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    2000 pnt RTT - My First!

    So about a week ago I had the chance to attend my first RTT. It took place at The Hobbit in Fayette-nam, NC - by the way, The Hobbit is an AWEsome store, the folks there were top notch, and the space and set up was very comfortable and roomy. I can't recommend the Hobbit enough, but needless to say I hope to be back there soon.

    Now, the RTT was 2000 points, 3 games, each turn had a different mission. I don't remember every game turn by turn, but I do have most of my opponent's lists, and I'll do quick narratives of the games themselves. Every single game was a blast, and every opponent was friendly and skilled - I'd be happy to play any of them again.

    If any of the folks I played read this, and see any discrepancies with how events went, or their lists, please please please let me know and I'll fix it.

    First off, my list;

    2000 Points Stormcrows Chapter Space Marines;

    Traits: See But Don't Be Seen, Trust Your Battle Brothers
    Disadvantage: Flesh Over Steel

    1 Librarian: Epistolary
    Veil of Time, Plasma Pistol
    Artificer Armor, Jump Pack, Familiar, Frags, Iron Halo, Melta Bombs, Termie Honors

    Ven Dreadnought (TLLC,ML,Tank Hunter, EA)
    Dreadnought (AC,CCW w HF, EA, Drop Pod)

    10xTact Squad
    Counter Attack, True Grit, Bolter x 7, Missile Launcher x 1, Plasma Gun x 1, Infiltrate
    Vet Sgt - Termie Honors, PF, Frags

    9xScout Squad
    7xBP & CCW, 1xHB
    Vet Sgt w PF, Termie Honors

    7xSniper Scout Squad
    5xSniper Rifle, 1xML
    Vet Sgt w Power Weapon, Sniper Rifle

    Fast Attack
    10xAssault Squad
    7xBP&CCW, 2XPP
    Vet Sgt w Termie Honors, TH

    8xDevastator Squad
    3xBolter, 2xLC, MLx2, Sgt w BP&CCW, Infiltrate
    8xDevastator Squad
    3xBolter, 2xPC, 2xHB, Sgt w BP&CCW, Infiltrate

    Take and Hold

    The Table:
    This table had a fair bit of scenery, with a large building in the center that went well with the mission. Other buildings were scattered about, and there was a bunker on one far end, with a trench leading to a bunker closer to the middle.

    My Opponent:
    Space Marines - Mud Dogs Chapter

    1999 SM Army

    Master Commander
    Jump Pack, PP, PW, Artificer Armor

    Chappy - Master of Sanctity
    PP, Command Squad
    10 x BP&CCW

    HF, Smoke, Searchlight

    6xTactical Squad
    ML, PG, Razorback (PMSB, Smoke, EA)
    6xTactical Squad
    LC, PG, Razorback (TLLC, Smoke, EA)
    6xTactical Squad
    PC, Razorback (TLLC, Smoke, EA)

    Fast Attack
    10xAssault Squad
    2xPP, MB
    2xLand Speeder Typhoons
    1xLand Speeder Typhoon

    Heavy Support
    Land Raider Crusader (smoke)
    Predator (LC Side Sponsons, Smoke)

    ROUND ONE Summary:

    I had to do a double take and indeed, it wasn't IG I was playing against - just the most armored Space Marine army I'd ever seen! I was a little hesitant at seeing so much armor, but then again, I had plenty of ML and MB around my squads, so with that in mind we got to it. The Mud Dogs had a great paint job too, and all those vehicles looked sharp.

    The special rules used were Escalation, Infiltrate, Deep Strike and Victory points. And this in turn resulted in a pretty interesting situation. I won the toss for turns, but faced the complication that my opponent could not field ANYTHING his first turn due to escalation. So I chose to go second. He went...which was nothing, then I infiltrated. Knowing the mission, and the fact that he had to come from the table edge, I infiltrated my Plasma Cannon devastator squad unto the second floor of the objective, with the tactical squad at the bottom floor for protection. I then put my LC Devastator squad at the bunker on the one side, with a good view of the alley between the buildings in the middle, and the buildings on my opponent's side. The scout squad were stationed nearby for protection. The Sniper Squad deployed on another building, not too far from center. The Librarian remained attached to my Assault Squad, ready to deep strike, as was my Dread in Drop Pod, and my Ven Dread waited to deploy as reserve.

