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    Necron v Nids 1500pts

    Necrons v Nids 1500pts
    Mission: Cleanse
    Level: Gamma

    Lord - VoD, Res Orb, SoL
    3 x 10 Warriors
    2 x 3 Destroyers
    7 x Scarab Swarms
    2 x 2 Heavy Destroyers
    2 Tomb Spyders

    Anyone who read my last report will see i added swarms instead of warriors. I decided i wanted some extra mobility.

    Hive tyrant
    winged, implant attack, adrenal glands (I), adrenal glands (WS), fleshhooks, toxin sacs, toxic miasma, scything talons x2, Warp field
    9 Genestealer, scuttlers
    9 Genestealer, scuttlers
    10 Genestealer, scything talons
    12 Hormagaunt
    12 Hormagaunt
    4 Warrior Winged, adrenal glands (I), adrenal glands (WS), toxin sacs, rending claws, scything talons
    4 Warrior brood Winged, adrenal glands (I), adrenal glands (WS), toxin sacs, rending claws, scything talons
    10 Gargoyles

    Set Up:
    He won the toss and made me take the quarter that had no cover in the corner and not much of a kill zone. I had to position myself further forward than i liked and decided to sit in cover so i could at least get the first attach when the bugs hit.
    I put the Spyders as far forward as i could to try to create a buffer zone.
    I then had a wall of Warriors backed up by Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers and the Scarabs lurking around the rear.
    He set up one unit of Gaunts 18" away from my spyders and the rest down the flanks of his quarter. My right side had 1 unit of scuttling Genies, 1 unit of taloned genies and the HT. My left had the other unit of scuttling genies, Gargoyles and a unit of gaunts.
    Looks like he is setting up for a pincer movement.

    He wins the toss and decides to go first. There is no night fight.

    Nids Turn 1:
    He assaults the hormies into 1 spyder and moves up with the rest. His list is designed to be fast and he is using cover well. The gaunts cause 1 wound on the Spyder and it causes 1 back in return.

    Necron Turn 1:
    I cannot see anything to shoot so i assault my second spyder into the unit of gaunts on my left hoping to draw the warriors out next turn. I assault the Scarabs to help the Spyder in the centre of the table. The left Spyder causes 2 wounds for none they are within synapse. The Scarabs and Spyder do not take any wounds but kill 3 gaunts, they are out of synapse and run and im to slow to catch them. I consolidate both units into a wooded hill attempting to bait the unit of scuttling genies attacking on my right.

    Nids Turn 2:
    As i hoped the genies on the right assault the spyder and the Warriors on the left assault the spyder on the left. The hormies had retreated into synapse range and assaulted the scarabs. The HT is in range to assault next turn and all other units are continuing the pincer movements. Both spyders die but they have done there job. The left warrior squad is in the open and the right genies are sitting on top of a wooded hill with 6 Destroyers looking at them. The scarabs beat the Hormies again but they are in synapse and do not run.

    Necron Turn 2:
    My Heavy destroyers and a unit of Necron Warriors are looking are the nid Warriors and my Destroyers line up the genies. After checking LOS i realise that the warriors are not as open as i thought and i only manage to take two down. The genies disappear in a red haze with the help of a necron warrior unit. The scarabs are still locked with the hormies.

    Nid Turn 3:
    On my left the Warriors and hormies assault a warrior unit, the HT assaults a warrior unit on my right the rest move into position to assault the rest of my army next turn. Things are looking at little to tough for comfort on my right flank. However he is worried about my destroyers on my left flanks and hesitates in closing the pincers. This may be the break i have been looking for.
    The HT kills 3 Warriors and a 2 necron warrior’s drop to the warrior/gaunt assault. The scarabs finally kill the Hormies and are free but there are only 5 bases left.

