This was the first game in a campaign, and the Eldar (representing defenders of a feral world) had a few more points than I did.

My force was:

Minor Canoness, on foot
10 Sisters in Rhino
15 Sisters on foot
6 Retributors, 4x heavy bolter
6x Seraphim with Veteran

Tib's force was:
Autarch on jetbike
Guardians w/Missile platform (two units like this)
Large unit of Reapers with Exarch
2 x War walker with scatterlasersx2
Large unit of Warp spiders

Terrain was several hills, some little wooded areas and a river off to the side (never affected game), and some ruins. The densest patch of terrain ran along the diagonal bisecting the table, more open towards my left.

We used the 'Rules of Engagement' mission. I needed to hold one of my objectives and steal one of his. I forget exactly what his mission objectives were. Deployment zones were diagonal, paralell to the ridge of terrain.

I put the large foot squad of sisters far on the left, near my objective over there, hiding behind a hill from his Reapers who were placed on a hill deep in his zone. The rest of my forces were as far forwards as they could get on the right, screened from the Reapers by some ruins. My retributors were up on a hill with a fairly commanding vantage point.

The Eldar went first and blew the weapon off the Exorcist, which had been in position to fire on the War Walkers. Darnit! The Retributors took some hits from the Walkers, nothing serious.

I pushed up with all my vehicles but didn't dismount anyone. The Retributors fired on the Walkers and took both of them out in one volley, and then the eldar blew the flamers off the Immolator as it rounded a building. Double drat. The rhino headed straight for the center of the Eldar formation and the Seraphim jumped up behind a ruin, safely out of sight. An Eldar missile launcher would get a penetrating hit on it next turn, forcing the Sisters to bail out but causing no casualties.

On the far left flank, the Spiders and Autarch were coming for the Sisters. They tried to move onto a hill to take cover, but were charged before they could make it. The unit was wiped out quickly, and the spiders headed over to harry the rhino from the rear. The Retributors picked off a few.

The weaponless Exorcist and Immolator tank shocked one unit of Guardians, sending them fleeing off the map. The Exorcist would have tried to shock the Reapers too, but crashed into the hill, wrecking itself. The Immolator charged the Farseer who chopped it in half with his Witch blade. The Seraphim jumped forwards and charged the Reapers, killing a few and routing the unit. They consolidated in pursut to make sure the Reapers didn't rally before routing off the board. (they did, indeed leave the board) Sisters from the destroyed Rhino fired at and then assaulted the remaining unit of Guardians, eventually killing it.

The mostly intact unit of Warp Spiders destroyed the Rhino and then turned back to protect the objective near my table edge. The bike-mounted Autarch charged the Retributors, killing them, then made his way around to my Canoness, killing her--but not until -after- she had secured the objective on her end of the table, making it a revenge killing.

I was ready to call the game a draw, but Tib pointed out that my now-unengaged Seraphim could potentially catch up with the Warp Spiders. The got close enough to shoot a few and then assault, causing equal casualties on both sides. Both units had the H&R rule, so we rolled off on who moved first. The Spiders fell back towards the objective, and forgetting that you can't H&R into an assult, the Seraphim followed them, continuing the combat...and getting sliced up my the Exarch.

It was an interesting game. As usual, I ignored half my victory conditions. :J One of the toothless light tanks could have scooted back to take one of my objectives...the Autarch probably could have killed it, but it would have been worth a try. The Retributors suffered once again from having too few expendable Sisters to absorb casualties; I field them in a six-Sister squad to allow them to take an Immolator to ride in, but for such a small game I should really just buy them seperately.