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    3000pt Ultramarines vs. Tau/Eldar/Worldeaters

    Okay, so, here I will try to make a report of this massive 4-hour long 3000pt vs. 3000pt 6-person crazy mess of a "megabattle".

    First off, to address the aspect of some Worldeaters fighting alongside Tau and Eldar... well, the best I could come up with is that my lil Worldeaters force, upon seeing such a large battle taking place, decided to join in and focus their wrath against their former brethren, the Ultramarines. They largely ignored the Tau and Eldar coalition.

    Now here's a rehashed army list.. I honesly can't remember every detail, but here's the jist:



    Marneus Calgar & Retinue

    Calgar had a full retinue of 9 men, including Chaplain and some other things, in Rhino


    Frags, Jet Pack, Lightning Claws

    Commander & Retinue

    Commander armed with power fist, retinue incl. Vet Sgt w/ Power Weapon & 8 Marines, one with Flamer, in Rhino


    Inquisitor & Retinue

    Basic Inquisitor with retinue of 3 IG dudes w/ laspistols

    Vindicare Assassin


    About 5 Tactical Squads numbering from 6-10 Marines per squad

    2 x Imperial Guard Stormtrooper Squads

    Scout Squad

    Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter

    One Razorback (Heavy Bolters)


    2 x Landspeeder w/ heavy bolter & assault cannon

    6 x Assault Marines



    10 x Devestators in 2 squads, mixed missile launchers & heavy bolters

    Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer




    Eldar Farseer

    Jetbike, stuff

    Eldar HQ

    Not sure what this was, but was on a Jetbike and had a large glaive-looking power weapon

    Tau Ethereal

    Worldeaters Captain

    MoK, BP, Axe of Khorne, Spiky Bits, Resilience, Strength, Frags

    Worldeaters Lt

    MoK, Talons, Speed, Resilience, Frags


    5 x Tau Sealth Suits

    1 x Tau Battlesuit


    20 x Tau Fire Warrior Squads (in 2 squads)

    1 w/ Devilfish

    5 x Eldar Rangers

    24 x Worldeaters Berzerkers (in 3 squads)


    5 x Eldar Shining Spears

    5 x Worldeaters Bikers


    Falcon Grav Tank

    Brightlance, Scatter Laser, Forcefield thingy

    Fire Prism Grav Tank


    The mission was, I believe, some mission from Medusa 5. It was played on a 4 x 8 foot table. One side, the defenders, deployed along one of the 4-foot table edges, while the attackers deployed inside a small square area in the middle of the table. The point of the mission was for us, the attackers, to get atleast 50% of our forces off the table opposite the Ultramarines. It was the Ultramarines duty to annihilate atleast 50% of our forces. Which was confusing, as we were the "attackers" supposedly, but anyway... Ultramarines deployed their entire force (which barely fit in their deployment zone). Our side deployed only some of our forces with the rest in reserve. Of those we deployed, there were:

    Eldar Falcon, Prism Tank, Tau Devilfish, Battlesuit, Stealth Suits, Worldeaters Lt, Biker Squad

    The rest would come onto the board as reserves, entering on either end in the middle around our central deployment zone.

    Here's some crappy pics:

    Ultramarines deployment zone... this looks like it could maybe be an entire Company.

    Tau/Eldar/Worldeaters deployment zone... although its somewhat hard to tell, in the center is the Fire Prism, next to it the Tau Battlesuit, behind that the Devilfish, and beside that is the Falcon. That little red dude hugging the destroyed Leman Russ is my Lt, and that white figure next to him is the Ethereal. Directly above the Tau Battlesuit is my Biker squad though they're hard to see.

    Table setup was chaotic. Along the bottom 8-foot long edge were lots of ruined buildings (probably about , providing lots of cover. Along the top 8-foot edge were lots of forests. Along the middle corridor was mainly open terrain with random bits of terrain here and there, such as some old Ork building, a ruined tank, craters, wreckage and such, but nothing heavy. The idea was that most of the fighting would take place along the center. Also, both 4-foot-wide edges were lined with ruined buildings to provide some cover along either edge.


    We got first turn, hoorah. Originally I put forward the idea of retreating all of our forces back immediately towards the board edge, where we could huddle down to fight but be capable of a quick escape. With the mobility of our forces we could easily have gotten 50% of our stuff out very quickly... but they decided to stick it and fight! My Worldeaters didn't mind. Turn 1 started slow. The Prism drifted backwards, letting off a shot at the Vindicator which glanced the armour and shook the crew. The Falcon moved towards the bottom of the map, along the edge where it could get a clear shot around the buildings at a squad of Ultramarines in the enemy deployment zone. It fired a salvo of scatter laser and Brightlance fire, none of which took any casualties. The Tau Stealth Suits leapt out from behind some trees along the top edge of the table, shooting off some useless rounds at a heavy weapons squad before jumping back. The single Battlesuit did the same, but also managed to inflict not a single casualty. The Worldeaters Bikes and the Lt stayed put, waiting in ambush.


