First off: I -love- the 'Rules of Engagement' system, but it requires more synapses than my poor brain has to keep track of during a battle. The asymmetrical victory conditions are hard to keep in mind. Tib's idea of making little summary sheets is a good one, it MIGHT help me.

So I tried out 1000 points with the new Eldar codex. Two units of Avengers, one with an Exarch, a 12-man Guardian squad with a scatterlaser and a Warlock. (The Farseer with Fortune would accompany them) 8 Banshees with an Exarch, 8 Warp spiders with an Exarch, and a Falcon with Vectored engines finished it off. (I LOVE vectored engines. The galaxy needs to make sure the Dark eldar NEVER get thier hands on those!!)

Tib had two good-sized Necron squads, a lord with VoD, and a big squad of Destroyers. One of the Necron squads holed up in a building way back in his deployment zone and didn't participate in the battle, but held down two of his victory conditions.

There was a mess of buildings in the table center, and an open space to the left. I pushed the Guardians to the left, positioned the Falcon to have a good LOS along the only gap through the center, and moved all the Aspect Warriors up along the woods leading to the central buildings. I was strong in CC and wanted cover and a commanding position.

The Guardians advanced for a while, getting out of LOS of the gap, but ultimately the destroyers took a turn out of thier busy schedule pounding on the Falcon and (with the help of a VoD'd Necron squad) wiped them out in a single round. Rerolling your 5+ save when you don't GET your 5+ save dosen't help! I shoulda taken Conceal on the Warlock. (and a bigger squad if I wanted to use them as a shield)

The Falcon took an amazing pounding. It never did much offensively, but it absorbed SO much fire from the Destroyers that it wasn't funny. Taking the full compliment of Holo-fields, Vectored engines and Spirit Stones nearly doubles the cost of the tank but I can see that it's worth it if you want it to be a tough transport. Wow.

The Aspect Warriors got one good round in; the Necron unit the Lord was bouncing around got in range and both Avenger squads, plus the Spiders, pounded them with sixty Shuriken and Warpspinner shots before assaulting them. A lot of them went down, but most of them got back up. Dammit.

The Eldar -did- manage to break and rout the Necron unit, but subsequently enough of them got back up to put it over 50% and naturally they rallied. SO CLOSE! Not that it would have won the game for me or anything, but I would have felt like I actually hurt something!

Ultimately it was an overwhelming Necron victory. The Falcon finally went down in the last turn, giving up the objective it was sitting on. I was losing track of my victory conditions and I really didn't have anything that could make the Necrons STAY down outside of Power Weapons that I just wasn't getting into combat--the Falcon could have downed a few, but it was stunned most of the time from glancing hits and slowly stripped of all armament. The hideous AP4 firepower from the Destroyers was pretty much wiping one Aspect squad out each time they fired.

Lessons learned?

* Don't bother putting Fortune on a unit with weak armor.
* Max out a squad if you want to use it as a meat shield.
* Don't make Banshees walk to combat. The Falcon is looking like a REALLY nice transport for them...
* I probably need more ranged firepower.

I really love the new Dire Avengers...I need to stay on the lookout for a few of the old models so I can bulk out my 15 to 20 for two full units. Bladestorm rocks, and 18" is a entirely adequate range.

So many options in the new codex--so many GOOD options, so few points!