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    1500 Marines vs Tyranids

    Sgt. Harmen, having just recovered from his wounds after the disasterous battle against the Eldar of Ulthwe, was leading a scout force tracking the Genestealer invasion of one of the Nights Justice protectorate systems. The scouts slowly crept through the eerily quiet remains of a train station.

    A train blasted across the landscape, travelling nearly at supersonic speeds, and after it passed a howling scream peirced the air. A horde of Genestealers ran screaming from the nearby forest. Squad Ceta was on open ground at the moment and the ravening horde targetted them, a sea of claws and teeth scrambling across the terrain.

    "Form up firing lines, I've sent out the signal. We must only hold for several minutes and the rest of the force will arrive." Sgt. Harmen sent out over the vox net. The trap had been set and the prey stuck it's head in.

    The sound of a missile firing was the signal. The roar of bolter fire drowned out the screams of the approaching horde, and the front line of creatures hit the ground, only to be trampled by their breathren. The missile impacted into a scrambling mass of rippers, sending chunks of the beasts flying everywhere. It seemed as if the scouts would be enough to hold the beasts at bay until the air around two of the squads began to ripple, and stabbing talons came rushing from no where. Three lictors leapt from the rubble and cut squads Ceta and Alpha to peices. "The line is collapsing, hurry before all is lost." Harmen announced over the vox channel.

    Just as he closed the channel, the roar of approaching engines came into the station. Landspeeders and Bikes came onto the battlefield, their heavy bolters opening fire into the center mass of the genestealer horde leaving an uncountable number of exploded corpses. The ferocious roar of a Hive Tyrant is heard coming from the forest, just before he and his retinue of brutish shield beasts smash the final line of trees out of their way. Harmen orders his squad to concentrate their fire on them, but the shield creatures armor was to complete. They where unable to find any weak joints. Two Dreadnoughts lumbered onto the field accompanied by a Predator. The fire power unleashed by the combined forces devestated the remnants of the horde.

    Several genestealers managed to wend their way through the fire and leapt onto the bikers. Their talons ripped through the bikes engines and cutting the joints of the power armor. Librarian Apathel roared onto the field and slammed into the genestealers, cutting them to peices. The Tyrant stomped onto the bridge over the tracks, and sent a psychic blast at a squad of bikers, the energy causing the bikes to explode, throwing their riders through the air. The landspeeders floated into range of the Tyrant, the last standing threat on the battlefield, and opened fire with heavy bolters, missile launchers, and assualt cannons. The shield creatures disintigrated in the hail of fire, and all the creatures collapsed dead onto the battlefield.

    The field soon returned back to dead silence, the only sound the rumbling of idling engines.


    A fun battle that had an interesting twist. We placed a "train" option on the table. On each players turn, the train would come through on the roll of a 1. Everything on the tracks would take a Str. 8 AP 2 hit. This was great for me, since all I had to do was sit back and shoot while he ran at me. Unfortunately, the train never came across throughout the game.

    I thought for sure I was going to lose, simply because my dice where once again completely revolting against me again. I lost WAY to much to his ripper swarm. But in the end, my scoring units where way to many points for his, with us both holding 1 table quarter.

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