    Unto turn 2 - My opponent was able to deploy his Land Raider, filled with the Chap and his command squad - I believe the Predator and one Razorback also deployed. He deployed this, and the other razorbacks later, separate from their accompanying tact squads who came in by themselves further down the table edge. They moved in, weaving their way between buildings. The Land Raider deployed closest to my LC devastator squad, probably aiming to block LOS further down to his other more fragile armor. However, my turn came up and before the Land Raider could get out in the open to shiled his buddies, my LC devastator squad, which had a partial view of his Land Raider - one ML and one LC took a shot, and as the dice gods willed it, the LC blew up the Land Raider, spilling its juicy juicy contents unto the open, where my PC devastator squad, as well as my Sniper Squad quickly made short work of his Command Squad. Pretty soon it was a lone Chappy standing there. During the following turns the other razorbacks came out for my opponents, and he deployed them all together, trying to use one to block LOS to the other two. I responded by deep striking my assault marines and librarian by the glut of vehicles, which were hesitant to move out further for my LC devastator squads. The melta bombs in the arse finished off the razorbacks and predator, but not before they unleashed barrage after barrage unto my PC devastators - with good reason. The tactical squads he deployed across from my PC devastators, it seemed as if an attempt to use their heavy weapons to whittle down my devastator squad. Unfortunately they could not fire the turn they came out, and at only 6 men per squad, combined Sniper and PC devastator fire killed the squads before they saw next turn. He also tried to rush my PC devastators with his assault squad, but they fell short, and again PC templates tore the unit quickly. But all the attention they got, from the predators, the TLLC from the razorbacks, and the myriad of units directed at them would eventually wipe out the PC devastator squad. His Master Commander broke off towards my LC Devastators but ran into the Scout Squad protecting it. They lost half their number but brought the Commander down.

    In the end, it was a Massacre. I managed to score a full 20 points off this game. Go me!


    The Table:
    This table was dominated by a large building in the middle, and then a single discreet piece of scenery, mostly buildings, in the middle of each quarter. It was a great table for my devastators, and a great mission for infiltrate.

    My Opponent
    1998 pnts Word Bearers

    MoCU, Demogogue, Infiltrate, Lightning Claws, Teleport Homer, Demonic Visage,
    Demonic Flight, Demonic Mutation, Frags
    MoCU, Demogogue, Infiltrate, Lightning Claws, Teleport Homer, Demonic VIsage, D. Strength

    6xChosen (LT's retinue)
    Melta Gun, Infiltrate, Demonic Icon, Asp Champion, Powerfist, PP
    MoCU, MG, Infiltrate, Demonic Icon, Asp Champion, PF, Teleport Homer

    Fast Attack
    5xMounted Demonettes
    2xFlamers, MG, Infiltrate, Furious Assault, Asp Champion, PW


    Heavy Support
    8xHavoks (MoCU, 3x Auto Cannons, LC, Tank Hunter)

    ROUND TWO Summary

    Oh boy - a player much more experienced than I, with plenty of infiltrate of his own, as well as a tough devastator-like squad. In a lot of ways this army was a Chaos version of my army, along with the tooled up HQ.

    Deployment meant that he had to put out his Havok squad, which he put near the back edge in his quarter, and he went ahead and put out his Raptors, closer to the middle of the table, near the far edge of his quarter. I deployed my Whirlwind and Ven Dread close to each other, near the middle of the table on one side of my quarter. And then a really key thing happened - the roll for infiltration saw my opponent having to deploy first, which allowed me to adjust. At the end he deployed his forces close to the middle of the table , near the large building, with the exception of one squad which sat on the quarter diagonally opposite to his starting quarter - in mine, since I had no troops there. I deployed my devastator squads in the quarter in front of his, and to the side of his, with my PC squad in LOS and range of his havoks. My PC squad got the Snipers for protection, which was almost my undoing later on, while my tact squad and scout squads deployed together close to his raptors. Right off the bat I controlled two quarters, and had 2 squads about to take the third.

    I got first turn, a really good thing for the type of army I have. My PC devastators cut the havok squad to third strength fairly quickly. My Scout squad, followed by my Tact Squad, went after the raptors. My Whirlwind would spend the game doing little of anything useful, while my Tank Hunting Ven Dread, with little to tank hunt, would kill a chaos marine here and there. The game advanced and my two davastators squads harrasses his troops just about everytwhere thanks to the little cover and their being positioned diagonally across from one another, covering the whole table. The raptor squad bore into my Scouts, but thanks to the big squad size they lived long enough to let the PF take a couple of them down. My tactical squad came in afterwards to help out. In the end the Scout squad was reduced to one, and I lost a couple of Marines in the Tactical Squad, but the Raptors were gone. His Furies went after my WHirlwind and Ven Dread, with my Drop Pod dread coming in to provide aid. After it was all said and then a wounded Dread still walked, the Whirlwind was gone, and the Ven Dread was still standing. There were no more Furies. The PC squad again got most of the attention. He summoned the Bloodletters AND the Mounted Furies AND the Obliterators to come after them. The Bloodletters ended up getting tangled up with my Assault Squad, who in turn got nearly wiped out by the Oblitarators before taking them down. But the very fast Daemonetteson Mounts ran headlong into my Sniper Squad, looking to take them out in the charge, then Sweep into my Devastator squad, ending them. HOWEVER, the Sniper squad ( in.the.open.) withstood the charge (I can't remember the number of attacks, but it was ALOT), and managed to kill one in return. Then on my assault phase they had initiative, so they attacked again, again killing one or two snipers, and taking a casualty - next turn would see a repeat, and finally, on my turn, after 4 rounds of assault, my Snipers died. His two remaining deamonetters on mounts consolidated unto my devastator squad. By then, my nearby librarian detached from the assault squad and bore down on them, ending them summarily.

