1500 Wych Cult vs DIY Marines - CLEANSE - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Wych Cult vs DIY Marines - CLEANSE

    We recently started a campaign and had the first round of matches on Saturday. I completely massacred a newbie eldar player (I hope he sticks with it) and was finally paired up against some young fellow who was toting the army of one of our local tourney winners.
    He seemed a little too confident so I was looking forward to introducing him to my army, unfortunately we drew the big open table. Lots and lots of lvl2 area terrain ruins, almost no terrain capable of blocking LOS to vehicles. great. He easily had enough to take down everything I had in turn 1 if I tried to rush him. He won frist turn (which he gave to me since I had deployed so far back because of the open table).

    My Army
    Archite + retinue (agonizers) + Raider w Scaling Nets
    Drachite + retinue (agonizers) + Raider w Scaling Nets
    2 Wych Squads in Raiders w Horrorfex
    2 Dark Lance Squads
    1 Ravager w Dissintegrators + night shield

    His Army
    Terminator Librarian w Viel of Time and Emperor's Wrath
    6 man TAC 1 w ML, plasma
    6 man TAC 1 w ML, plasma
    7 man Veteran squad? or assault squad with no jump packs, w Pistol/CCW, Vet Sgt w PF
    6 man Dev w 4x HB
    6 man Dev w 4x ML
    Dread w TLLas + ML
    Dread w ? (it died before he got to use it)
    Venerable Dread w AC/DCCW

    I hate to use the term cheesy but I didn't much like his list. Especially since wyches have a lot of trouble vs Dreadnaughts.

    Turn 1
    Wych squad 1 charged the Librarian and a TAC squad and got charged by the second TAC squad in return.
    The snipers killed one of his Dreadnaughts
    The Ravager killed 2 members of the HB Dev squad.
    All other Raiders disembarked thier troops in the backfield out of range of the Whirlwind.

    Turn 2
    Wych squad 1 continued to hold in combat, whittling away the first TAC squad.
    The Ravager finished off the HB Dev squad but got immobilized.
    The snipers killed the LST but one squad got shot up and failed it's Ld check and fled.
    The disembarked wyches do nothing
    The Raiders fail to kill anything.

    Turn 3
    Wych squad 1 finishes off the TAC squad but gets wiped out by the Librarian.
    The Ravager has nothing to shoot at.
    The fleeing sniper squad runs off the table, the other squad harrases the venerable dread.
    The Archite mounts up and charges (yay scaling nets) and gets his entire retinue shot to hell.
    The Drachite mounts up and charges and gets 1/2 his retinue shot to hell.
    Wych squad 2 mounts up behind cover.

    Turn 4
    The Ravager kills 2 marines from the remaining TAC squad and dies.
    The Radiers fail to kill anything and all get shot down.
    The sniper squad harrases the venrable dread and yet again survives massed whirlwind and frag missile fire from the Dev squad. (they were in a 4+ ruined building centre table)
    My Archite and surviving succubus charge the librarian and easily kill him, they consolidate towards the TAC squad.
    The Drachite and surviving retinue make a charge into the Veteran squad and slay 4, losing all but the succubus and Drachite in return.

    Turn 5
    The Archite + succubus slaughter the TAC squad and consolidate into the venerable dread.
    The sniper squad finally kills the other dreadnaught.
    the Drachite finishes off the Veterans but the succubus dies.
    The last remaining wych squad eats whirlwind and loses all but 3 members who are too far out to do anything but retreat out of range.

    Turn 6
    The Archite and succubus kill the Venerable Dreadnaught (6 to glance, 6 to destroy where upon he immediately and somewhat smugly asked me to reroll that, so I rolled up another 6)
    The sniper squad had no targets but managed to stay at 1/2 strength for full VP.

    I had an Archite, Drachite, succubus, 5 warrriors, 3 wyches and 1 raider left.
    He had a Whirlwind and a ML Dev squad.

    I got a minor win by 3 points.

    War Record Since Sept 2005
    Old Codex 48-20-9 Dark Eldar
    New Codex 1-0-0 Dark Eldar

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    Hm, sounds like a close one. It's good that you shut the smug little guy up, though. Good luck with the rest of the campaign. I hope to hear more about it. :-)

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    How wide was the table? You must have rolled the 12" assault....

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