1500 The Bleeding Ones Of Khorne V.s The Black Tem - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    pointcost limit:1500
    breifing: foster stole the last twinkie in the box in retribution you challenge him to warhammer40k a 1500 meargrinder mission(note in this I'm you)

    the bleeding ones of khorn:

    objectives beat foster without demons

    my armys in the army list page under 1300 point khorn army

    the 267th chapter of templars

    objective beat john without tanks:

    army of foster:inquisitor daemonhammer bleh bleh bleh cortezes retinue (boxset)
    emperors champ with retinue 5 marines with bolt pistols

    2 dreadnaughts

    1 greyknight termie.retinue vet. squads 10 guys

    3 troops umm 5 guys each mostly bolters cheapo

    roll to see who goes fisrt foster

    1rst turn templars

    move entir army 6 inches without actually getting in close hand combat shot 15 bolters at termies 3 hit 3 termies rolled +2

    1rst turn me

    blood frenzy brings the troops in close hand combat
    and obliterators out termies destroy his inquisitors entire retinue
    troops kill all but two marines in one squad then sweeping advance and enter combat with a second squad
    shooting phase destroyed 1 dreadnaught emperors champ and retinue liquified
    obliterators and defiler

    2nd turn templars
    troops fight in close combat but are destoyed yay!
    inquisitor fights blarzog in close combat but dies oh well

    2nd turn me
    umm yeah shot lascannons of death again killed obliterator and greynight with retinue

    results I won and this battle report sucks

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    hehehe, well done, and ur right, this batrep could've been heaps better. better luck next time

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