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    1850 Tyranids Vs Tau

    I just finished a very intense game which played out in a nail biter as follows. I was playing my playtest tourny army and my friend was using prob the best tau list i have faced as tyranids yet.

    Army Makeup

    1 X Devil Flyrant
    3 X zoanthropes
    5 x 9 Genstealers with scuttlers and carapace
    23 spine gaunts with scuttlers
    Broodlord with implant and usual upgrades
    7 strong retinue with implant and carapace.

    Shas'o Commander with two bodyguard and shield drones All Equipped with plasma and missiles pods.
    2 X 3 Battlesuits equipped with plasmas and missile pods
    1 x 3 Battlesuits with fusion and Burst Cannons
    3 X 10 Fire warriors
    2 x 8 Pathfinders delivered in devilfish.
    Ethereal with +bs Honour Guard (chicken boc boc boc, more on that later)

    6 X 4 Table with 3 medium building and a fire base in the centre, We set up the terrain SQUARE so that it looked like the three bombed out small building were once in a part of a city and the firebase was out of square because it was deployed recently. Of course neither of us cared too much for the storyline but thats generaly how terrain works at tournys and i was eager to see if i could take on tau with huge firing lanes and massive killing fields.

    Mission and deployment
    We rolled up recon which was fine with me until i noticed that the battlesuits could easily move 12 a turn and i was looking hard down the barrel at an army that could outmanuvere me with a large amount of firepower. Marines are never this hard. I chose the board edge that gave me little cover in the deployment zone but left me a good 8-12 inches to the firebase which would cover me most of the way up the centre after clearing the firebase it was going to be fleet rolls vs shooting.

    Fire warriors deploy in the centre leaving me a little high and dry, Its alot further from your only good cover when somebody is already there and min distance is 24 inch. I deploy my zoans in three seperate location to push back possible deployment from his ruins.

    The tau ended up faking deployment stage right and concentrating in a corner whith no terrian for miles, the corner had all the battlesuits and the ethereal i wasnt going to touch that with a ten foot pole.

    I was tricked into deploying a zoan and a genstealer squad right in their firing line but everything else bar another zoan and gaunts deployed stage centre ready for the big push up the middle.

    Turn 1
    There was much decision where to place the broodlord and the best spot to be was to walk up with the rest of the stealers and provide more synapse which meant 18 away not being in cover but that didnt matter. As most of the rest of my army had their scuttle move, the tyranids got their free move and closed ground to major cover.

    The Tau started off with marking two genestealer squads with flashlights. They said hello called the fire signal and when the smoke cleared there was no longer a genestealer on my left flank and minor casualties in the middle, the firebase although a great vantage point proved less useful for the tau who couldnt shoot through 6 inches of terrain. 3 Gaunts bought their ticket on the right from long rage firewarrior efforts.

    The nid turn went as most should, the entire army moved forward, two good fleet rolls mid left put my troops just outside the firebase, i didnt want to enter cover for the chance that their troops could shoot 6 inches tot he cover in the thin parts, rather i didnt come closer and left an area piece between me and the enemy. All zones prepared to fire their low strength warp blasts and they decided it wasnt a good day to shoot. Not when rolling 1's and 2's anyway. The flyrant let fly (rofl) in the centre and took down 5 of the closest fire warriors with his devourers. So far not so good. The zoan on the left decided it was far safer behind the building that in front of 9 battlesuits, good decision.

    Turn 2
    With little for most of the Tau to do, they moved all battlesuits forward to pick out easy longe range targets for missiles, The AP4 was hurting my genetstealers. Again the sky lit up with flashlights and the better part of two squads bought it. Hitting on 2's with the marker bonus and wounding on 3's was asking for alot of saves, and i made alot, but i was throwing far too many dice to keep me happy. Any thought of being able to wait out and chase each other around the firebase was over. I was down far too many points to turn back here i would have to go for a wipeout and see how many squads i could get into his deployment zone. Needless to say another 5 gaunts bought it at medium range stage right. To my horror the closest group of battlesuits who had moved up to engage genestealers close with plasma decided it was far better to charge and possible lose me a turn than it was to see the stealers move full force next turn. And to my horror again i made three wounds on the commander and i have just realised that the tau commander has 4 wounds. Thats right up there with the hive tyrant, greater deamons e.t.c Not even a marine commander has 4 wounds. Much swearing and blasphemy thrown around.

