the obbjective marker.

    his dreadnought turned around and went for my spiders.

    his termis opened on my avatar, he escaped death with one wound left. his whirlwind then killed the rest of my banshee squad.

    his dreadnought killed 1 spider and then assaulted them. it killed another 1. they cant fight back, they withdrew :shifty:.


    my avatar went passed the vet sargeant and headed for ther terminators. my falcon turned around to face the rhino. my wraithlord took after the dreadnought. my storm squad, now joned by the farseer moved in a was holding the center objective. my warp spiders were now at the rear of the whirlwind.

    i started my shooting with my reapers, they killed 1 terminator. my falson destroyed the rhino. my spiders whot the back out of the whirlwind, destroying it missile pod thing.

    my wraithlord charged the dreadnought, it killed it and took 1 wound in return.

    my avatar made it to the terminator squad. he killed 3 terminators. they were not in contact to hurt him back.

    Turn 4
    the command squad went after my wraithlord. the librarian killed itself. they then shot the warithlord to no sucess.

    the marines on my right flank went into a creater.

    the fight between the avatar and termies continued, he killed 2 terminators and, unfortunatly, he died ..

    my falcon moved in a finished off the marines on the right flank. my dark reapers killed another 2 terminators leaving the chaplain on his own. my sotrm guardians were able to get in fusion gun range of the remaining vet sarge and killed him.

    my spiders jumped back around and killed 1 marine from the command squad ( the last heavy bolter)

    my farseer took a wound off the captain with mid war. my wraithlord killed 2 of the command squad marines. leaving the captain, company champion and sergeant.

    at this point, my oponent decided that my eldar captured his captain, sergeant and company champion, wile his chaplain teleported out of there.

    that was bloody... very bloody.

    it was a bit of an odd game, with alot of good rolling on both sides, but sheer luck prevailed on my side.

    so yes, now craftworld Mon-Iyen has some hostages from an ultramarines sucessor chapter.

    it was a hard fought battle IMO, i think that what decided it was where i deployed my units and the terrain. not to mention his poor list. is it just me or is it that that is a poor list? i dunno really because i dont play normal marines, but yeah, 10 terminators in a command squad... :wacko:

    so in the end, the objective markers did nothing.

    yes i know, i have terrible spelling!

    Last edited by Reflex; October 29th, 2006 at 11:13.

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    Great Report, sounds like a fun game.

    To be honest after your 1st turn i thought it was over but then it became a bloodbath :shifty:

    Great Job

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    good lord. the battle report was great and after turn 1 I too thought it was over.
    your right, that was one heck of a blood bath. i woundered if the chaos gods were pleased....
    I have bad spelling too!
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    228 (x8)

    Farewell to my eldar forever. (Botany Bay tune)
    Farewell to the cheese and the jeers.
    Farewell to the merry old wraithlord
    Farewell to the starcannon too.

    Any Aussies will probably know the tune.
    My last game with the old eldar is a bit further up the page (well depends how long it takes to get the new codex).

    An excellent game and good report. You are aware that dark reapers are only ap3 right? you killed an awful lot of terminators with that.

    Vet serge hitting on 6's killing the wave serpent. priceless. Excellent game. My spelling is excellent but my typing is awful.
    Check out my Codex: Farmyard Animals here!

    If anyone wants any kind of help writing fluff for any kind of GW army just ask.

    Anzac Clan

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