    Necron Turn 3:
    I fail all WBB:
    The Lord VoD the Warrior unit engaged with the HT away and decide to go Nid Warrior hunting, my destroyers go to join the party and the scarabs move up to screen the lord and the warriors from a unit of Genies with the talons. The Heavy Destroyers take LOS on the HT sitting in the open now and a unit of warriors try to put some distance away from the gargoyles (i had not fought them before and thought they where worse than they where).
    After the smoke had cleared from the shooting i had only managed to put 4 wound on the HT and 1 warrior was standing with both wounds. I was not happy at all. As i had really opened myself up to kill these two units. I decide to assault the scarabs into the last warrior to kill it off and remove my screen from the genies and assault with a unit of Destroyers to pin it in place.
    The Scarabs win and with the massacre result get to move right back where they came from.
    The Nid Warrior/hormie combat is a stand off. The destroyers are massacred and the HT moves into the second unit. (huge error from me)

    Nids Turn 4:
    Gargoyles assault the Warrior squad that i moved back having to fleet to do so (so no shooting from them). The HT assaults a unit of Destroyers and the Genies with the talons assault the scarabs. The Warrior/hormies finally kill off the necron unit they where fighting but all the hormies are now dead. The warriors fighting the Gargoyles take no wounds and kill 4. The HT smashes the 3 destroyers and moves into the second unit. The Genies wipe out the scarabs and crash into the lord and warriors. The Gargoyles are not doing well against the Warriors and are dropping like flies.

    Necron Turn 4
    I fail most of my WBB again:
    The Heavy destroyers line up the HT again, The Lord VOD out of combat but only by a few inches to take shots at the genies.
    The genies disappear in a red mist. The Heavy destroyers only manage to put 1 more wound on the HT!!! that’s 8 shots for 2 wounds. The Warriors finally wipe out the Gargoyles.

    Nids Turn 5.
    The HT assaults my Heavy destroyers. The nid warriors assault my warriors that just beat the gargoyles and he decides that he does not think the last unit of genies will be able to make combat so he moves to secure a table quarter (its the only scoring unit he has left).
    One Nid Warrior falls to the Necron warriors. The HT smashes the Heavy Destroyers.

    The rest of the game:
    Things get a little hazy about how the last two turns went.
    Basically the Necron warriors kill off the Nid warriors and the Lord VoD into the Nid starting quarter by the end of the game.

    I have 7 Warriors with my lord and another unit of 9 warriors
    he has a wounded HT and an unscathed genie unit left at the end of the game.

    VP: 1984 v 1345 Solid Victory to the Necrons.

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    Well done, a shame you couldn't force him into the open with deployment. In the little bit of experiance I've had against nids the one thing I have learned is the Hive Tyrants don't die! What ends up happeing for me I'll be so into trying to destroy synapes by wacking the big bugs with las cannons/ missle launchers/whatever that i end up putting very little fire into the little buggers. I may be wrong but it seems to me the easiest way to be nids is to just soak a unit as much as possible, I'd start with the fastest ones then slowly work my way back, saving the cursed tyrant for last. At the very least i can hope to knock off the resst of his army and lose a squad or two to the tyrant. You handeled the nids well though good use of the tomb spyders. Again good job and well done on the report
    Rheagar fought nobly
    Rheagar fought valiantly
    Rheagar fought honorably
    And Rheagar died.

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    I really hate HT and Carnifexes.....

    They just don't blinkin die, necron warriors can hurt them with guns but... rapid firing 12 inches is just stupid........ Gaunts and warriors are easy to handle though :p
    By the will of the C'tans and Tzeentch.


    Necrons: 12/5/23 (lol I suck)
    Chaos (World Eaters): 4/0/0
    Chaos (Thousand Sons): 1/1/0
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    Nice report! I was especially interested because I also play assaulty-nids, although I don't use flying warriors (because they die off so fast). I was secretly cheering for your opponent, but you did a great job commanding the course of the battle. Nice tactics with the spyder/scarab shields. Congrats on the win.
    Tyranids: 2500 pts
    Imperial Guard: 1000 pts
    Witch Hunters: 1000 pts

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