1500 Eldar vs Space Marines Patrol - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Eldar vs Space Marines Patrol

    1500 Eldar vs Space Marines - Patrol

    I didn’t take notes on this battle so this is all from memory. Sorry ‘bout that. It won’t be as clear as normal and I may have left some parts out. If you have any problems or questions just post them and I’ll clarify it.

    Farseer /w jetbike, mind war, doom, spirit stones

    5 banshees
    exarch /w executioner, warshout

    6 fire dragons

    9 dire avengers
    exarch /w diresword, pistol, bladestorm

    Wave Serpent /w twin-lances, vectored engines

    5 pathfinders

    4 warp spiders
    exarch /w powerblades

    3 dark reapers

    Falcon (Epsilon) /w scatter laser, spirit stones, vectored engines, holo-fields

    Falcon (Echo) /w 2 shuriken cannons, spirit stones, vectored engines, holo-fields

    Chapter Master /w master-crafted power weapon, pistol, terminator honours, bionics, frag

    5 command marines

    Attached Chaplain (Master of Sanctity) /w crozius, rosarius, pistol, frag, terminator honours, bionics

    Librarian Codicier /w fury of the ancients, terminator armour

    4 command terminators /w 2 assault cannons

    10 tactical marines (Alpha) /w plasma gun, heavy bolter
    Rhino /w extra armour, smoke launchers (he forgot to puff smoke all game)

    10 tactical marines (Beta) /w plasma gun, heavy bolter

    4 assault marines
    veteran sergeant /w power fist

    6 devastators /w 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon

    Land Raider

    Terrain: We didn’t really have a lot of LoS blockers available except a small forest which got put down the left side. We then scattered cover all over the board including a 4+ low wall in the top-centre.

    I won the roll to choose table quarters and chose the top-left, that would give me access to the forest and my pathfinders could get a 2+ cover save.

    Deployment: I won the deployment roll, He sat his rhino as close as he could to my quarter, half way up the right side. My dire avengers in their wave serpent got a comfortable position in my quarter. The pathfinders used their scouts rule to start up close to the 2+ cover save at the top-centre and use their free move to enter it. That was a mistake on my behalf as it was to close to his deployment.

    Just some clarification as patrol has a weird deployment zone. Just about all his units came in from right side of the board and mine generally cam in from my quarter. His devs and Beta were the only things that really went for the bottom of the board.

    Space Marine 1
    The rhino charges forward 12”

    Eldar 1
    Pathfinders shoot at the rhino, can’t hurt it. Wave serpent advances 12” and shoots but can’t break the rhinos armour.

    “Into cover quick, the Mon-Keigh are coming as we speak.”
    The pathfinders were making there way through the bushy terrain until they finally hit the primitive wall. The locals who built it were all long dead as a result of their raids. A single enemy tank came at them from across the fields, leading a counterattack against the primary eldar raiding force.

    Space Marine 2
    The Land Raider arrives and the command squad comes along with it for the ride. The assault marines turn up as close as they can to the pathfinders. The land raider goes 12” toward the middle and the rhino moves toward the pathfinders and Alpha disembarks. Shooting couldn’t get past the cover saves but the plasma gunner managed to melt himself. The assault marines huddle up behind the rhino to avoid getting shot up.

    Eldar 2
    The fire dragons turn up in Epsilon. The banshees arrive but Echo doesn’t! damnit. The farseer also arrives and turbo-boosts into the middle of the board to set himself up for some powers next turn. The wave serpent can’t break the land raider’s armour and the pathfinders can only see the rhino again, didn’t break its armour. Epsilon flies 24” and spins its rear around to face the land raider, I was confident it would survive and my dragons needed the extra distance to get melta.

    The human tank rumbled towards the pathfinders, the marines inside sitting silently as the tank shook under the impact of enemy shots.

    Things looked grim for the pathfinders as more enemy tanks were arriving. Jump pack marines were falling from the sky and finding hiding places. With a loud screech Kion Gcheil flew onto the battlefield screaming his war cries. His tanks coming in behind him.

    banshee exarch-“male chauvinist pig!”
    Echo driver-“what did I do?”
    banshee exarch-“come on girls we’re leaving” (exits the falcon)
    Echo driver-“farseer says you have to stay with your transport”
    banshee exarch-“I’m not staying another second with you, we’ll run onto the battlefield”
    Echo driver pulls up and sulks.

    Space Marine 3
    The devastators and the terminators arrive this turn. The devastators set up in some cover on the far side of the board, well away from the action. At this point in the game most of the action was around my pathfinders in the top-centre of the board.

    It was here I discovered that terminators can deep-strike regardless of mission but characters in termy armour can’t. I couldn’t think of any fluff reasons why they can’t and the only reason it was a command squad is because he doesn’t own a 5th terminator to make up minimum numbers. I relented and let him deep-strike the squad. As it turns out he dropped in the centre of my deployment zone and shot the banshees off the board, leaving only the exarch still alive.