    Pretty much everything rumbled forward. The two Stormtrooper squads deployed along the top edge moved towards the forested area that the Stealth troops were hiding behind; a Razorback rumbled forward infront of them while assault marines jumped into said forest with the intent on assaulting the Stealth suits. Dreadnought moved forward. One of the Landspeeders moved along the bottom of the map towards the Eldar Falcon but failed to do anything to it, while the other Landspeeder turbo boosted forward, across the open field infront of the Ultramarines deployment zone and took cover behind a small shack. The only forces that stayed put were the scout squad and the two heavy weapon squads. In the shooting phase, the Assault marines managed to knock down a couple of the Stealth Suits before charging into combat, easily finishing them off and consolidating 6 inches forward in the safety of the forests. One of the heavy weapons squad put a lascannon shot into the Fire Prism, disarming it.


    Some reserves came on. Single squad of Berzerkers came onto the board from the top edge, deploying behind the Assault Marines, and moved into a forested area, with a large group of Stormtroopers and Marines on the other side. Eldar Farseer also came on. Worldeaters Lt and Bikers stayed put yet again, as Fire Prism and Ethereal started to withdraw back to our escape route. Berzerker squad assaulted Imperial Guard through forest but managed to kill only 5 of them, and they promptly passed their Ld test.


    Ultramarines surged forward. Storm Troopers counter-assaulted (as there were two squads). Razorback backed into forest, disembarking its troops and firing heavy bolters at the Berzerkers, as did the Assault Marines, all two of them. Stormtroopers and disembarked Marines shot Berzerkers to pieces, leaving only 4 or so. Elsewhere, Calgar's Rhino moved forward with the Vindicator behind it, which lobbed a shell at the squad of Eldar Rangers hiding in a building. The shot scattered, landing next to the Eldar Falcon but not damaging it. The Rhino carrying one of the Commanders pulled up inside the building the Worldeaters Bikers were taking cover behind. They piled out, and shot up the bikers, killing one of them. And suddenly, for no apparent reason, a giant Tyranid spore mine dropped from the sky, landing directly on the Fire Prism as it withdrew but failed to do any damage.


    More reserves came on. Two Fire Warrior squads, one deploying along the top and the other along the bottom; Eldar Shining Spears came on from the top and engaged the forward Landspeeder; two more squads of Berzerkers, and the Worldeaters Captain, came onto the board along the bottom, moving straight for the Ultramarines who were moving up through the safety of the scattered ruins. In the shooting phase, the Fire Warriors along the bottom gunned down the Land Speeder there, while the Falcon shot at and again shook the crew of the Vindicator. The Bikes moved into the difficult terrain to engage the Commander and his retinue, one dying due to difficult terrain. The remaining two managed to take down a couple of the Marines. One of the Worldeaters squads moved towards the building to help the Bikers out (but failed terrain test so didn't make it) while the other moved forward to engage a nearby squad of Marines moving up behind the Dreadnought, annihilating the squad and consolidating into combat with another squad a few feet away.


    Calgar exited his Rhino, which then moved forward with the Vindicator, which again shot at the Eldar Rangers but failed to do anything. The Berzerkers engaged with the Stormtroopers and jetpacked Commander fell one by one, inflicting relatively few casualties. My Worldeaters Captain miraculously survived being shot at by snipers, krak missiles and heavy bolters. The Dreadnought charged into the squad of Berzerkers that had failed to reach the building to help the Bikers and killed two of them; in return it was immobilised and had its assault cannon destroyed. In other combat, the rest of the Berzerkers fighting the Marines along the bottom of the board met with great success; the ones fighting the Stormtroopers did not.


    For no apparent reason a bunch of 'gaunts with knife-arms appeared out of nowhere and dashed towards Calgar. The Worldeaters biker squad was destroyed and the Marine Commander consolidated into the same squad that was fighting the Dreadnought. The Worldeaters Captain charged this dreadnought from behind, destroying it with a pair of glancing hits, while the squad fighting it brought down the Ultramarines Commander, leaving only his Veteran Sergeant alive. The other squad of Berzerkers fighting nearby also reduced its opponents to a single Sergeant; at the top of the battlefield, the Berzerkers fighting the combined strength of two Stormtrooper squads, a Marine squad and Commander were finally defeated. The Devilfish and Falcon began to retreat towards our escape route, but the Devilfish was cought and destroyed (or did this happen turn 3?), while the Falcon immobilized and disarmed the Rhino that once transported Calgar. Likewise the Tau Battlesuit was destroyed, but the Ethereal managed to evade being noticed and ran out in the open towards the far edge. The Shining Spears finally downed the Landspeeder and also began to retreat. And finally, after hiding for 4 turns behind the Leman Russ, my Lt rushed out, clambering straight over the wreckage towards the side hull of the Vindicator which had stopped nearby. Thanks to its rending daemonic talons it tore through the side of the Vindicator, destroying it utterly.