    The tyranid response was quick. The gaunts charged into the right flank and with 15 remaining i saw the first useful gaunt assault, needing 3's to hit and 4's to wound 30 attacks went a long way and left 2 warriors standing, who decided horrible death was a better fate than sticking around for another round of that. The tau tactic paid off i wasted a turn in combat with two stealth suits and the commander. All hopelessly mauled but gained me little extra movement and only allowed me to catch my broodlord up witht he units that can actually fleet.

    I Engaged the remaining 4 fire warriors with a shot up group of genestealers and charged a fresh mob with the other

    The zoans powered up and desintegrated a devilfish in the centre.

    Turn 3 (also known as OH CRAP)

    The 9 remaining battlesuits started their congo line down the left hand side. I had not the troops to ingore them as they were full strength and if able to wlak into my deployment zoan would easily seal victory with the mission paramaters.

    The two squads of pathfinders apprached my stealers and to my horror, charged. 8 pathfinders vs 2 stealers. two stealers hit nothing, zip. 8 pathfinders needed 5's and 5's and i rolled two successfuly saves for them. That was not good.

    The 8 pathfinders that charged my 9 stealers got eaten up and i was preparing for celebrations when my opponent had to roll leadership at -4 for outnumbered 3:1 under 50 percent and near a zoan with psychic scream. Double 1's. GET OUT. Again the tau leave a stealer squad useless during my turn. I had to get over into the corner witha squad before i had nothing left, this firind squad tactic was working a treat for the tau.

    In my turn needless to say all pathfinders were returned back to the gene pool and re distributed (maybe to make some gaunts?).

    I decided all or nothing at this stage and moved forward with a stealer squad, at half strength, my broodlord and flyrant right out in front of the firing line. MY tyrant inflicted 3 wounds on a battlesuit squad which left two standing. The zoan on the left came out of hiding and missed. Again.

    The zoan in the middle ignored the pinned gun drones and blazed away at the other devilfish, and missed. As did the other zoan. The gaunts being my only scoring unit thus far, dug in and got cosy with their blankets and marshmallows.

    Turn 4
    Bye bye Tyrant. You just cant stare down 8 twin linked plasma rifles. I expected that, and it bought me some time to get some genestealers in there.

    The ethereal and bodyguard backed up to the table edge and reformed the firing line but the battlesuits started their dash for my table edge with their free assault move, it was 1 zoan standing in the way of 5 battlesuits. i had a trick up my sleeve.

    All remaining genestealers (about 15) moved around the back side of the firebase to approach the corner of doom where the bodyguard and 3 suits were waiting. Fleet rolls were rolled after intentions were promised (we agreed to move two models in the direction being moved by the squad and roll for fleet during movement because we all knew what i needed to get at).
    It looked close. a fresh stealer squad a squad of 4 and 2 were looking good to pounce. Guess what. A quarter of an inch out. This was not going to be good. But i had 4 squads close to his 3 squads in the corner and you cant shoot at two squads at a time. It was just a case of what was left.

    Perils of the warp took a wound off the middle zoan, he then decided it was far safer to charge the gun drones (drawn combat).

    The zoan on the left shot full strength and missed and decided he too would charge the battlesuits, I didnt realise they had two attacks 3 on the charge. He smashed a battlesuit to pieces that already had a wound winning him the combat But not enough to make the remainding unit break.

    Turn 5
    3 battlesuits lined up the full squad of stealers
    Ethereal and the bodyguard lined up the broodlord and bodyguard.
    A Devilfish turned in place and took aim.
    There were dice.
    There was shaking of heads. and then there was laughter.

    All that firepower. three dead stealers.

    Finaly some luck. God knows the tau had some up to this point.

