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    Daemonhunters vs Lost and the Damned [1500 pts, CoD]

    This was a Gamma-level Cities of Death game for our local game shop's friendly 40K campaign, Maximum Attrition for the mission.

    I love Cities of Death games; probably my favorite way to play 40K. With the exception of Maximum Attrition, that is, the only scenario dependent on victory points. So, of course, that's the mission that our die roll picked for us. :rolleyes:

    Pure victory points games can be very difficult for my DH, as I am not only outnumbered (pretty much a given in any game I play), but I have so few scoring units. The one upside to the CoD Victory Points rules is that I only need 25% of a unit to survive in order to maintain scoring unit status. That, and my units are very expensive, and since surviving units are worth VPs, I can rack up a lot of points just for surviving. (Of course, that's equally good for my opponent, too, so maybe it's a wash.)

    This was also my first game against a Lost and the Damned army. I'd never even seen one before! So when this guy (I'll call him "L") pulled out big squad ... after big squad ... after big squad ... after big squad ... my eyes bulged out of my head. "How many models do you have in that army?" I asked. "105, plus the Rhinos." I have 36, plus my dreadnoughts. "I'm hosed," I thought. Small board, almost 100% infantry hoard, cover everywhere.... Yikes.

    The game was 1500 pts, and the army lists are fixed for the entire campaign -- and missions are randomly chosen from the normal BGB or CoD along with a random opponent -- so neither of our lists was necessarily "maximally tuned" for this particular game. To the best of my knowledge, his list was something like the following.

    === L's Lost and the Damned ===

    * Aspiring Champion "Lord" (???, this was an HQ model that had to roll for extra movement each turn and had "a few daemonic gifts")
    * "IG" troops (this was the "retinue" squad for the HQ; I don't know what special weapons or abilities it had)
    * big Zombie squad (~20)
    * "IG" troops with champion in Rhino
    * "IG" troops with champion in Rhino
    * "IG" squad with heavy bolter, heavy stubber, at least one plasma gun (possibly other weapons, too)
    * "IG" infiltrating squad (storm troopers?), champion, melta gun (perhaps other special weapons, too)
    * "IG" infiltrating squad (storm troopers?), champion, melta gun, daemon-summoning icon (perhaps other special weapons, too)
    * Daemonettes (~12)
    * Strategems: Ammo Dump, Infiltrate

    I brought to the table what has become my "standard" all-comers 1500 pt list. It's primarily designed for mechanized MEQ armies, as they give me the most trouble and I see a lot of them. Against hordes ... not so efficient. :rolleyes:

    === Daemonhunters ===

    * Brother-Captain, retinue: 4x GKTs (1x psycannon, 1x TH/SS)
    * Inquisitor w/psycannon, auspex, retinue: plasma cannon servitor, heavy bolter servitor, 2x sage, mystic
    * Eversor Assassin
    * 8x Grey Knights, Justicar w/auspex, frags
    * 8x Grey Knights, Justicar w/auspex, frags
    * 8x Seraphim, 2x inferno pistolrs, VSS w/eviscerator
    * Dreadnought, TLLC/ML, extra armour
    * Dreadnought, TLLC/ML, extra armour
    * Strategems: Preliminary Bombardment, Combat Engineers

    We had five decently-sized buildings and a small tower for terrain. The monster building went in the center, three others essentially went to three of the four corners, the 5th went in the middle of one edge (near one corner's building and the central building), with the last corner containing the wee tower. I won the deployment roll, and chose the table quarter opposite the "open" quarter, forcing L to deploy most of his troops in the open quarter. He filled it up solid, but managed to fit his entire heavy weapons squad into the "centered" building that could draw line of sight on about the rightmost 1/3 of my deployement quarter; that was his designated Ammo Dump. One Rhino each went behind everything on both his left and his right. He also infiltrated one squad into the corner building to my right (the one with the icon), and the corner building on my left (actually, this building spread almost up to my deployment quarter). I couldn't draw LoS to the squad on my left (just a couple inches too deep into the bldg), and I failed all my auspex rolls for the squad on my right.