    In the end I had scoring units on every table quarter. The extra 1000 pnts from having my opponent's quarter drove the points total to a Massacre result. I had enough things going in my favor to make up my opponent's much greater experience, but I don't doubt the outcome of this battle under less favorable conditions, and it would not be to my favor. As it was, 20 points for me again. Woo hoo!


    The Table:
    This table had a fair amount of low cover, some hills, and a large building in my opponents deployment zone.

    My Opponent
    ..did not give me a copy of his army list. It was Space Wolves, with one of the best paint jobs I've ever seen.

    I don't know Space Wolves, all I know is that he had an HQ mounted on a bike with a Frost Blade, a bunch of other bikes with lots of PF, a 2 unit Landspeeder Squad, another Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer, a tactical squad in a Rhino with lots of Plasma and PF (like 3), 2 Dreads, one of them an HQ, both in Drop Pods, and two other squads, also in Drop Pods, one a termie squad.

    ROUND THREE Summary

    So apparently they assign opponents based on points, to my chargrin. So I ended up getting paired up against the guy who would go on to win Best General. This was my best game there - my opponent was very good, and I was able to see how one uses Drop Pods and Bikes effectively, both units available to me. The mission was not good for me - I couldn't infiltrate into his deployment area to score because he deployed his bikes there, behind the large building. This meant I had to move there, and this army isn't very mobile. Also most of his army was going to drop in, which meant no first turn Plasma death from my PC devastators. I chose to play aggresively, yet another mistake (hindsight is a bitch), and infiltrated my devastator squads near the middle of the table, to either side, to provide a crossfire for when his bikes came out. I deployed my tactical squad just on the other side of where the bikes where, as a threat/bait. My scout squad deployed close to my PC squad, while my snipers deployed close to the LC Devastators. My Ven Dread started way on the other side, with not much to shoot at, and I went ahead and deployed my Librarian for counter attack. Had i to do again I'd deploy back to inflict casualties and prevent him from putting units in my deployment zone, giving me more time to shoot at his bikes. meh.

    My plans unravelled quickly. He got first turn and his bike squad charged head first into my tactical squad, which I had accounted for. BUT it did not kill them all off, or take that many casualties in return. As a result not only was I unable to implement Devastator squad crossfire, but then his squad could sweep towards my units on my turn, when he finished off the guys in assault. His tactical squad in a rhino advanced towards my PC devastators. His landspeeder with HF rushed at the Scout squad protecting the PC devastators and flambeyed most of them in one fell swoop. The other Land Speeder squad was shooting my LC squad to pieces, but not before the LC devastator squad had killed a few bikes. The Remaining bikes charged into the devastator squad while the Sniper Squad was mostly decimated my Land Speeder fire. In return a lowly Sniper, with his Sniper Rifle was able to glance, then destroy a land Speeder..little cheer in a world of pain.

    Tactfully he used his Rhino, which I had destroyed, to shield his tactical squad long enough for them to charge my PC devastator squad. That was quite the massacre up until my Libby, which had been coming up to counter charge, coutercharged with his Init 6 and 6 rerolling attacks. At the end the Land Speeder, the Rhino, and his Tact Squad were all gone. My Scout squad and PC Devastator squad were gone, and my Libby walked away with his nonscoring self, too far away to do anything.

    At the other end my assault squad showed up to finish the bikes. He replied with Drop Pod after Drop Pod, and my Dread in a Drop Pod also Dropped by. It was quite the Drop Pod party. My assault squad dwindled, but what they had left charged his HQ on a bike and my Sarge came down with Thunder Hammer death. My Dread ammounted a few casualties in his ranks, and then his HQ dread popped it. His termies arrived, all in my deployment zone for scoring goodness. My Ven Dread failed to hurt his HQ dread. and he ended up with most of his army in the scoring area, while everything of mine was quite dead. As a side note, his scouts, which apparently can come out of my table edge, which curiously was where my WHirlwind was, can carry melta weapons. Dead whirlwind. Actually, dead everything except for Ven Dread and my Libby. He had about 3/4 of his army left.

    Overall I scraped by with 3 points, thanks to my Ven Dread and HQ still being alive, while he scored 17 points. It was a whooping I took, but I learned lots and consider that one my best game, as far as what I took from it.

    In the end I won jack at the RTT, but it was my first so I was happy with how I did, how far I got. The best general took me down so kudos to my tough little Stormcrows. I look forward to doing it again. Plus I did get a really cool pin for my hat, and emblem for my key chain :w00t:

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    Stormcrows Chapter of the Space Marines
    Praemonitus praemunitus
    Enemy: W/L/D
    IG: 2/0/0
    Tyranids: 1/1/1
    Chaos: 4/0/1
    DH: 3/1/1
    SW: 0/1/0
    SM: 1/0/0
    Orcs: 1/0/0
    Necron: 2/2/0
    Total: 14/5/3

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