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    Emperor's Children Vs. Imperial Guard

    This was a 1500 point game and my first game in more than a few months, working the rust off before the summer tourney circuit. I played my usual 1500 point list and my opponent played Mech IG.

    Slaaneshi Lieutenant "Lilith"
    Mark of Slaanesh, Demonic Mutation, Resilience, Strength, Infiltration, 2x Lightning Claws, Warp Talisman, Melta-bomb, 6 Slaanesh Minor Psychic Powers, Personal icons and Spiky Bits

    Slaaneshi Lord "Alucard"
    Mark of Slaanesh, Demonic Mutation, Essence, Resilience and Strength, Dark Blade, Infiltration, Warp Talisman, Personal Icon, 6 Slaaneshi Minor Psychic Powers, Bolt Pistol, Spiky Bits and Combat Drugs

    5 x 6 Demonettes

    12 Demonettes

    2 Predators w/ Dozer Blades, Extra Armor, Havoc Launcher, Mutated Hull and Searchlight

    Imperial Guard:
    Junior Officer w/ Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Honorifica Imperialis w/ a Master-Vox and 3 Flamers in a Chimera w/ Multi-Laser, HB, Extra Armor and Smoke (All Chimeras the same)

    3x 10 Deep Striking Storm Troopers, 2 squads with Melta and 1 with Plasma, all had Vox

    3x 10 mounted Grenadiers 2 w/ Plasma 1 w/ Melta and all had Vox

    3x Demolishers w/ Extra Armor, Lascannon, 2x HB, Smoke and Dozer Blades

    We just played a basic "stab until one army dies" game. It was a 4x6 table. In my deployment zone was a small ruins in the bottom right. I had another ruin in the middle. The IG player had a large ruins in the middle of his deployment zone and a small church and 2 more ruins were in the middle middle and middle right. We played Escalation so he had nothing on the board and I Infiltrated my Lord close to his Deployment left and the Lieutenant right. He won the first turn and since there was no Dusk and Dawn we were off.

    Turn 1 he passed.

    Turn 1 I moved my characters 6" up into his deployment zone.

    TURN 2!!!!!!
    "Cournel Kahalewai zoomed his binoculars in, trying to see through the dust his convoy kicked up as they rumbled through the old city. They had reports of missing children in the area but now the city was a ghost town. His superiors suspected Chaos activity. He has been dispatched with some of the finest soldiers the Guard had to offer and the Emperor's heaviest battle tanks. Though he saw nothing yet, he was sure he could handle anything the Arch Enemy could throw."

    Everything came in. Everything. I was a bit shocked as my hope was to get some kills in piecemeal. Everything avoided my Lord as I knew it would, I often use him to force my opponents into the Lieutenant and hold them up with my demons until he can get his blade dirty. Two Demolishers and two Chimeras came in on the top right, the back armor to the table edge. The rest of the tanks came in to the left of those tanks, their rear pointed to the giant ruins. The DStrikers went into the ruins in my bottom right but lost 3 men off a bad scatter. The other two squads, the melta squads found themselves in the middle of the board with no cover saves. As both of my characters had The Siren ability (Consult your Chaos Codexes newbs) two psychic tests ended the turn.

    Slaanesh Turn 2:
    "Alucard picked his way through the streets in silence, looking for the Guardsmen they had lured into their trap. He and Lilith had spent weeks sacrificing the Imperial citizens to Slaanesh, drawing more demons daily. When the heavens opened and hell rained onto these soldiers, he would gain glory for Slaanesh and be one step closer to his plans fruition."

    Both Predators came in as well as two small Demonette squads. The squads summoned off the Lieutenatn and moved toward a Demolisher and Chimera respectively. The Lieutenant moved to the side of bottom right Chimera. The Predators each shot up a melta squad and with so many guns one squad was killed outright while the other was reduced to one melta gunner who annoyingly didn't run. The assaults went decent. The Demolisher was Immobilized and couldn't shoot next turn. The Chimera on the left was destroyed as well as one of it's occupants. The other Chimera wasn't touched. :[ I fully expected the Demons to die on his turn, but they were so far expendable.

    Imperial Guard Turn 3:
    "He couldn't believe it. An ambush by just two traitors! The sky had grown purple and black as clawed beauties materialized and began tearing through armor like paper. Already the Storm Troopers were dismebarking to banish the demons, but some tanks had been compromised. The Cournel scanned from his Chimera for the cause of the Warp Rift but occasionally found his eyes blurred. The corruption would be found."

    The tanks started dispersing. The Demolisher next to the damaged one moved 6" forward to get a bead on the Demonettes. The other Demolisher moved down a bit as did the Chimeras. The lone Melta gunner, still brave ran toward the Predator. The Chimeras and Demolishers opened up on the demons, killing only 5 demonettes near the Entangled Troopers. The lone melta gunner hit but failed to do anything.

    Slaanesh Turn 3:
    "Lilith's eyes darted around, feeling her God's protection keeping the Imperial eyes off her. The overwhelming fire power of the False Emperor's soldiers had cut her sisters down like wheat but there were always more. When the mortals were grounded they could be dealt with, but not before. She unsheathed her lightning claws and hurried off towards the sound of tank tracks."

