2000 Necron vs Tau - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 Necron vs Tau

    Here is the report from my second game at my now bi-weekly 40k gaming. This one was vs a Tau opponent, and I didn't make nearly as many mistakes as last time. Once again my army list might not be exact, as I changed it on the fly at the place to try out some stuff. No mission yet again.

    My List:
    HQ1: Necron Lord - Res Orb, Veil of Darkness
    HQ2: Necron Lord - Res Orb, Phylactery, Warscythe

    15x Warrior
    15x Warrior

    Fast Attack:
    4x Destroyers
    7x Scarab swarm w/ disruption fields

    10x Immortals
    12x Flayed Ones

    Heavy Support:

    His List(approximation only). I don't know the names of any of the tau commander type units, so I won't be able to provide them,but here is what information I do have:

    Commander-type with 2 drones(not sure what weapons) and iridium armor(or something like that)
    Commander-type with a flamer and a 12" gun of some type

    2x Firewarrior squads without drones
    1x Firewarrior squad with 2 shield drones
    Pathfinder squad with 2 shield drones and marklights
    Large kroot squad with shaper

    6x Vespids

    2x Broadsides

    3x Crisis suits w/ 2 shield drones

    2x Pirahnas

    Hammerhead w/ rail gun and 2x burst cannons

    Devilfish w/ burst cannon

    Board: 4x6 boardwith plenty of cover, from ruined buildings and bunkers to hills.

    Deployment: We just decided to use the side we were already each standing on as our side. I deployed my destroyers and immortals w/ veil lord on the left hand side of the board in a ruined building. My two squads of warriors were on the right hand side of the board with the other lord, one group in a ruined building, the other hiding behind a bunker. I infiltrated my flayed ones behind a building ruin about halfway accross the board on the left side because I didn't really see a better place to put them. My lith and scarabs were held for deep striking.

    He had one squad of fire warriors in a bunker accross from my destroyers and immortals. The kroot were deployed towards the middle-left in a long line, with another formation of fire warriors behind them. His hammerhead was deployed in the back righthand corner. Near the hammerhead he deployed his devilfish with some pathfinders, his firewarriors with drones, and his broadsides, who he obviously intended to set up in a ruined building in that area. His Vespids and commanders also deployed in the middle area.

    Tau turn 1:
    He rolled first turn, which I knew could be problematic for me since I knew how much firepower tau can put to bear. He moved his broadsides into their building, moved both commanders forward a bit, and also advanced his devilfish slightly. His pathfinders took up position on a hill overlooking the bunker my warriors were hiding behind. His fireawarrior squads more or less stayed where they were. He also moved his pirhanas forward their full movement rate to get a line on my flayed ones and moved his crisis suits up next to them.

    His shooting was uneventful. He ended up knocking down a single flayed one with his pirhanas. His hammerhead tried to pie plate the warriors who were hiding but missed. His broadsides managed to knock down one warrior, and one of his commanders knocked down another. Both ended up out of res orb range, so they died. His crisis suit squad and pirhana squad each took out a single flayed one.

    No assault

    Necron turn 1:

    This turn proved to be an example of how the entire battle would play out. Everything passed WBB rolls. My immortals with the veil lord jumped behind the firewarriors using the kroot as shields. My destroyers moved to get a line on the pirhanas, and my flayed ones moved to try and get into assault with teh pirhanas just for something to do. My warriors behind the bunker moved up closer to the bunker to stay out of sight. I made a slight mistake and had my lord hanging out a bit so that he could keep the warrior squad in the building in res orb distance, and this almost proved his death later on.

    My shooting phase was really nice. The immortals destroyed the firewarriors completely. The destroyers caused one pirhana to explode, destroying one of its gun drones and killing one of the crisis suit's shield drones, and stunned the other. My warriors in the building took a few pot shots at one of the commanders but didn't do any damage.

    My assault phase just saw my flayed ones assaulting the pirhana. I was hitting the side armor, but because it was a skimmer i needed 6s to hit and 6s to glance. One hit...one glance...and vehicle exploded! 2 of my flayed ones were knocked down from the blast and it destroyed both of his gun drones.

    Tau turn 2:
    His turn was uneventful. His commanders moved around and his vespid got in range of my warriors in the building. His kroot moved back to engage my immortals. His crisis suits moved back to take shots at the immortals as well.