    I deployed my inquisitor into my corner building, giving me LoS into the adjacent buildings and down the avenues between them on all sides. Only his Ammo Dump was out of LoS. I stuck a GK squad just in front of this building, again giving me options and LoS to both left and right. The other GK squad went left of center. The seraphim went behind and to the right of the central GK squad (also right of the inquisitor's bldg). I opted not to deep strike my GKTs (I didn't forsee it being too safe with the board so full of enemy models) and put them to the right, partially in view of L's Ammo Dump. One dread went on the left, behind the leftmost GK squad and hugging the inquisitor's building. The other dread went to the right of the GKTs in clear LoS of both the Ammo Dump and the infiltrated squad on the right. The eversor hid directly behind the right dread. All of my troops were as close to the center of the board as was legal. I have to admit that it was a pretty crappy, naive setup on my part, but I just didn't know what to expect or where I might have to go. I just wanted a setup where I could redeploy my forces relatively quickly, even footslogging. Left, right, front, back, I wanted all my options available. The only "problem" was that the geography did force me to essentially commit one GK squad and one dread to the left flank. However, that was the most open avenue for his footsloggers to get to me, too, so it seemed safe to assume that the heaviest fighting would be from that direction.

    +++ Preliminary Bombardment +++
    Bupkus. Nada. Nothing. Sigh.

    I won first turn, but opted to give it to L. (I prefer to react to my opponent, especially one I don't know. Besides, I'm just not that good a proactive general.)

    +++ Turn 1: L +++

    His HQ squad and zombies shuffled forward. Apparently out of range for shooting, though. (The zombies couldn't shoot at all, of course.)

    His Rhinos skirted around behind his troops. The one on my left kept all "IG" squads within several inches for the "fearless" effect of some upgrade it had. The one on my right ducked behind the building in the right corner.

    He moved the squad infiltrated to my left forward far enough to draw LoS to my dread, fired, and would have stunned it, save for the extra armour.

    His right squad opened fire on my dread but it was out of range of his anti-armour weaponry, and nothing else that was in LoS was in range.

    His ammo dump opened up on my GKTs and I lost one.

    +++ Turn 1: Me +++

    On my left, I left the dread where he was. I moved my GKs forward toward the infiltrators, but barely because of bad dice. I shot to the HQ retinue, however, and killed several.

    I also moved my central GKs forward to act as bait and to get them out of LoS of his infiltrated squad on my right flank. A hail of stormbolters ripped the "HQ retinue" squad to pieces, leaving the HQ model all alone.

    The inquisitor took aim on the infiltrated squad on my right flank, but they ducked safe behind cover, and lost only a couple of men.

    I tried moving my GKTs into the central building, but only rolled 1s for the difficult terrain test, so they were stranded in the open. They took aim at the infiltrated squad and killed one.

    The dread on the right advanced and fired on the infiltrators, but all he could wound was brick and mortar. (Damn cover saves!) The seraphim jumped out toward the infiltrators, fired bolt pistols, and killed nobody! (Damn cover saves!) The eversor stayed tucked safe behind the dread, ready to pounce next turn.

    +++ Turn 2: L +++

    Zombies. March.
    Rhinos. Scuttle.

    His HQ moved closer to the left flank infiltrators while they drew aim on my left dread and blew off the lascannon, as well as shaking it again.

    His ammo dumpers poured fire onto my GKTs and I lost another one.

    His right flank infiltrators fired upon my dread, shaking it. (Extra armour, whew!)

    +++ Turn 2: Me +++

    I kept my damaged dread right where he was. (My indecision with this guy, the vague feeling that I should probably just keep him near the inquisitor acting as fire magnet would prove prescient in the late stages of the game.)

    My left GK squad managed to move into the infiltrated building, but not very far. I got some stormbolter shots off, and managed to kill one guy.

    My central GK squad stayed put and, along with the inquisitor, poured fire into the shambling zombies; several of the uglies died their final deaths. (While I wasn't afraid of the zombies per se -- obviously a squad of GKs could wade through them -- they were the nearest threat to them. As I was losing GKTs like flies, I didn't want to chance losing a single GK if it was at all possible. I wasn't going to assault anybody with them unless I absolutely had to.)