    The rest of the demons came in. Sadly, my 12 man squad went off the table. :[[[ The rest of the demons made up for it with great scatters, either in position for assault or hidden bhind the ruins in one squads case. Lilith moved to assault the Immobilized Demolisher as a demon squad went to assault the left most one. The last demon squad went to assault a fresh Chimera. The lone demonette ran into the Entangled Troopers to tie them up if possible. The left most Predator killed the melta gunner in a vulgar display of power (awesome album) while the other shot at a dismebarked squad killing 6 but they stuck around. In Assault the demonettes blew up their fresh Demolisher while Lilith failed to scratch hers. The solo Demonette killed her only combatant but the STroopers held and surrounded her. The last demons ate their Chimera alive and the squad came out entangled. I felt a little more safe having either pinned or blown up a good amount of the guns aimed at my demons.

    Imperial Guard Turn 4:
    "Hell itself seemed to be opening on his convoy. More demons were appearing every second and each death seemed to make them stronger. His tanks couldn't bring their speed to bear, the demons were everywhere, tearing through tracks and hatches to get at his men. The summoners had to be found, but as he said a prayed to The Emperor a small part of him knew it was to late."

    The remaining Chimeras moved to unload their Guardsmen and Rapid Fire the demons down. The Command squad moved to flame some Demonettes to keep the Entangled squad alive. In the Shooting phase, the squad that killed a Demolisher was blown away. The squad looking to get flamed avoided alot of hurt because Lilith was in the way and she couldn't be placed under the template thanks to her successful test, so they lost only 2. In the assault phase the lone demonette was killed and the squad Massacred a few inches away, hiding from Predator death.

    Slaanesh Turn 4:
    "Alucard was running all out, forsaking stealth in his desperation to see how the battle was going. He climbed over the crest of a broken oil refinery and saw the battle in the distance his pace quickened seeing how unexpectedly even things were."

    The Lord moved, looking as though he migth get to assualt some STroopers this turn. The demons moved to assault something, most of the squads were on foot now and easy pickings. The Predators opened up on a Chimera and the squad near Alucard. The Chimera blew up and the squad was cut down to 4 men. I than realized this was a mistake, as 6" to assault was shaky at best. It turned out he didn't make it in. Lilith blew off the Cannon to her Demolisher as I realized she wasn't meant for tanks. The demonettes jumped into the squad next to the Command squad and cut them down, Massacring into the Command squad. This felt like a decisive turn as most of his vehicles were dead or in a bad spot and the troops were all hurting, dead or in combat.

    Imperial Guard Turn 5:
    "The tide had turned against them. The demons had stopped coming but now he lacked the men and guns to keep them at bay. As he formed the thought the twisted deformities clampered over a wrecked transport and began cutting through his squad. He drew he crackling power sword and prepared to deal with the filth himself."

    A four man squad with two plasmas mounted up and moved toward a Predator. The recently shot up squad moved toward Alucard, hoping for a failed psychic test. The last active Demolisher, almost forgotten in all the assualts aimed for a Predator as well. The Demolisher scattered away but a lone plasma gunner popped out the top of the Chimera, shot a Predators side and Immobilized it. Alucard remained safe in his disguise as everyone but the Officer was cut down in the Command squad assault.

    Slaanesh Turn 5:
    "Alucard had reached the carnage, but it was almost over. Broken Imperial bodies littered the ground, half covered by ripped armor plating and broken tracks. What few men fought on fell back from the demonic fury, their big guns silenced and their leader near death. A few men were far off in the distance, retreating to warn the world of it's threat. They wouldn't get far."

    Alucard moved toward the plasma squad as the rest of the unengaged demons tried to find something to rip up. The Predators blew up the midfield Chimera but couldn't finish off it's squad. The Demonettes nrear Lilith bagged the Immobilized Demolisher and Lilith popped the last Chimera. Alucard cut down the 4 STroopers easily, I was a bit sad he didn't get to do more. With only two tattered squads and a Demolisher left my opponent conceeded.

    After Game:
    I have to say I made a few mistakes with shooting targets and maneuvers but it all got ironed out. The Lord let me force my opponent to the right, which I'd pay any amout of points for to start the game off with them on the defensive. He played a good game, using his guns in the right ways but he couldn't drive away to make a gun line, there was just no open room. After the game we found out he was actually playing 1850 points while P layed only 1500, I felt pretty good about a win over superior points. Btw, I haven't played in many months so if some rules got jumbled it's to be expected and PLEASE don't say my army is over powered or anything, I play to win. :ninja:

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    I liked the story style you used at the beginning of each turn.

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    Heh, Alucard; it screams both Hellsing and Dracula, given that those are two of the things Alucard has to do with in the world...

    Interesting report and congrats ont he win against an enemy with more points than you.

    Take my love, take my land, take me to where I cannot stand; I don't care I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me.

    "The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time."- Lorgar
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