    Revenge came quick and nasty. The ethereal and bodyguard took on 15 stealers and the broodlord. When i say took on, they offered up their ribs for entree.

    A squad of 2 stealers kept the three battlesuits in combat.
    The zoan made a wound on the remainding battlesuit caused the remaining unit to flee and get run down and consolidated into the other suits, this meant no additional victory points to the tau.

    Turn 6
    With everything helplessly in combat with genestealers there was only the 3 suits versus the zoan, and although they could wound they were going to be there for a while while i had my 2+ save.

    Game over.

    Points (including mission bonus)
    Tau : 1200
    Tyranids : 2200

    Tau to Tyranids
    The tau didnt expect to be charge by zoans and made the mistake of thinking they only a firing unit and while they do that very well, they are also a 2+ save unit with two wounds that can hack a pounding at whatever needs to be done. Including keeping a scoring unit out of a deployment zone while in combat.
    The tau managed to take down the tyrant but at what a price, wasting a whole turn of battlesuit firind killed the most powerful unit but allowed 15 genestealers to get through the line and start feasting

    Tyranids to Tau
    Those markers are horrific, they make easy for the powerful plasma weapons to ensure a hit. Seeing whole squads dissapear is frightening especialy when they are more expensive than marines. Well done tau, although coming short on luck in the fourth turn the rest of my difficulties were created by brilliant commandership and i never thought tau would charge tyranids but it really made the difference here. Not allowing me to fleet forward and overcome the firind squads. I was a little dissapointed that he holed up in the back corner once he knew he could defend for the win, but thats what was required and i guess that in a way let me call the shots for a while theres alot of whatif's that have come out of this game. Games that are decided on turn 5 often do.

    1. Use your tropps for whatever needs to be done, not what they usually good at eg. If you have to charge something with an inferior unit to save you the game do it. Nobody cares that the unit got man handled if it won you the game.

    2. Large units like hive tyrants are menacing psychologicaly. The tyrant did very little but soaked enough firepower to ensure scoring units would get through, true enough without taking out the tyrant tau would never have a chance of reaching their objective, but their may have been another way.

    3. Tau Vs Nids is always going to be nasty, 1 cant shoot (well not up to the tau standard), the other cant hand to hand (again not up the genestealer standard). The nids will get in combat, but will they get there with enough troops to kill anything? They did here, but often not the case.

    4. Devlfish are the single best troop carrier in the game. With front armour 12, they are as good as a rhino, with more guns and their faster. They also can leave behind two gun drones when killed which forced tyranids to take care of with an expensive unit like a zoan who couldnt just leave shooting units around to be a hassle.

    5. 12 Battlesuits on the table is monstrous. The amount of firepower able to be thrown out is amazing.

    I have been playing against this opponent for many years with many armies and this has been one of the most exciting battles, the nids went down to emperors children this time last year with a deamon rush vs a zilla army, The tyrnaids then man handled marines 3 times running and now tau. Although im sure my opponent will try new things, i think i have awoken a beast with this tau game. He had brilliant strategy it just didnt come together. Forcing me to move where he wanted me to was not something i could avoid. Next time i will call the bluff and stack on his edge. I think that would have been far more effective than beating around the bush (firebase) trying to get to the main battleforce, all the while under extremely heavy fire. Hopefuly next time i can get a win result again but not have so many heart failures.

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    very nice report, thanks for sharing it. The only thing that would have made it better is pix :ninja: .

    Facing battle suits is always a challenge, those pesky cow-men can deliver a LOT of fire power. Well won.
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    poetry isnt that moving and action films arnt as intence

    well written, well played, great job
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    That was an amazing bat rep, probably one of the best i have ever read. Congrats on the win, it sounds like you have yourself a good opponent which also makes games more interesting.
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    Good battle rep...perhaps your friend could use some hammerheads? They always seem to be my number 1 killers against Nids...all three of them...

    Joe Peshi (lone wolf) kill tally:Lash Sorcerer, Ghazkull, Yriel, Termi Libby, Vulkan.

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