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    1000pt Worldeaters vs. Necron

    Okay my second battle report (and second battle!)

    Worldeaters Force:

    Mark of Khorne, Bolt Pistol, Axe of Khorne, Daemonic Strength, Daemonic Mutation

    8 x Berzerkers
    Mark of Khorne, Chainaxes, Power Fist, Talisman of Burning Blood

    8 x Berzerkers
    Mark of Khorne, Chainaxes, Power Fist, Talisman of Burning Blood

    8 x Berzerkers
    Mark of Khorne, Chainaxes, Power Fist, Talisman of Burning Blood

    5 x Bikers
    Mark of Khorne, Chainaxes, Power Fist


    Necron Force:

    Necron Lord
    Resurrection Orb, Warscythe

    5 x Immortal

    12 x Warrior

    12 x Warrior

    10 x Scarab

    3 x Destroyer


    Red L: Lieutenant
    Red B's: Berzerkers
    Red Bike: Bikers
    Red D: Dreadnought
    Grey L: Necron Lord
    Grey I's: Immortals
    Grey W's: Necron Warriors
    Grey S's: Scarabs
    Grey D's: Destroyers
    Square Shapes: Ruined Buildings
    Blob Shapes: Rubble

    WE TURN 1:

    Lt failed Frenzy, moved up along bottom edge of the table. Bottom Berzerker Squad near him frenzied a whole extra inch and moved up right behind Lt. Center Berzerker Squad frenzied 10" towards the Immortals. Upper Berzerker Squad frenzied 9" along top edge. Bikes Turbo-Boosted straight forward, ending near Scarabs. Dreadnought moved forward and blasted one of the Immortals with a Lascannon shot.

    Necron TURN 1:

    Immortals and upper Warrior squad fire on Bikers, but only kill 1. Scarabs charge, 40 frikken attacks leave only the Champion while the Bikes inflict only ONE WOUND! Destroyers fire on Dreadnought but fail to scratch it.

    WE TURN 2:

    Lt and bottom Berzerker squad frenzy again, moving towards Necron Lord. Center and upper Berzerker squads frenzy as well, and charge into Scarabs, slaughtering all but two swarms, and leaving center Berzerker squad without any enemy models in base contact. Dreadnought fires on Immortals, taking down another.

    Necron TURN 2:

    Warriors and Immortals gun down every member of center Berzerker squad except the Champion. Destroyers again fire on Dreadnought but do nothing. Remaining Scarabs taken out.

    WE TURN 3:

    Lt fails to Frenzy but bottom Berzerker squad does, moves 11" and then charges the Necron Lord. Lord butchers 3 of them and suffers only one wound (despite 33 attacks; the only wound was from Champion's Power Fist). Upper squad charges Destroyers, knocking one down. Center squad Champion and Biker Champion charge nearest Warrior squad but only kill one.

    Necron TURN 3:

    Necron Lord brings bottom Berzerker squad down to 4 men but is finally killed. Immortals fire at Dreadnought but do nothing. Destroyers and Warriors fighting with Berzerkers, kill Biker Champion.

    WE Turn 4:

    Lt and Bottom Berzerkers crash into nearest Warrior squad, but only kill 2. Upper Berzerkers keep at killing Destroyers and center Champion kills all models in base contact. Berzerkers consolidate into Warriors. Dreadnought uselessly blood frenzies but is too far away to assault anything.

    Necron Turn 4:

    Basically more battling. Immortals and now-unengaged Warriors gun down center Champion. Some Necrons come back to life (grrr).

    WE Turn 5:

    Dreadnought guns down another Immortal, who pass Morale tests. More battling. Lt takes a wound, has one left, a couple of Berzerkers from the upper squad die. Remaining Destroyers killed.

    Necron Turn 5:

    Yet more battling. Necron numbers slowly dwindling down...

    WE Turn 6:

    Ferocious attack from upper Berzerker squad forces upper Warrior squad to flee, and sweeping advance by Worldeaters takes them all out, bringing Necron number down below 8, and they all phase out.

    This was a battle against my girlfriend. It was her very first battle and she had little idea what was happening most of the time. Honestly, up until about turn 3 I thought it could go either way but after watching those Immortals and Destroyers railing uselessly against the Dreadnought, and after the Necron Lord got taken out it was pretty much a done deal.

    Lessons learned:

    Friggen Necrons are hard to take down, and keep down! Those Scarabs especially surprised me. I really didn't expect them to be that damned good at tying up vast amounts of my CC units. 40 friggen attacks on the charge! Wiped my entire Biker squad out! They definately made up their points. Otherwise, I contribute my success on the inexperience of my opponent. She really didn't capitalize on a lot of things she should have, but that's okay, because it WAS her first game.

    Sorry if this report seems a little drab. I'm very tired.

    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    Happy trails Adeptjosh's Avatar
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    Good Job , here are some extra tips vs the necrons.
    Give your lord some sort of movment mod ( wings or speed ) and he becomes much more controllable. Also to protect him from small arms fire try the Feel no pain deamonic gift, very usefull in this kind of game.

    Against Marine equvilant armies without alot of tanks you will be well served by taking axes of khorne instead of a Power fist. Also necrons excell at damaging vehicals so leave the dreads at home. If you take furious charge you should get a big jump on the necrons in the initiative phase. It's almost not even fair sometimes.
    Last edited by Adeptjosh; December 28th, 2006 at 18:35.

    Thought for the day: A Burning Heretic , Will brighten the Decor of any room.

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    yes forty attacks on the charge, but did you really not make any attacks before they did?
    with I_ your berserkers should have attacked first correct?
    and the necron player made a big mistake allowing the destroyers to get charged, as skimmers should never be charged by foot sloggers.
    shame with that bad bit of luck against the dread, yes im a cron player lol.
    if you wish to help her to improve her strategy, i would suggest to her that she shouldn't waste squad shooting on a lascannon dread as their fire should be focused on the much more damaging berserkers than a model that will only take out one or two models a turn,
    only shoot at something like that if it looks to threaten cc, as while not too damaging without the combat arm, nothing in the necron list could hurt it in cc, aka stuck in combat.
    Last edited by Katie Drake; January 2nd, 2007 at 23:09.

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    Destroyers are not skimmers. They move as jetbikes and there is a world of difference.

    That being said, in my battles against my buddy who plays Necrons I've been going incredibly plasma heavy and gotten away with it. I'm not sure if Chaos can bring a lot of plasma weapons as well or not.

    But the key to killing Necrons is: pick a unit, and throw EVERY scrap of firepower you can at it. If you can kill them all and nothing of a similar nature is within 6" they are dead permanently, no We'll be Back.
    May your aim be true, and your targets plentiful.

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