++++++++++++++++++Begin Transmission+++++++++++++++++

Name: Irwin Finkle

Week 1
Day 1
We have mearly just arrived on this planet and I already am sick of it. It is occupied by by the Blood Angels 4th, and the Impearial guard each of us setting up camp on a seperate island off the coast of the mainland. The planet is barren with ruins scattered atop the sandy mounds. The Guard are heading to the mainland tommorow and we go to shore the day after, I think we may be in search of something important like a relic or portal or something.

Day 2
As my eyes crack open to the first light of the day brought to my atention is both good news and bad, the bad news being that the guardsmen encountered Eldar forces. The good news is they secured the beach with little casualtys.

We left at first lite, after being blessed by our mighty brother Chaplain Crassus Ellis Bestowed Upon us blessings before battle. We are all eager to face the Eldar but I think we could have prepared better but im sure if the guardsmen can push em back so can we. We land on the beach and the wall of marines rush up the beach with the fury of a thousand suns and came upon a feild scattered with ruinsand in the disance lie the Eldar line. The roar of my brothers sent a chill down the spine of the Eldar as brother Crassus led the charge with his company of jump marines, we were in close persuit as I clutched my axe and gripped my Bolt pistol. we eventually reached a tower to take cover behind as shuriken gun layed an unforgiveable barrage, to my right brother Crassus and his retinue were behind a rock formation with a dreadnought. To my rear, a squad of marines enlosing on my position. Then without warning an Eldar tank skimmed around the tower and began firing at the squad behind me, the rounds riping apart the squad with relative ease. The squad took a few casualties and one marine had a shiriken burried in his abdomen, blood trickling from the wound as his brothers drug him to cover as rounds deflected off their armor. My squad and I had no choice but to move around the tower into oncoming fire to escape the turrets fire, Brother Crassus Realized this and jumped the rock formation with his retinue and went clashing into melee with the Eldar Infantry. An Eldar bike skimmed toward us realizing us being vunerable but was intercepted by the dreadnought as the dreadnought grabbed the rider of the bike and smashed his head against the ground repededly until his skull collapsed, the marines behind me were being obliterated by the tanks turrets but there was nothing we could do to save them. As I watched the carnage around me I was suddenly overcome by rage and ran at the Eldar infantry with untold fury and my men followed, as we clashed I grabbed a Gaurdian and kicked him in the stomach and shot him 3 times in the back of the head. The next guardian shot me in the arm pirceing my armor and rendering my arm useless, so Ithrew my bolt pistol away and tackled the guardian and punched his head in. I then drew my combat knife and burried it in the neck of one guardian than in one quick motion stuck it in the top of the head of another, then Istabbed him again and again and again the I blacked out. when I came to all their were no Eldar in sight and the brothers were carrying the dead and wounded toward the shoreline were there was a garrison set up. I looked at my hands and saw blood running down my armor at an alarming rate. I checked myself over and found two shurikens burried in my chest and one in my lower back, I removed my helm only to reveal another sticking out of my helm. I must have been sitting there and they probly figured I was dead. An Apocothary grabbed my shoulder "You have to be the luckyest person ive seen today" he said with a blank look on his face "a miscalculation in the battle plans they figure well I thiiiiiii" suddenly he wasnt speaking anylonger. Black spots dotted my vision as I began to see Saguinius being strangled by Horus and befor I could help my Primarch I get sucked into space......