Combat Patrol - Eldar vs Khorne - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Combat Patrol - Eldar vs Khorne

    hey all had my first real battle with my revamped eldar the other day and just thought i would post a report on it.

    My list

    8 x Pathfinders
    War Walker - 2 x Scatter Lasers
    6 x Striking Scorpions - Exarch with scorpion claw, shadowstrike and stalker powers.

    Enemy list

    big unit of khorne beserkers with and aspiring champion and a leuitenant.


    4' x 4' table - large building in center with rubble placed randomly around the board and 2 crash sites that block line of sight (one center north, other center east)


    i setup first placing my pathfinders behind low rubble on the south east side of board so that they got a 6+ cover save. other guy setup whole army behind the crashsite center north. i placed my war walker behind my pathfinders and scorpions to the left of them so that they were out of site behind the center building.

    moved warwalker out to the left so that he had site of more enemy men moved scorpions up closer to building and pathfinders stood still. Pathfinders could only see 4 of the enemy and managed to kill 2 which included the power fist wielding aspiring champion and war walker managed to take out another 2 thus ending my turn.

    khorne units blood frenzied and moved an additional 2" and thus putting him out in the open and because they only had bolt pistols no one was in range ending his turn.

    TURN 2
    All units stayed stationary and war walker and rangers all shot at the now exposed unit killing another 5 with 3 being AP1 shots.

    Didnt blood frenzy and just moved forward - still out of range.

    TURN 3
    shot and killed another 5 beserkers (my dice rolling was REALLY good) and he was then down to like 6 men including his leuitenant.

    was in range this turn and he managed to kill his plasma pistol weilding guy with it over heating (unlucky) and wounded one of my scorpions but i saved the wound.

    TURN 4
    moved scorpions up to within charge range and then shot and killed 2 of his guys. charged with my scorpions killing his leuitenant and one other model and then consolidated into the last guy remaining and basically massacred him.

    Massacre to eldar since i didnt lose a single model and he was totally wiped out but it was a good game in any case.

    Farseer Bammo

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    Official Lol Cannon magila's Avatar
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    sounds like you pwned teh n00b.

    But still sounded like it was a fun game.

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    Ah the life of a Khorne player... games are like the roll of a dice. Sometimes you get really crappy luck and you get annihilated, while other times you victoriously slaughter your opponent to the man..
    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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