    I tried once again to move my GKTs into the safety of the central building, but could only move 1"! The inch was enough to save the two GKT retinue models, but the BC was still exposed. They fired upon the right infiltrators and killed a grand total of one traitor trooper.

    And now for the part I was looking forward to! I was going to charge the eversor, dread, and seraphim into the right infiltrators and take them out. As well as that daemon icon. :yes: Unfortunately, only the eversor managed to pass his difficult terrain test and get into base-to-base, and shooting beforehand killed maybe two enemy models. Still, the icon-bearer was in base-to-base with the eversor, and I rolled a 5 for his bonus attacks! Yes! However, 8 WS 5, S 4 power weapon attacks against T 3 models resulted in a grand total of ... two kills. And the icon bearer and the other guy capable of fighting the eversor both hit and wounded with all their attacks ... and the eversor failed his saves! Not to worry, not to worry, there's still bio-meltdown! Or not, as it didn't kill anybody. :o

    "This is not going well," I thought.

    +++ Turn 3: L +++

    Zombies. March. (2" too far away to charge!)
    Rhinos. Scuttle. (What's in there, anyway?)

    His HQ almost makes it to the left infiltrators. He backs up the infiltrators a bit, and shoots at the GKs that are still w/in 6", killing two.

    His ammo dump takes aim at my exposed BC and kills him off ... with a lasgun shot! How ignominious. Now I've got just two GKTs remaining.

    But the turn for the worse hasn't been completed yet. He shoots at the nearby dread with his right infiltrators and blows it up easily. The daemonettes are not only summoned, they actually scatter a couple inches closer to my seraphim for an advantageous charge. Which they do, and would have slaughtered them off to the last model had I not spent their lone Faith point to give them invulnerable saves for the round. Even so, I lost half the squad (4 models) and only managed to kill one daemonette in reply. The girls prudently hit-and-run away Away AWAY! hiding like scaredy cats just shy of the inquisitor's building. The daemonettes consolidate towards my GKTs and GKs, a few managing to take cover behind the smoking wreckage of my dreadnought.

    +++ Turn 3: Me +++

    The low point in the game for the home team. While I've killed off a single enemy squad, and a number of zombies, that's about the size of it. L has killed a couple of precious Grey Knights, weathered a furious attack by an eversor assassin, destroyed one dread and neutered another, wiped out most of my GKTs and half of my Seraphim. My right flank has entirely collapsed; two GKTs cannot survive the combined fire from the Ammo Dump and his infiltrators. Plus there's the daemonettes, his Rhino and its cargo waiting to be employed at a moment's notice. He's firmly ahead of me in VPs, and he's close to being MUCH farther ahead, too, if he can get to my lines or shoot down just a few more models.

    I decide that, in order to win this game, I have to keep my inquisitor alive at all costs. He's the only thing preventing a full-out attack from my right, as I am completely unable to root out the Ammo dump or the right infiltrators -- or take on the Rhino and its troops -- because to do so would leave my troops exposed to the Zombies, HQ, left infiltrators, and the left Rhino and its troops. It's an ugly vice ... so ...

    The inquisitor is going to be responsible for protecting the right flank with his psycannon, plasma cannon, and heavy bolter. I designate my GKTs and remaining dread as inquisitor bodyguards. But in order to ensure the dread is available, I have to silence the heavy weaponry on my left flank. That means committing to assaulting his infiltrators and drawing his Rhino troops into the fray. I figure that my weakend GK squad and the seraphim can probably perform this task.

    Which leaves my central GK squad. I need them to remain at full strength and to eliminate the zombies as quickly as possible so I can use them to fill in wherever my plan isn't working out. They -- and the inquisitor -- might end up being my only scoring units at game's end, so I must ensure that I've slaughtered everything else nearby and hope the high cost of my units earns me enough VPs to eke out a win.

    On my left flank, I keep the dread just outside the inquisitor's building, ready to move in any direction to intercept troops that make it through my lines. He fires a missile into the zombies and kills one. I jump the seraphim over in the direction of the rhino hanging out in support of the infiltrators. (Fortunately, I still have my VSS and both sets of inferno pistols.) My GKs advance, shoot, kill 2 or 3 enemy models, but fail the difficult terrain test and so cannot charge!

