BatRep from this week's game, written by my opponent. I'll add some comments at the end. Josef = Zagref. My comments are in {squiggily} brackets.


Eldar vs nids last night, 2000 points. Both Josef and I were stretching our lists a bit and buying up all sorts of things.
I had (short version):
CC tyrant w/3 guard, warp blast
Broodlord w/5 genestealer retinue
5 warriors - 4 w/deatspitter, 1 w/venom cannon
18 termagants w/+str and devourers
18x2 hormagants w/+ws and +i
7 genestealers
3 biovore w/acid mine
CC carnifex w/ton-o-mods

1x farseer, Stones, Spear, Eldrich Storm, Doom
2x full dire avenger squads, 1 tarpit (Shimmershiled + defend), both with bladestorm
1x 16-guardian squad w/warlock, conceal and starcannon
1x 6 fire dragons, Exarch
1x 4 reapers, Exarch W/EML
1x 6 harliquins, all with Kiss, Shadowseer
1x 10 scorpions, Exarch w/ Biting, infiltrate and move through cover
1x wraithlord, brightlance
1x falcon, scatterlaser, stones, holo, vectored (carrying dragons)
1x 5 swooping hawks (no exarch)


{The scenario was the one where each side randomly determines its goals, each side having two objective markers--one in its deployment zone, one in no-man's-land}

Josef had to 'rescue' (pick up) one of my objectives, and then control one of his. I had to control one of mine, and one of his - in opposite ends of the board, didn't look good.
Then I flubbed a bit on my deployment. I should have had my crush of troops dash across the board like mad to reach the other side before they were blown away but had them spread a bit with hormagants on left and right and termagants in the middle. The carnifex was positioned aggressively forward (CC, duh) as well as the tyrant (again, duh). I then realized - at the end of deployment, that I needed to remember to control one of my own, and the far back corner at that. So I put the warriors there, a less than stellar choice.
The reapers were on the top floor of a building next to the objective of his I needed to catch, dire avengers/wraithlord/falcon (w dragons) spread out on one side, dire avengers/guardians/scorpions/hawks on the other. The harliquins were in the middle roughly ready to pounce through terrain to protect objectives.

{Harliquins were dead center in the open, there as a countercharge force, depending on the Shadowseer to keep from getting shot up. The Scorpions made overly agressive use of Infiltrate...stupid of me}

I swept up the right into the building near the scorpions and they did their thing - josef backed off the scorpions hoping to not get assaulted but I was able to roll well on getting through difficult terrain on the charge and leapt out of cover at him. The genestealers were close enough to supply a nice bonus of hitting on 3+ because of feeder tendrils and just buried the scorpions under chitin and talons. I think I lost 2 out of that engagement.
The genestealers stayed to protect the objective since they would be too slow to get all the way across the board in remaining turns.

On the other flank, the hormagants moved up but couldn't quite get in charge range and the dire avengers and reapers mauled them to death at a distance, with the broodlord tucked up against the wall out of sight. The carnifex was originally going to go for the wraithlord (with 5 wounds he could have lasted a bit of damage) but the falcon and dragons dropped in and took away 3 wounds. It charged the falcon but did nothing, then turned to try and hit the wraithlord since the speedy buggers were going to get away anyway and got killed just by being slower (I rolled just for fun, and if the wraithlord hadn't finished it off, the carnifex would have killed it).

The biovores had opened the game by shooting at the guardians - such a plump tempting formation and doing no damage, but the following scatter dropped it onto the dire avengers and had much better success when josef wasn't making amazing cover saves - wiping out 6 of the squad. The termagants got in range (having come up the middle) and finished them off with devourers crawling all over their fancy shmancy armor, right before the scorpion fed hormagants lit into the guardians and had another meal.

I had forgotten about the spiders, and they joined the battle right behind the biovores, flaying them with fire and then shrugging off damage from the warriors who hopped over the wall to get them back. I think I killed 2 and then the spiders did their (hit-and-run) trick and reduced 5 warriors to 2, and then killed them all on turn 4.

{Deep strike for so very few points on this hideously expensive squad is a STEAL! Lackings transports this is really important to me. I remembered to hit-and-run out and the huge handfuls of S6 fire were devastating. Fortuntely there was a big gap between his advancing units and the rearguard that the Spiders were munching on...I had no way to support them, but it's questionable if anything he had could have made it back there in time to make a difference anyways. Deep strikers that can move 12" are hard to catch up with!}

The harliquins jumped over the wall while the carnifex was taking on the wraithlord and wanted a bit of genestealer blood for their kisses. Managed to kill 4 of 5 stealers, while losing only 2 of their own, and then the brood lord cleaned up what they couldn't in the next round while only sustaining a single wound. After finishing the carnifex the wraithlord stepped up to challenge the broodlord, and while not able to do damage (yay snake eyes!) the first time, crushed the overeager bug in the next round.

{After the charge the Harlies lose a lot of power. They didn't last long enough to hit-and-run.}

The tyrant had been marching toward the objective the whole time steadfast, taking random fire from reapers and the like. After carnifex and broodlord were down he came into focus next - the reapers knocking off the guards before getting assaulted and then falcon dropped fire dragons again and they finished him off.

{I had been thinking the Reapers would have a hard time with the Tyrant Guard, but they're still good targets for AP3 reaper launchers! I ignored the Tyrant guard until fairly late in the game but had a lot of firepower to use on them by that point}

Just before the tyrant died however, the hormagants had managed to kill the guardians, with a casualty or two, then with 10 bugs left charged up into the building to destroy both reapers and the hawks that had landed on the roof with them.

{Oh, yeah, the deep strike in this mission and no exarch to give them Skyleap, so they tried to stay at 24" range and snipe a few smaller bugs. They did very little, although one of them survived the Hormagaunt rush! Amazing! He routed, and I don't blame him, but good show! I should mention that the Hawks were basically there to pad my points}

However after that bloody mess there was no synapse left, and while the termagants sat there and dropped 5 fire dragons in retaliation (shooting while holding still requiring no instinctive test, though they did pass the target priority in order to NOT shoot pointlessly at the wraithlord - amazing with 5). The remaining hormagants just scuttled past the farseer back towards where they came from after the carnage was done.

My MVP bug had to be the single hormagant that charged the dire avengers with farseer attached and managed to tie them in combat and prevent use of psychic powers against other units.

{DAMN that bug! The Wraithlord was in the way when the Avengers got thier shots before that brood charged, blocking LOS on 6 of my guys...wiping them out with the bladestorm would have been great, but that ONE remining guy put a kink in the Farseer's plans! We were assuning that the Farsser couldn't use his powers in close combat, so that let him off the Doom hook for a turn}

I did a wonderful amount of damage - leaving josef with 1 fire dragon, 5 avengers, a farseer, and a falcon - but because of crap deployment planning I ended up losing all my synapse and getting no points for completing my mission.

Final score:
Eldar - 2
Tyranids - 0

{Once again I got the Scorpions uselessly killed by infiltrating them too far forwards. Why do I even TAKE that power? The Harlies were an awesome countercharge unit since they could ignore terrain...I could hold back but still have the movement to plow into him when I needed to. Despite getting his fat ass in the way of my Avengers, the Wraithlord was essential in holding up that flank and did a great job.}