    The land raider sat still and desperately tried to bring down Epsilon + fire dragons inside sitting right in front of it. He managed to immobilise and shake it. The assault marines charged the pathfinders and lost a single marine. 4 pathfinders died and the last one was swept down as he tried to flee.

    Eldar 3
    Thanks to vectored engines Epsilon was only sitting on the ground without engines, the dragons hopped straight out and got their revenge, the land raider exploded killing a single command marine and rolling snake eyes to wound the 2 dragons it could reach.

    Anyway on to the rest of the turn, the warp spiders arrived and blinked into the middle of the board, taking one terminator to hell. Echo arrived and zoomed across the top board edge, taking down 3 assault marines and leaving serge alone. The dire avengers jumped out of their wave serpent and shot up Alpha (they failed target priority) killing a few tacticals. The vyper arrived but failed to kill anything from the command squad, stupid to hit rolls. Epsilon was down but not silenced and managed to kill precisely nothing.

    The banshee exarch began running at the terminators to see if she could bring something down with her. Oh and the reapers arrived and set up in some cover in the corner of the board.

    This is where I made a stupid tactical blunder, I sought to tie down the last of his anti-tank and charged his devastators with my farseer. I just wasn’t in range to use doom as its used at the start of the turn before movement. I deep-fried the lascannon guy with mind war. Neither side could hurt each other in cc and the devs got tied down.

    The banshees ran onto the battlefield screaming in rage, After a heated debate as to whether the librarian was allowed to stay behind or not the enemy terminators appeared out of thin air, disturbed by the horrid screeching they decimated the shemales with assault cannons.

    Meanwhile the warp spiders also teleported onto the field; following the terminators through the warp. They opened fire with their web snare weapons…

    Librarian Codicier-“Relax Ron, this is devils snare, if you struggle, it’ll only kill you faster.
    Ron-Kill me faster? Oh NOW I can relax!
    This time there was no saviour for Ron Weasley… only a little puddle of flesh.

    Space Marine 4
    Beta squad turns up beside the devastators…uh oh. I forgot about them. The terminators shoot up the vyper beside them, its immobilised and dead. He didn’t do a lot of shooting and surprised me by being more aggressive than usual. Alpha swarmed over the fire dragons, the dragons fled and got swept away. Beta swarmed the farseer and knocked off 2 wounds while the farseer killed a dev in return. The seer tried to fly away and got swept down (damn initiative tests). The assault marine charged the back of Epsilon but couldn’t hit it.

    Eldar 4
    Now I had a bit of tricky maneuvering and a few dirty tricks my opponent wasn’t ready for; killing off the command squad and using fast vehicles and S8 weapons to kill the remaining characters. The avengers bladestorm the command squad killing a few. The reapers fired and killed the remnants of the squad as well as wounding the commander. My immobilised Epsilon wasn’t the closest thing to the chaplain/commander so it fired unsuccessfully at the terminators. Echo wasn’t quite fast enough to get close enough to the commander and just shot the assault marine sergeant off the board. The wave serpent pointed its bright lances at a scared looking chaplain but it was absorbed on the rosarius.

    The warp spiders blinked into range of the rhino and popped it. Just free victory points I guess as they had nothing else in range. They blinked back into the trench.

    Well my avengers had just bladestormed and the HQ’s were just going to charge them next turn. Into cc I go. At least I could single out the chaplain, avoiding the commander. My avenger exarch got to hit 1st, 4 attacks-4 hit-2 wound-1 failed invulnerable save. He rolls an 11 for Ld and gets eaten by the diresword. Take THAT shimmershield fans. The avengers are forced to consolidate into the remnants of Alpha.

    The banshee exarch manages all 3 hits and all 3 wounds on the terminators. He passed 2 of his 5++ saves but the exarch still brought 1 terminator down with it as it died horribly to power fists.

    Kion Gcheil was regretting this one now. Swarms of humans were emerging from the jungle now and the amount of bolter butts were beginning to bruise. With a few choice curse words Gcheil kicked in his engines and flew from the battlefield faster than any falcon had ever thought possible.

    The dire avenger exarch had never met such a skilled opponent before. Insult sword fighting at its finest (for those of you who have played Escape from Monkey Island)

    Chaplain-“Yo’ mumma’s so fat her dress says made in America, China, England.
    Dire Avenger Exarch-Yo mumma’s so stupid she threw a ball at the ground and missed!
    Chaplain-Yo’ mumma’s so fat she walked in front of the t.v and I missed 10 minutes of my show!
    Exarch- Yo’ mumma’s so fat, twinkies orbit around her fat ass.
    Chaplain-Yo’ mumma’s so dumb, she thought hygiene is a greeting.
    Exarch-Yo’ mumma’s so dirty, the monkeys at the zoo fling **** to CLEAN her.
    Chaplain-What! that one hurt. (bursts into tears).
    Exarch-Hah! You let down your concentration (daemon/spirit in his sword proceeds to eat the chaplain).