    In the middle, my GKs backpedal and rip into the zombies, who drop like flies, but they're still coming!

    My inquisitor takes aim at the daemonettes and kills 5! Gotta love psycannons.

    On the right, I moved my GKTs away from the central building and nearly into the inquisitor's building, but out of LoS of the Ammo Dump. The psycannon and stormbolter kill all but the last three daemonettes (who would've died, except they were safe behind the dreadnought wreck. Gotta love psycannons.) Actually, I was very pleased with this outcome. I didn't really want to destroy the entire daemonette squad so quickly, because then I'd have to weather them returning again. Better that they're extremely weakened, and so less likely to do any serious damage.

    +++ Turn 4: L +++

    On my left flank, L decides he stands the greatest chance of surviving by getting all of his guns within 6" of my GKs (so they can all shoot), so he advances the left flank infiltrators just far enough to do so and lights my squad up. Fortunately, I make my armour saves and lose only one model from a melta gun hit. His HQ model manages to move up and is within an inch or two of the squad, but doesn't join it. Apparently, he can't shoot. (whew!)

    He advances what is still a solid zombie squad (about 8 models), but doesn't roll high enough on a difficult terrain test (3 models were in the central building, fortunately) to charge me.

    L's Ammo Dump has no valid targets. His infiltrators on my right fire at my GKTs but, finally, their terminator armour saves them (but just barely! I roll mostly 2s). He swings the rhino all away from around the back of the building where it has been safe and runs it up my right flank.

    As for the daemonettes, one of them fails its instability check and is sent back to the Warp. The remaining two pop over the dread wreckage and charge my GKs. Fortunately, no rending attacks hit home, and I lose just one GK before eliminiating them with slicing nemesis force weaponry.

    +++ Turn 4: Me +++

    On my left flank, I spread my GKs out so I can engage both the infiltrating squad and the HQ model when I charge. Storm bolters kill a couple of traitor guardsmen before the Grey Knights charge and rip the squad to pieces. He has a segeant of some kind with a power claw, and it eliminates two Grey Knights. I designate the one GK that is in base contact with the HQ to attack that HQ. He dies, but not before wounding with both attacks and watching him fail an armour save. Success! But now that squad is perilously close to losing scoring unit status: there is only one GK and his Justicar left. They consolidate in the direction of the Rhino. The seraphim jump again, but aren't quite within range of charging or the inferno pistols, so they're stuck for the round.

    The dreadnought continues to hang around the inquisitor, shoots at but doesn't wound any zombies. As for the zombies, my GK squad tears into them with stormbolters, and a charge with gleaming nemesis force weapons finishes them off. They consolidate, barely, into the near side of the central building.

    I consider firing upon the Rhino, but decide it's better to weaken the infiltrators remaining in the building. Both my GKTs and inquisitor shoot, but don't kill enough to make any meaningful changes; they easily pass their LD check, the first one I've forced any of his squads to take the entire game.

    +++ Turn 5: L +++

    Things are now turning against L. Unfortunately, he can't move his Ammo Dump squad fast enough to be helpful anywhere, and in any case, that would deny them the benefits of the strategem that served him so well earlier in the game. He decides to let them sit tight in the dump for the rest of the game and earn survival VPs.

    His daemonettes come back into play directly behind the ammo dump and enter into it.

    The Rhino on my left flank is going to be attacked, almost no matter where it goes, so L goes for broke. He disembarks and rapid-fires into my Seraphim. But his low-AP shots miss, and the girls otherwise make all their saves. With the Rhino's combi-bolter, he fires at my inquisitor squad and the mystic, apparently not paying attention, bites it.

    On my right, his infiltrators still have the potential to hurt my GKTs, but fail to do so. (Better late then never, terminator armour!) The squad inside the Rhino disembark and charge into my GKTs, forgoing shooting to do so. We fight simultaneously, and in the melee, my GKTs are struck down while he loses three members in reply. They consolodate into the building with my inquisitor, but just out of sight of the inquisitor's guns! (About 6 1/4" away, a very smart, gutsy move.)

