500pts Vanilla Marines vs. New Eldar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    500pts Vanilla Marines vs. New Eldar

    Alright this was my first game, and I can't remember what happened when, but I'll do my best.

    Mission: Seek and Destroy Alpha

    I had:
    SM Captain with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword

    x10 Marines with Bolters

    x10 Marines with Bolters

    x5 Assault Marines with BP&CCW

    I'm not sure what he had, but I know he had two Vypers.

    Sergeant Ckrius, and his squad were heading towards a patch of forest for recon, when suddenly Gunshots were heard. He spun around, and saw a small group of Eldar, then his vox-unit sprang into life.
    "We have xenos in the area, and we shall crush them with the Emperor's light!", said Captain Akios.
    Ckrius began giving his men orders, "Head to the forest, but be cautious - the Eldar are crafty, and they most likely have snipers hidden."
    All at once it happened, Squad Alpha headed to the forest while taking shots at the Eldar Vypers, Squad Beta began heading towards a building, Sergeant Katrn and his assault squad began charging towards the Eldar leader, and Captain Akios began runnning towards the tactical squads to help deal with the vyper.
    The Eldar had pinned down the assault squad, and had fatally wounded Brother Kysar, Sergeant Rafen's squad had also taken some casualties. All of the marines at once knew the main threat- The Vypers. Both squad Alpha, and Beta began shooting at the Vyper while heading towards their original destinations. The assault squad was taking heavy fire from a group of Eldar hiding in the trees, and the Captain was doing as much as he could to help out the effort. It looked very grim, but if they could get lucky enough to take the Vypers they would have a good chance of winning.
    An excellent marksman from Sergeant Rafen's squad- Brother Gabriel, had gotten a shot off on one of the grav engines causing the machine to come to a quick halt with the pilot being thrown foward, dying because of force of the impact when he hit the windshield. Then Captain Akios managed to destroy the other Vyper with his Plasma pistol. Unfortunately by this time Sergeant Katrn was the only one left of the assault squad, and he had retreated out of the battle area.
    Then the Eldar, and his one bodyguard began heading towards the Captain, and the Captain opened fire at their approach, and he managed to kill the bnodyguard, but the leader was still going.
    Squads Alpha and Beta had discovered there were actually more snipers in the building that Squad Beta had been moving towards, Both of the squads had opened fire on the snipers, but they had already taken out more of Rafen's men.
    Then the unthinkable happened- Captain Akios had been defeated, the snipers had gotten a clean shot in his neck. The remaining Marines all watched in horror as their beloved Captain lie on the ground bleeding out of a grievious wound on his neck, if only Apothecary Satos had been there to save him.
    The Marines fought with renewed fury, Squad Alpha charged into melee combat with the snipers in the building, while Squad Beta shot at the xeno's leader, making him retreat in process. After Sergeant Ckrius, and his men had finsihed slaughtering the Eldar snipers, he noticed the remaining Eldar forces were retreating. They had won. Even though it cost them their Captains life they had won.
    Suddenly Ckrius's vox-unit sprang into life again, he was expecting to hear Sergeant Rafen, but instead he heard the Captain say "Good job men, you have purged the xenos, now get over here, and help me back to the base."
    Sergeant Ckrius was overjoyed! He and the other men yelled a rallying cry in thanks to the Emperor, "For the Emperor!"

    Feels good to not only play my first game, but also feels great to have won it.:yes:

    DIY SM Chapter W=1 L=0 D=0
    Tau W=0 L=0 D=0

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    Nice! Death to all Eldar!

    I was worried at first, I didn't know if your bolter-only force would be able to down 2 vypers in time. Looks like they did.

    Nice report too. More info on what he took would be nice but hey, they're all xenos and they'll all die the same
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    Imperial Guard: 1000 pts
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