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    1000 Guard vs. World Eaters

    Short 'n' Sweet. The following is approximation, as it was a pick-up game and hurried.

    My (approximate) List:

    Lord - Mark of Khorne, Dark Blade, Speed, Strength, Resilience, Furious Charge, FnP, Spiky Bits


    8 x Berserkers - ToBB, Champ w/ PFist, Furious Charge, Chainaxes of Khorne

    5 x Bloodletters

    5 x Bloodletters

    Dreadnought - Lascannons

    Guard List:

    Heavy Weapons Squad (3 Autocannons)
    Command Squad (Power Fist Commander, 4 other men)
    Atleast 3 10-man Squads w/ Grenade Launchers and Missile Launchers, one with Chimera
    3 x Sentinels w/ Autocannons
    Leman Russ Demolisher w/ Multimelta sponsons
    He might have had more, I don't remember exactly the number of squads.


    I had only the Lord, the single Berserker squad and the Dread to deploy. I put the Lord along the western edge of the table, in a building (as that was the closest I could get him). Berserker squad went in the middle, and Dreadnought on the east flank.

    Guard deployed in standard gunline. One squad opposite my Lord, three autocannons in a building near the center of his deployment zone, the Chimera (with one squad inside), Sentinels, Demolisher, one Guard squad and Command squad pretty much deployed on the eastern flank, opposite my Dread. I got first turn.

    WE TURN 1:

    Everything moved up. Berserkers frenzied one whole inch. Dread fired Lascannons into front of Demolisher but failed to even glance it. End of turn.


    Nothing moved. Squad opposite my Lord fired everything at 'im but nothing wounded. Autocannons in the building, Sentinels, Chimera and one Guard squad fired into Berserkers. 6 Autocannons, 8 Lasguns, 4 Multilaser, 4 Heavy Bolter, 8 Lasgun, 1 Grenade and 1 Missile later, and one Berserker fell. Demolisher pumped two Multimelta and one Lascannon shot into the Dread, detonating it.

    WE TURN 2:

    Rolled for daemons.. both packs decide to show up! Rolled for Bloodthirster (needing 6's as I decided not to invite) -- rolled a 6! Thankfully the 'Letters didn't scatter all that badly. One hit right on the spot, the other scattered to the right, both moved up. Berserker squad didn't frenzy, and moved up, firing 2 Pistol shots into nearest Guard unit, killing 2. Lord moved up, charged into the squad in the western corner, killed 5 of them. Bloodthirster wasn't in range to charge anything so I moved him towards the building, to cut off line-of-sight from the Sentinals and Chimera.


    Demolisher fired it's big gun at the Berserkers and Bloodletters who were mingled together in the middle -- shot scattered 6" away. In shooting, a bunch of stuff shot mainly at the Berserker squad and the daemon pack with it, killing I believe 2 Bloodletters and 2 Berserkers. I found it peculiar that he still hadn't moved a single model and hadn't unloaded the Chimera which still had 10 guys in it. He did however have two Guardsmen shooting from the Chimera, one with Heavy Bolter, the other with Grenade Launcher. In assault, the Lord finished off the remaining Guard, killing 4 and then sweeping into the 5th, and consolidated towards the Chimera.

    WE TURN 3:

    Lord rushed forward towards the Chimera -- just into charge range (12" on account of his Daemonic Speed)! Bloodthirster also moved up, just barely into charge range. Everything else moved up pitifully. In assault phase the Lord plowed into the Chimera. 7 auto-hitting S8 attacks tore into it's side, producing 3 glancing and 4 penetrating hits. Needless to say the thing detonated, killing all but 4 Guardsmen inside and killing about 5 guards from a nearby squad. My Lord went unscathed. Bloodthirster charged into this guard squad that had just taken casualties from the explosion and finished them off, consolidating into another guard squad nearby.


    Demolisher moved up a bit and threw off another shot at the Berserker squad. Again it scattered out of range. Oh the insanity! Command squad moved up towards the pack of bloodletters that had scattered sideways, firing a few useless shots into it with a pistol before rushing in to charge. Entire command squad, except for the Commander, was butchered (but he suffered 2 wounds). In turn the Commander fled and was cut down as he did so. Autocannons tore into Bloodletter squad in the center, killing 2 or so. They failed their instability test and another went down, leaving a single Bloodletter from that pack remaining. Lastly, the Sentinels moved towards my Lord, pumped their Autocannons into him (to absolutely no affect) and charged -- but were cut down before they even had a chance to strike.

    WE TURN 4:

    Bloodthirster made a big jump, landing behind Demolisher and charged it from the rear. Lord charged into the 4 remaining Guardsman who were trapped in the wreckage of their Chimera, and slaughtered them. Bloodthirster tore into Demolisher. A bunch of penetrations led to a 6 -- explodes! Bloodthirster saved the potential wound.


    One last chance, the Heavy Weapons team which hadn't yet been attacked pumped more shots at the Berserkers bearing down on them, but didn't kill a single one. Guard player called it quits at this point as he had my Lord, Bloodthirster, two Daemon Packs and a Berserker squad ready to charge next turn.


    Victorious Slaughter! Wow, what a... game. It was pretty much a one-sided battle. It was only my second (ever) game against Guard (with any army whatsoever). The first game I had vs. Guard (a different player) didn't go quite this well, although I did win that one, but this one was.. agh! I felt bad for the opponent (though he was a GW employee playing a store army...) and he was pretty pissed. He rolls a lot of crap rolls. 4 shooting turns with 6 Autocannons and they made maybe one or two, maybe three kills total. His entire army was wiped out -- I had lost 5 Bloodletters, a Dreadnought and I think 2 Berserkers.


    Imperial Guard: 215 (approx.)
    World Eaters: 1000

    Now he challenged me to a rematch with his Tau army tomorrow.. uh oh!

    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    Nice game. Very easy to follow, which is great.

    Though, just from looking at the lists, I called the game before even seeing the first turn. That poor, poor, POOR Guard player. I love my Autocannons so very much, but they're just not suited to taking on MEQs. Especially an engraged Daemon Prince with Feel No Pain...

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    Wow! Nicely done report, but they Guard player didn't do a very good job of movement, especially with his tanks!
    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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