    The Rhino, meanwhile, swings around the building and hits my inquisitor retinue with the combi-bolter. One of the sages doesn't duck fast enough and is eliminated.

    +++ Turn 5: Me +++

    What with the storm bolters, inferno pistols, bolt pistols, nemesis force weaponry, and a flurry of Seraphim attacks, the Rhino squad on my left doesn't stand a chance. I roll 6" for the Seraphim, and they consolidate to just on the far side the central building. The GKs consolidate around the backside of the Rhino.

    In the middle, I sneak my GKs forward, deeper into the central building but not far enough to see much of the ammo dump squad. I peel of a few scattered stormbolter shots and fell a trooper or two, but that's about it.

    Back with the inquisitor, the dread tears into the building and charges into the squad sitting just out of sight of the inquisitor, killing two on the charge. The squad is unable to hurt the dread -- which I was counting on -- and now they are locked. Perfect! The inquisitor himself shoots at one of the Rhinos and although manages several penetrating hits, can do no more than destroy the combi-bolter. But that's all that was really necessary, anyway.

    +++ Turn 6: L +++

    There's not much L can do now. He can draw LoS to the Seraphim with the ammo dump, and lets it rip, but the Seraphim will not be taken down!

    His daemonettes are essentially stuck in the ammo dump, useless.

    He takes his remaining infiltration squad and hides it behind their building, saving their victory points.

    The rhino with the working combi-bolter fires upon the inquisitor squad again, and again a hapless sage doesn't know that he should be ducking behind cover, and dies.

    L can only watch in dismay as my dreadnought kills two more of the squad in close combat, leaving only the champion.

    +++ Turn 6: Me +++

    I go for broke and move my seraphim within range of the Ammo Dump. Inferno pistols and a couple of bolt pistol shots kill off a couple of unwary troopers, but I roll double 1s for the difficult terrain test and cannot charge.

    My central GKs move up a little -- another poor difficult terrain check -- and manage to knock off another ammo dumper or two with scattered stormbolter fire, but the squad is nowhere near needing to take a LD check.

    My dread finishes off the champion. My inquisitor manages to shoot off the combi-bolter on the armed rhino, but that's all. My weakened GK squad holds tight to save VPs.

    +++ Conclusion +++

    The first three rounds or so of the game, almost everything went L's way. If he made any mistake, I think it was holding the troops in the Rhinos in reserve for too long. By the time he pulled them out, I was able to recover my weakened assets and use them to sweep up everything else, leaving me plenty of time, and resources, to deal with them separately. But had the pulled them out much sooner, I might not have been able to handle the extra pressure. I actually think his zombies were a worthwhile squad. They tied up one of my GK squads for just about the entire game, just by surviving for so long. Had he taken greater advantage of that, this game might have gone the other way.

    But in the end, this was a victorious slaughter for the Daemonhunters! He scored full victory points for my dread, eversor assassin, and GKTs, but that was only 510 pts. Meanwhile, I killed more than 1200 pts of his troops (by his reckoning), giving me a final VP differential of around 1400 pts.

    ninjabackhand: point and click, again, really? even after i give you an military term "shock tactic" you still call it point and click.
    RIP Warhammer 40,000: 21 Sep 1998 - 24 May 2014

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    in the first few turns I thought you were doomed but you bounced back for a win

    GK look like they are hard to use. Good job taking down down the LatD, they are deadly in COD because of there numbers, I think if your opponent had foccused less on traitors and more on mutants he could have played more aggresivly, instead you took the initiative and controlled most of the battle.

    That battle was really tense to read and you played very well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazyseer View Post
    That battle was really tense to read and you played very well
    This game -- which I played just last week -- was one of the more enjoyable ones for quite some time. Win or lose, the games where momentum swings back and forth are the most fun and involving. And often the most instructive, too....
    ninjabackhand: point and click, again, really? even after i give you an military term "shock tactic" you still call it point and click.
    RIP Warhammer 40,000: 21 Sep 1998 - 24 May 2014

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