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    Battle Report (Fluffy Description)

    Dramatis persona (This happened some time ago, its as I remember it, I have no record sadly):
    Dark Angels
    1 interrogator chaplain, bolt pistol.
    2 Tactical Squads, one with a missile launcher.
    1 land speeder.

    Reconcilers (Space Marines)
    1 Command-Captain, with power weapon, and bolt pistol.
    1 tactical squad, missile launcher and plasma.
    5 man scout squad, sniper rifles.
    1 whirlwind with castellan missiles.

    Fluff description of combat follows. Some elements have been given a veneer of

    Interrogator-Chaplain Benedictus gazed at his few troops. Brothers Carvus and Antolio were busy awakening and conversing with the machine spirit of the anti-gravity systems of the land-speeder, while the other troops gathered. They were few in number, merely two squads. Two squads was often enough, more then enough. Space Marines counted each of their number highly, but not against other space marines. It felt almost distasteful, springing on the damaged remnants of another chapter’s force so soon after they had selflessly flung themselves to defend he and his own men. Much more then meager “sibling loyalty? was at stake here however.
    Among the other marines, a chapter known as the Reconcilers, was a simple sergeant of their scout company. One who had been rumored to have had contact with one of the fallen during the recent engagement, presumably through the sights of one of his weapons. The scout likely had no concerns over what was to him simply another chaos soldier beneath his trigger, but… The Reconciler’s had doomed themselves by helping the Dark Angels, but perhaps Chaplain Asteroth reasoned, their laudable sacrifice would be compounded.
    Captain Sterrek glanced at the blasted landscape, weariness overcoming him. The shattered remnants of corrupted predators and the smoking, steaming corpses of World Eaters lay in fragments surrounding him. The crew of the Whirlwind had definitely earned their kills today, even with the much maligned castellan missiles. He felt the updated to account for any remaining mines, the armor’s machine spirit singing out warnings as to the location of the remaining mines. He motioned to the blasted remnants of his squads, informing the scouts to move to take the heights on a nearby hill, and informing his one remaining tactical squad to join them, as the Whirlwind moved behind the slight defile.

    “Brother captain,? the voice of Librarian Helms, positioned upon the Command Carrier, resounded in his helmet’s vox.
    “Speak,? Sterrek coldly replied, glaring around the battlefield.
    “The dark angels are coming. Be wary.?

    The dark Angels forces rushed rapidly onto the battlefield, but the Librarian’s warning had taken heed and they failed to take the Reconciler’s off-guard. Benedictus brought his forces to a halt as a castellan missile crashed amongst his men, shattering and sending out a field of glittering purple colored mines, each emblazoned with the holy aquilla. His helmet vox crackled with the whine of a frequency being located, as he heard the Reconciler’s Captain’s voice.
    “Brother, we have this position secured, proceed no further.?
    “That is not an option, Captain.?
    “Fan out,? Benedictus remarked, motioning for the land speeder and one squad to proceed to flank the Reconciler bulwark.
    The dark angels obeyed reliably, even as two of them were blasted into splintered armor by the mines.

    Another castellan missile landed directly upon the Dark Angel’s forces and the chaplain snarled in annoyance. The Reconciler artillery was strangely accurate today.
    “No one move,? brother-sergeant Cassius quickly spoke.
    “We will /proceed/,? Benedictus snarled, “For the primarch!?
    Brother Carvus maneuvered his land speeder into position and raked the Reconciler redoubt with assault cannon fire, trying desperately to avoid the target they were meant to take alive. Rocks and grass were his only kills.

    Sergeant Grast of the Reconciler’s sniper squad, ducked his head as the incoming fire tore through their position, he raised a hand, “Silence that vehicle!? Five shots resounded, and the skimmer impacted against the ground, exploding in a tremendous wreck.
    Brother Captain Sterrek glanced at it and nodded, a bitter grin coming over his features, “THROUGH DEATH!?
    The Battle-Brothers beside him charged down as the snipers retained the heights, screaming out loudly, “ABSOLUTION!?
    Their charge was cut short as the second of the Dark Angel’s fire teams moved into position and a frag missile exploded amongst their ranks, knocking Sterrek forward, onto the ground, although he rose again, his ribs screaming at their mangled state.

    Benedictus charged his forces forward as yet another castellan mine field landed directly amongst him, more of his troops disappeared in the small explosions, but they pressed on, he felt proud. He saw the Reconciler’s charging at him, and their numbers becoming thinned.
    Bolter fire cut down another one of the purple space marines.

    Grast directed his fire into the far distant squad, cutting them to pieces even as another castellan landed amongst them.
    The Dark Angels settled in amongst the mines, one of them snickering to himself, “At least our position is well defended, brother.? They fired into the scout squad, killing all but their selected target. Their hearts sank as they saw him repositioning himself, running…

    Another castellan mine landed between the Dark Angels and the remaining Reconcilers. Benedictus, overcome by anger as he saw his target, the one for whom this whole sordid enterprise was undertaken escaping…charged forward, the mines exploding but his Rosarius holding him firm. He and Sterrek crashed into one another, and he felt the power weapon of the captain slice through his armor as if it were a silk shirt, but he brought his Crozius down upon the captain, knocking him to his knees even amongst the minefield.
    “Through death…,? Sterrek muttered, shifting his power weapon to support himself.
    Benedictus brought his crozius down upon the Space Marine captain… Sterrek’s power weapon was driven through one of the castellan mines even as his body was smashed into a bloody pulp… The Interrogator chaplain disappeared in a sudden red explosion.

    .Another castellan missile landed upon the blasted carcasses of the two commanders, and the Dark Angels charged forward, only to be claimed to a man by the explosives themselves.
    The remaining Reconcilers were blasted to pieces by the remnants of the once proud Dark Angel force.

    This happened some time ago, so the precise army load out isn’t available to me.


    I got pretty mutilated, but the whirlwind earned its points back with the castellans. Ultimately I won on points, since the scout sergeant managed to escape.

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    Nice report! I like the dialogue, and good description! The mission was kewl... too bad that heretic got away though.
    Tyranids: 2500 pts
    Imperial Guard: 1000 pts
    Witch Hunters: 1000 pts

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