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    Battle Dawn Test Round

    Hello all, Jaffar_Hasad and I have been planning a more interactive version of the Battle Arena, as well as trying to figure out if we could get a teams version to work. We understand how hard this is and we are ready to try it out!

    Before I get to the rules of the Arena,this is just a play test so we are only accepting
    entrants therefor there is one match.

    Who can enter?

    1 ) If you are very active, on once a day would be perfect.

    2 ) A regular member, this is a very interactive idea, so we need an insurance that you won't disappear.

    The Idea.

    Basically this is an arena for groups of up to three entrants per team to do battle, with their actions being decided by their owner/creator/manager. They tell us what to do, we roll it, and tell them the results.Then they reply etc. It could be done via MSN, AIM or something similar, although PM works fine for it.

    Test Rules! (Subject to change)

    1. No more than 3 models per group, although it may be less.

    2. No more than 300 points may be spent in total.

    3. Any models in any legal code may be used, although they follow normal rules ignoring squad sizes etc. You could have 3 Guardsmen, or 3 Chaplains for example.

    4. In total, you are not allowed more than 6 shots from your group, this is a CC based arena.

    5.You get 1 round of simultaneous shooting, before charging.

    6. You get to pick your targets. The normal IC rules are ignored, everyone can be picked out for combat or shooting.

    7. No mixing codex's.

    8. All the normal War gear limits must be followed, for instance a Tactical Marines may choose a Plasma gun etc. But not a lighting claw.

    10. Toughness limit of 6, and no more than 3 wounds.

    11. Instant Death does 2 wounds.

    Other Notes

    Send Entries via PM to me.

    Everyone understand? For this event I am the organizer/roller and Hasad is the writer.
    Any changes to the rules you think should be made guys? Bear in mind this is just a test for the arena.

    Love and War!

    PS. Updated rules, and on another note you may enter this with a partner and split the 1-3 guys between yourselves although you might join it by yourself if you want.

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