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    Tau vs Eldar 850 - First battle report

    Today was my 4 battle against my friends Eldar.

    Mission Scenario: 4, Gamma Level



    2 x 10 Dire Avengers with Exarch
    1 x 10 Striking Scorpions with Exarch
    1 x Falcon, star engines, Pulse laser, Star cannon, Shuriken cannon
    1 x War walker, 2 x Star cannon
    1 x Faseer with Guide and Luck,


    2 x 10 Fire warriors
    1 x 6 XV25, team leader, bonded
    1 x 8 Pathfinders
    1 x Devilfish: SMS, DP, DL, TA
    1 x 1 XV88, team leader, ASS, Plasma, HDC: Shield Drone x2
    1 x Shas'el, Plasma, Missle Pod, TA, HD: TL, MT

    Both forces had similar point value.

    Terrain: Almost flat, two hills, couple of trees and ruined building, hills on opposite corners of table, forrest in right corner, ruins on the left edge, open terrain in center.


    One squad of the DA deployed near the forest covering left flank of Eldar forces, second one hide behind hill with Falcon and Walker. Scorpions with Farseer sneaked near hill, planing to smash into right flank of Tau forces.

    Both FW squads dug in on the left flank. Shas'el took position near center ready to counter any threat from Eldar attackers. XV88 pilot took risk and placed his suit in middle - position which gived him a clean line of sight but also leaving him vurnable to enemy firepower. Unit of pathfinders took position near Broadside, covering right flank with their Devilfish protecting their backs. Lastly, Team of XV25 stealth suits arrived... but at this point Eldar strike force closed in. XV25 team leader didnt had enough time to properly place his unit, taking position on left flank.

    Turn 1 - Eldar

    Farseer activated both Guidance and Luck. Falcon closed in on the left flank, firing his Pulse Laser at Devilfish - both shots missed their target. Dire Avengers moved forward, but their presence wasnt noted. Scorpions lead by Exarch and Farseer rushed toward nearest Tau unit - Pathfinders.

    Turn 1 - Tau

    Devilfish moved in gap between Scorpions and Pathfinders. XV25 and Shas'el moved to center. Markerlights scored 4 hits, which were then used to boost FW and XV88 BS. Devilfish, FW and XV25 fired at Scorpions - 35 shots/17 hits/13 wounds/0 kills due to 3+ Sv and Luck. XV88 shot at advancing Scorpions - scoring 2 kills.

    Turn 2 - Eldar

    Again Farseer activated his powers. Scorpions moved closer, but their charge was slowed by Devilfish - Scorpions passed their Ldshp test and fired at pathfinders - 9 shots/9 hits/6 wounds/4 kills. War walker climbed on the top of the hill at Eldar deployment zone ignoring XV88 and FW he shot at Pathfinders - 4 shots/3 hits/2 wounds/2 kills. Again Falcon tried to take down Devilfish, and again both Laser shots missed. Both Avengers squads closed in.

    Turn 2 - Tau

    Pathfinders failed their test and started to fall back. Shas'el shot at War Walker - 3 shots/2 hits/1G,1P/Destroyed. FW fall back leaving small gap between XV88 and Pathfinders. XV88 moved in range of Rapid Fire, again shooting at Scorpions - 3 shots/2 hits/2 kills. Devilfish jumped above scorpions and hide itself behind hill. XV25 opened fire at Scorpions - 18 shots/6 hits/5 wounds/1 kill.

    Turn 3 - Eldar

    Falcon moved to edge of ruins and shot at Devilfish - 2 shots/1 hit/1 P/Weapon Destroyed, finally. Scorpions moved closer to pathfinders and shoot them - 6 shots/5 hits/2 wounds/1 kill; then charged at them - slaying them instantly and then consolidating at broadside. Dire Avengers - still moving.

    Turn 3 - Tau

    Devilfish smashed at advancing Avengers. DA failed their test and started to fall back. Broadside engaged by Scorpions - 13 attacks/10 hits/3 wounds/2 kills - XV retaliation 2 attacks/ 0 hits. XV88 outnumbered, had to take Ldrshp test with -5, rolled two 1 and stayed in combat, saving whole fight. Shas'el jumped into ruins, shot at Falcon and didn't scratch it.

    Turn 4 - Eldar

    Farseer forgot to use his powers. Falcon jumped from behind cover, and targeted XV25 - 7 shots/4 hits/3 wounds/1 kill. Scorpions slayed XV88 and consolidated. DA falled back - 10" and ran out of table.

    Turn 4 - Tau

    XV25 & both FW squads fired at Scorpions 35 shots/16 hits/13 wounds/4 kills. Shas'el jumped from cover, fired at Falcon - 4 shots/3 hits/1G/Destroyed, then hide behind wreckage. Devilfish turned his attention at the next DA squad. XV25 jumped between Scorpions and Firewarriors.

    Turn 5 - Eldar

    Farseer activated his powers. Dire Avengers targeted XV25, but failed to see them. Scorpion charged at XV25 - XV25 striked first, failing to do any damage, scorpions did better - 3 XV25 destroyed, but remaining units passed their test.

    Turn 5 - Tau

    Shas'el jumped near DA, killing 3 of them, and then hiding behind falcon. XV25 holded Scorpions, without any loses on both sides.

    Turn 6 - Eldar

    Farseer used his powers. Scorpions killed XV25 and consolidated. Dire Avengers shot at Shas'el, without effect then charged at him dealing 1 wound. Shas'el retaliated without effect.

    Turn 6 - Tau

    Scorpion and Farseer were executed by remaining FW. Shas'el exchanged attacks with DA, killing one.


    Eldar - Survivors: 5 Dire Avengers
    Tau - Casualties: 6 Pathfinders, XV88, 6 XV25

    I'd forgot which upgrades had Eldar, but basicly both forces were similar in points value.

    Edit: Thanks for pointing this, Osaria. Already repaired.

    Last edited by Shas'saal N'dras; December 9th, 2006 at 19:25.

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    Good victory, also it may have just been the way you translated it and me misunderstanding but on Eldar Turn 3 when the Scorpions killed the Pathfinders and moved into the Broadside you fought the combat right away, it didn't die but you are supposed to wait until the next turn to fight that combat.

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