    Seeing the effect of the Lt, a couple of tactical squads, a sniper squad and two heavy squads fired on him, killing him (but only barely!). The two units of Berzerkers remaining completed their task and left the broken bodies of the Ultramarines sergeants as they moved towards Calgar's retinue, which was charged by the gaunts, who managed to take 8 casualties but only inflict one or two. The two remaining assault marines joined in on the attack against the gaunts. Not much else happened, as the Ultramarines top flank advanced while the bottom flank was either in combat or annihilated (Calgar and his retinue were the only Ultramarines remaining at the bottom of the board; my Berzerkers had crushed the rest!)


    Turn 5 started off well. As I was the only one left who had anything appreciable to do, I launched my two squads of Berzerkers (who had only suffered 2 casualties between them I believe) as well as my Captain at Calgar and his retinue; gloriously, all, including Calgar, were slaughtered, cleaved apart by mighty chainaxes of Khorne. It was then that we learned we had lost; although we had inflicted massive casualties upon the enemy, they had succeeded in destroying 50% of our forces.


    I really enjoyed this game. The close combat was utterly massive. After all my squads of Berzerkers got on the board I was rolling around 70 dice per assault phase. I'm rather confused at the trouble the top Berzerkers had and how they failed to even route the Stormtrooper units; I expected to chew right threw them, but instead they held fast. The Berzerkers that came in along the bottom, with the Captain, were great. All told they slaughtered a Dreadnought, a Commander with his retinue, two small Tactical squads, and Marneus Calgar! Sadly I didnt take full advantage of my Captain; I kept forgetting that his Axe of Khorne let him make an additional attack every time he rolled a 6 to hit. On the last turn I remembered though, and he managed to make 8 attacks (which single-handedly wiped out 75% of Calgar's retinue). Calgar himself was beaten by some lowly Berzerkers. Pfft. Also, fielding the Lt with Daemonic Talons was completley experimental. I had no idea how he'd do. But I'm actually incredibly pleased. With 6 attacks on the charge and daemonic speed, which not only lets him go almost anywhere but also lets him ignore blood frenzy, he was very useful, particularly in this mission where I could just hide him and then pop him out like a little devil. Although he only BARELY made back his points (his only kill was the Vindicator) it was still great seeing the look on the guy's face when that thing blew. Also, this is the 3rd consecutive game in which my Bikes did absolutely nothing. They've performed terribly every time. I've decided I'm going to give it ONE more shot, this weekend, and if they don't do very well I'm going to cut them and replace them with something far more cost effective. What else... well that's about it. This game was very fun. Although my side lost, I still felt victorious, as my Berzerkers had slaughtered many foes.

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    Well I was going to compliment you on the terrain until I noticed you were in a GW store so its probably not yours. :p

    That tau battlesuit you listed must have been a HQ commander instead. Those things are compulsory but odd are you just mistook it for a crisis suit (those things are identical). Falcon had a pulse laser not bright lance by the way.

    Damn that was a hectic battle. I try to picture it in my mind and fail miserably. Ah well at least I can picture the individual combats. Good job, sounds like your berserkers dominated the battle with every other side dying. As if khorne cares about the objective anyway. You got plenty 'o skulls for a moral victory.

    Didn't his inquisitor and vindicaire allies do anything useful?
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    64 (x1)

    You're probably right about it being a Crisis Commander dude (I know nothing about Tau).

    And yes it was hectic.. I was there and I couldn't make sense of it. It was just a wall of mass blue armour, the two other guys on my team basically ran around in circles, not sure what they actually accomplished except for a few kills here or there. I figure that one Berzerker squad got fairly decimated because of the mistake of using it unsupported -- against 20 Stormtroopers, 5 Marines, and the Lightning-Claw'd Commander and a Razorback, but it DID manage to tie up a good portion of the Ultramarines mobile force.

    As for the Inquisitor... he only took it at last minute because he was informed he needed to to take the Assassin. Basically the Inquisitor did absolutely nothing. Literally. Not a shot fired, not a kill made (IIRC). The Assassin also did absolutely nothing as it suffered from a bad placement and didn't have much to shoot at (though it shot at my Captain but rolled a 1 to wound). He kept trying to pop the Ethereal but somehow the Ethereal made it out alive (again IIRC). Otherwise, I'm very happy with how it went. And you're right. I just couldn't bring my Berzerkers to "flee" to try to win the objective but I loved how they performed.
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