    Space Marine 5
    Well hes running out of people. This turn evened the scales a bit. The devs shoot the wave serpent, killing it. The terminators shoot up the warp spiders but they pass all their cover saves. The commander counter charges my avengers of course, being careful to charge more than 2” from the exarch after what happened to his chaplain. Once the dust settles he has 3 tacticals and a still wounded commander, I have an exarch + 4 avengers left.

    Eldar 5
    Not much left on the board now, I can’t really remember what my falcons were doing at this time. I know the reapers managed to draw an enormous range to the devs but missed all their shots. The avenger exarch manages to wound the chapter master but he had more faith in the emperor than the chaplain and survived with 1 wound left. The avengers were wiped out and the exarch fled, getting swept down (I really hate sweeping advance!).

    The warp spiders blinked behind the dead rhino to get out of sight, I forgot his commander was just going to tear them apart…oops.

    Dire Avenger Exarch-Yo’mumma’s so…so… ummm… uh oh (Commander runs him through).

    Echo and Epsilon were vsing each other at a rousing game of eye spy. Epsilon got angry at its inability to turn around and see what was behind him. The dark reapers sat grimly in their cover, the eldar army had broken around them and discipline was waning. Even the mighty Gcheil had fled the battlefield. Ignoring the elite of the Imperium the reapers opened fire on the enemy heavy weapons, determined to bring down the last threat to the valuable falcons. Alas at such great range they were unable to harm the enemy.

    Space Marine 6
    His commander and the remnants of Alpha, killing 4 warp spiders. We held our breath as the exarchs powerblades tried to silence the chapter master before he could strike but failed. My squad got wiped out and left a lone exarch was, he outnumbered 4-1 and ran away. He actually escaped but didn’t affect the game before blinking off the board.

    The terminators managed to shake Echo and the devastators shook and killed Epsilon’s pulse laser.

    Eldar 6
    The dark reapers are my only unit still capable of hurting something. They fire at the devastators killing them all except a single missile launcher. He failed morale and ran away only to auto-rally next turn. Epsilon had fun tank shocking to no avail.

    The realisation that they were the last soldiers still fighting for the eldar dawned upon the reapers. With an insane fury they opened fire on the enemy devastators. At least they could still sacrifice themselves to allow Echo to escape. The great falcons could not be left to die at the hands of the mon-keigh. The enemy devastators were not ready for a barrage at such range and were cut down like grass. Only 1 man still stood and he fled in terror before the eldar killers.

    Space Marine 7
    The terminators turn around and blow the reapers off the board, getting easy victory points. Nothing else happens.

    Eldar 7
    Epsilon opens fire on the terminators and manages to kill both of them. Leaving only the librarian and giving me a lot of victory points. Echo tried to finish the rallied devastator to pick up points and failed.

    The reapers sacrifice distracted the terminators long enough to allow Echo to escape the battlefield. Under the covering fire of Epsilon it activated its vectored engines and flew into the sky. There would be a few eldar survivors. They would never target this planet for their raids again. Although the plunder had been substantial nothing was worth this cost in eldar life.

    We rolled a 3 at this point and the game ended. He had an unwounded librarian, below 50% devs, an unharmed beta squad, wounded commander, below 50% alpha squad. I had an immobilised and an unharmed falcon.

    Solid Victory to the Space Marines by 299.5 victory points! Maybe if I hadn’t been so suicidal with my farseer I could have forced a draw.

    Lessons Learned: This new codex hates me! I only used 2 starcannons in the old list so why is my current list suffering so much! Next time I’m going to get my anchor back, fortuned scorpions and an avatar might turn the tables. Anyway from this game I’m starting to learn how to use my jetbike farseer. Only ever use him to tie down squads if you know nothing else could come to help. Also send some banshees or dire avengers to help him. Always be very careful which way your vehicles are pointing. Get your priority order right, dangerous units are top priority (terminators) not expensive units like the command squad.

    Man of the Match: Definitely the dire avenger exarch. NO-ONE on LO has supported me using this diresword and then it goes out and fries a tooled up chaplain for me. The exarch made my avengers more than a one shot squad and kept them fighting deep into the game.

    Ah well, I’ve been beating my 12 year old brother into the ground for a long time now (at warhammer!) and this shows he’s definitely improving. Next time I’m being a lot more ruthless, “Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise”.

    EDIT: I've played 2 more games since this 1. 1 against necrons and 1 against khorne. I lost both of them. The anchor really didn't work so expect me in the eldar forum trying to make up an army list I like. I now have a 4 game losing streak against 4 very different armies. Bugger.

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