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    1000 Worldeaters vs. Black Legion

    Yet another battle report, this time against a guy who's also a big Chaos/Khorne player, though he played straight-up undaemonic Black Legion against me this time.

    It was a quick game, I had to run together a list in like 60 seconds. No mission objective, we just wanted to kill each other. List composition:


    LT - MoK, Axe of Khorne, Speed, Strength
    8 x Berserkers - MoK, Chainweapons, Frags, Power-fisted AC, ToBB
    8 x Berserkers - MoK, Chainweapons, Frags, Power-fisted AC, ToBB
    5 x Bloodletters
    5 x Bloodletters
    3 x Bikers - MoK, Chainweapons, Power-fisted AC
    Dreadnought - Autocannons, Smoke, Possession

    LT - MoCU, Power Weapon, Strength, Bike, Essence
    3 x Obliterators
    10 x CSM - MoCU, BP/CCW, AC w/ Strength & Power Weapon
    5 x CSM - Bolters
    6 x Raptors - 2 x Plasma Pistols, AC w/ Lightning Claws
    Predator - Tri-Lascannons


    I set up my two Berserker squads opposite each other, in a central-ish location, with the Lt hanging out with the eastern squad. Fearful of the Predators and Obliterators I practically hid my Dreadnought, hoping to use him very carefully, peeking him out from cover only enough to shoot at the enemy but not be shot at by his Pred or Oblits. Lastly, bikes deployed along western edge. His deployment was essentially a ring around his Pred, which was centrally located. Two CSM squads up front, Raptors on the east, Oblits on the east, hit LT at the front.

    BL TURN 1:

    Everything surged forward, except the Predator. Only firing was in the form of Predator and Obliterators firing off some Lascannon shots at my eastern Berserker squad, which took two casualties.

    WE TURN 1:

    One squad blood raged, the other did not. Eastern squad moved up 11 inches, ending right infront of the entire enemy army, with the Lt behind 'em. Dreadnought poked his head out to take some shots (but missed or failed to wound), while the bikes turbo-boosted around a large building on the west flank.

    BL TURN 2:

    As expected, almost everything fired at my eastern Berserker squad and destroyed it completely, leaving my poor Lt completely exposed. The Predator took care of that and shot a volley of Lascannon shots at him.

    WE TURN 2:

    Bloodletters come in with the remaining Berserker squad, both move up into contact. Bikes move 12" towards the Raptors but fail to make charge range, and their combi-bolters do nothing. Dread takes a few shots at 10-man CSM squad but again fails to do any damage. In assault, Bloodletters charge the enemy Lt while the Berserker squad charges the 10-man assaulty CSM unit. Bloodletters wipe the Lt out, taking 2 wounds themselves. Berserkers barely dent CSM squad.

    BL TURN 3:

    Raptors charge Bikes and obliterate them, then move towards the ensuing combat (but don't make it). Obliterators and Predator and 5-man shooty CSM squad take out the remaining 3 Bloodletters. In the ensuing carnage of the Berserker vs. CSM fight, 6 Berserkers manage to kill a whopping 2 CSMs.

    WE TURN 3:

    Bloodletters come in on only AC left, but thankfully scatter towards Raptors. Dreadnought fires at Raptors, killing one. In ensuing combat, Raptors are slaughtered by Bloodletters (my only good dice rolling of the game, literally). In the center combat, my Berserkers are losing, despite being Berserkers.

    BL TURN 4:

    Obliterators, Predator and 5-man CSM squad take out remaining 5 Bloodletters. Center combat continues.

    WE TURN 4:

    Dread moves up, fires at 5-man CSM squad, no damage done. Berserkers are finally destroyed. Yes, you heard it. 10 CSM killed off 8 Berserkers (and the Berserkers got the charge, too).

    BL TURN 5:

    Predator moves to fire a Lascannon shot at the Dread, but fails to hit. AC, from 10-man squad, moves up as well and fires off a plasma pistol shot, which promptly glances and takes out the Dread's autocannon arm (like he needs it, after 10 shots he only killed one CSM).

    WE TURN 5:

    Dread moves up, firing combi-bolters at the AC but fails. Charges, squashes him like a bug.

    BL TURN 6:

    Obliterators move close enough to fire 3 meltaguns at the Dread, and the Pred opens up with a volley of Lascannon shots. After the dust settles, the Dread has lost his remaining weapons and is immobilized.

    WE TURN 6:

    As my Dread can't move or shoot, and I have no other unit on the board, this is a very uneventful turn.


    Even though I lost, it is a moral victory for me. Why? Because this marks the first game I've played that has ended while I still have units on the board!!! Sure, it's a crippled, toothless Dreadnought, but who cares! I wasn't annihilated! I also did quite a bit of damage to the enemy. After the dust settled, here's what remained:

    Weaponless, Immobilized Dreadnought (about 66VP)

    His Predator (about 145VP)
    3 Obliterators (210VP)
    5 CSM (75VP)

    All told I had managed to knock out a little more than 550 pts of his army, though he knocked out almost 950pts of mine... afterwards, even he had to have a very long giggle at my horrible dice rolling that game. Literally, the rolls I was getting were statistically impossible. First off, in occasions requiring 2 dice, I rolled double 1's like 3 times. Apparently rolling a double 1 once is like, a 1 in 36 chance. Three double 1's in a single game? Pfft. It just seems like the dice have been against me every single game I've had. I've rolled more 1s and 2s than I thought possible. I mean, look at how horribly everything performed!

    The Dread, after 5 turns of shooting his autocannons (and 2 or 3 shooting his combi-bolters), he only made ONE KILL, a measly Raptor.
    My full-strength, 8-man Berserker squad, which charged his 10-man piddly CSM squad, was killed outright, and themselves took out only 9 of the enemy. Anyway, although the dice was again against me, I also suffered some nasty casualties. First, my Bikes and LT getting slaughtered before they count even touch anything. Also, the eastern Berserker squad was likewise killed off before they count get into combat, but that's not too bad, as that's pretty much expected (and it allowed my other squad to arrive unharmed, though fat lot of good that did). All told, almost half my army was destroyed completely before they even got into combat, which sucks, big time. After hiding my Dreadnought I kinda regret it, as even if it was obliterated by the Predator atleast that would've been something to stop the Pred from firing at my Berserkers and Lt.

    Anyway I'm having another 1500pt game today with my World Eaters, so I'll keep y'all informed.

    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    Nice to get the bad with the good, comiserations mate, it has occured to you to run your bikes in the open up the middle presenting an obvious target and drawing fire from your bezerks? if you turbo boost them that will provide you with excelent protection fromthe inv save?
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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