    His shooting phase was horrible...for him. His hammerhead missed with its pie plate again. His broadsides and vespid managed to knock down 5 warriors and wound the lord. His firewarriors in the bunker in the left corner fired on my immortals, knocking down one. His crisis suits also fired, knocking down another one.

    His kroot attacked. End result was 1 more immortal on the ground, 4 kroot down. Immortals win combat but kroot don't run thanks to the shaper.

    Necron turn 2:
    2 of the 3 downed immortals stand up. 2 of the 5 warriors stand up. Scarabs come in and land in the corner near the hammerhead, firewarriors, pathfinders, and broadsides.

    My immortals jump out of the combat and land over near the corner with his squad of FW's w/ the drones, his hammerhead, and broadsides, providing lots of targets. My flayed ones move towards the FWs in the bunker in the left.

    My immortals decide to fire on the hammerhead and hope for some luck. Got 2 glances, immobilized(which was ignored) and weapon destroyed...there goes his pie plate! My destroyers pass their leadership to fire past the lone gun drone left from the pirhanas and fire at the crisis suits, taking out the last shield drone and wounding one of the crisis suits. I also did something that I realize in hindsight was probably illegal, but it didn't really matter much, and that was using the particle whip to take out most of the pathfinders(would have gotten them all if it hadn't been for the shield drones). My warriors in the building took out his vespid.

    Assault consisted of my flayed ones assaulting the FWs in the bunker....and losing combat! They only caused one casualty and took 2 in return. My flayed ones almost died from embaressment, but didn't run.

    Tau turn 3:
    Again, not much movement happening. His kroot moved to help his FWers in melee against my flayed ones. His crisis suits moved towards my destroyers. His devilfish moved back to help attack my scarabs.

    Shooting was ok for him. Between his hammerhead's remaining guns and his devilfish he did 1 wound to the scarabs. His remaining pathfinders managed to markerlight my monolith, which was promptly destroyed by the railguns on the broadsides(both hit, and he got a 5 and 6 for wounding rolls! 2 pens!). His firewarriors in that same corner fired on my immortals, knocking down 3. His crisis suits took out a destroyer.

    Assault saw his kroot piling in on my flayed ones. My FOs went first and directed their attacks at the Fire warriors, as i viewed them as more of a threat to my army than the kroot. Took out 5 FWs, and ended up taking 2 casualties in return. Flayed ones win. Fire warriors run, but kroot stay to continue the fight.

    Necron turn 3:
    Ended up being the final turn due to time contraints. 2 of my immortals got back up, leaving 8 and the lord.

    My warriors who had been hiding behind the bunker this entire time move around the bunker to get a line on his devilfish. That was it for movement.

    My immortals opened fire on this last squad of firewarriors, completely destroying them. The scarabs move to tie up the broadsides in CC for the rest of the game(if we had played more turns). The warriors failed to damage the devilfish. My destroyers took out a crisis suit and wounded another.

    The CC between the flayed ones and the kroot continued, with the flayed ones winning but slowly getting whittled down by the kroot. The scarabs assaulted the broadsides, each side doing 1 wound in damage.

    This was where we had to end. He rolled to see if his fire warriors rallied, but they didn't and ran off the board. This left him with:

    2 commanders
    Half his kroot squad
    Hammerhead without its railgun
    2 crisis suits(one wounded)

    I had:
    3 destroyers
    About 25 warriors left with a lord.
    About 6-7 flayed ones left.
    8 Immortals with a lord.

    I think, had we finished the game, I would have won. The only things he had left that could really hurt me were the commanders and the crisis suits. As long as I didn't have horrible luck the flayed ones would have killed his kroot off, and my destroyers would have either killed his crisis suits or at least hopefully gotten rid of one more. His vehicles were ignorable at this point.

    I made a few mistakes this game, but not as many as the last game i played. I almost got a lord killed due to pad positioning. My monolith did squat(even after breaking a rule).

    My flying circus worked well this game. Destroying 2 firewarrior squads completely as well as taking out the railgun of his hammerhead.

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    i just wanted to point out that a 6 on a glance is destroyed, it doesnt explode. the only way it can explode is a 6 on a pen. and you can only glance skimmers moving over 6". so his commanders shield drons and the gun drones wouldnt have been destroyed.

    but besides that, it was a great battle i think you would've won.


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    Ya know, I thought that too, but he said they exploded, and since he has played a lot more than I have I didn't bother to look it not...especially since it exploding was more beneficial for me :p.

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