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    1500pts Eldar vs Tyranid

    well today i was rather bored so i decided to go to my mates house and try out his new 6x4 board and give my new jetbike squad a good run around and also test the capabilities of my new warp spider squad

    i fielded an eldar army of 1500pts and i believe it went sumthin like this(roughly)
    -eldrad ulthran (HQ)
    - 4 banshees
    -20 guardians in two squads of ten both with a weapon platform with scatter cannons and with 1 warlock
    -5 dire avengers with exarch who had power weapon and simmer shield with defend exarch skill
    -6 fire dragons inc. 1 exarch with fire pike and tank hunter skill
    -wave serpent with twin bright lance and star engines
    -jetbike squad (3) with shuriken cannons
    -5 warp spiders inc. 1 exarch with power blades and exarch skill withdraw
    -5 dark reapers inc. 1 exarch with tempest launcher and power crack shot
    -war walker with twin bright lance

    steves tyranid army i think was like this:
    -2 carnifexs, one tusked and one with acid maw
    -1 lictor
    -32 gaunts
    -16 genestealers with scuttle
    -6 tyranid warriors
    and a whole range of nid powers that scare me:cry:

    round 1:
    well steve deployed first and he divided his gaunts into two squads each back by a carnifex and he divided the stealers into another two squads and placed them on either far end of the table (so his whole front line was bout 4 nd half foot wide ) his nid warriors were benhind his gaunts as they have to be within 12 inches of them. his lictor was to wait another turn befor it was unleashed...
    my deployment was basically set out to counter his squads of gaunts and be in range of his warriors soon, if i could take out his warriors i could have a chance to send all the gaunts fleeing giving me an advantage, this was a fatal error as we shall soon find out. i deployed two units ofs 10 guardians with scatter cannon platforms opposite either gaunt squads. on my left flank i set up my 3 jetbikes and i had my 4 banshees back up the guardians along with my hq eldrad. on my right i placed my wave serpent with fire dragons inside at the rear and in front i had my walker and dire avenger squad.

    Turn 1:
    steve won priority so he qwickly moved his gaunt squads in for the kill, with fleet of claw and the leaping ability my left guardian squad was alredy engaged in close combat! disaster! he then moved his whole front line closer and was within striking distance for the next turn. the shoot phase was feeble for him, his right flank gaunt squad all fired on my dire avengers, killin one in the fire fight. the assualt phase was a major disaster for me. my entire left flank was destroyed, with my guardians fleeing the gaunt squad chased and destroyed the cowards! but now it was my turn and i was determined to get even. i immediately had eldrad ulthran cast doom on the right flank gaunt squad so that all unsuccessful wound roles could be re-rolled. i then let rip with my scatter cannon and guardians killing and impressive 8 of the beasts. my dire avengers then took another 2. now for the carnifex lumbering towards my right flank. my wave serpenst twin linked bright lances managed a wound as did my war walker. this is where my fire dragons rele shine. the managed 2 wounds on the beast, leaving him with one wound, result! my dark reapers then let fly with their reaper launchers and the exarch used the crask shot skill, i fired upon the 6 warriors knowing the only way to beat the gaunts ripping apart my left was to destroy them as they were the hq choice of steve. i managed to destroy 2 and left one with one wound so that was very successful. now the assault phase went better than expected as none of his warriors were in contact with me so i rushed hsi gaunt squad with my banshees and his genestealers on his left with my jetbikes. i needed to buy time.
    the stealer vs bike resulted in no wounds, but my banshees managed 5 wounds on the gaunts so tht was bibi to 5 gaunts =D.

    turn 2:
    steve won priority again ¬_¬ so he moved his enitre right flank toward me right. i however swung my wave serpent around his rear and deployed my fire dragons hehe time for some payback... he decided to shoot again with his right gaunt squad but failed to inflict any wounds. with my enitre left flank pre occupied i decided to have another crack at his warriors at the back. RESULT! i killed another 3 warriors levings just one left with one wound and my guardian squad and its scatter cannon combined to finish it off. all warriors gone the gaunts had to take a leaderhsip test which they failed :yes: so my right flank was free of gaunts. all that was left was the fex. time for fire dragons to go to work. what can i say easy as pie, with only one wound left all that was left to say was "did you order extra crispy?" my entire right flank was clear and able to help my waining left. the assault phase was good and bad. bad new first all three jetbikes were blown to bit taking only one stealer :cry: good news is that my banshees took more casualties than they took, so they had to take a leadership test which they failed. i pursued and wiped them out=D.

    turn 3:
    this is where it all went wrong. not only did u have the lictor appear in my midst but the remaining carnifex charged my guardians and they are not strong enuf to even try and fight! worst still is that i forgot about the stealers on my right flank and they swiftly decended upon my fire dragons....i decided to bring on my spiders, but is it too late? i brought them on 18 inches behind the left stealer squad so they could hopefully wipe them out before them finished my wiltering left side. so shoot phase, my spiders were fantastic! 5 stealers dead! now only two remain and my banshees would take care of them... the assault phase was disastrous. on my right the entire fire dragon squad were anhiliated, with 4 rolls for rendind claw plus the 1+ for charge i was dead. grrrrr. the fex shattered my guardians and they fell back, 5 dead, 5 remain.

    turn 4:
    the last two stealers engaged my banshees, i moved my remaining guardians out of range of the fexs charge, my spiders moved up from behind to take aim at the last fex. on my right the stealers moved in on my dire avengers and the lictor engage my warlock.eldrad moved to position himself near the wave serpent. at least in the shoot phase i had my consalation prize, the tank, walker and spiders combined to wipe out the lumbering fex, steve didnt like that. in the assault phase 2 of my banshees were wounded and killed, the saves inaffective and were forced to take a leadership test which they failed and so were pursued and taken apart. i hate stealers! the warlock was rendered limb from limb, my dire avengers were anhiliated. the guardians failed their leadership test and fled off the board. great. all that was left was my tank, spiders and eldrad and my walker.

    turn 5:
    i lasted longer than i thought i would, steve moved to take on my tank with his stealers and the lictor and remaining stealers took on the walker, my spiders charged the squad of stealers on the right. no shooting occured as everyone was engaged in combat. in the assault phase my walker was blown to bits eldrad died a heroic death taking a stealer with him and my squad of spiders was reduced to one lone spider taking only two stealers with them but my spiders passed their leadership

    turn 6:
    all steves units engaged my last spider and tank. the spider was ripped apart by the lictor and the tank was rendered a burning husk by his stealers. oh well 2moro i shall have my revenge...... ill fill ya in on how that goes!


    "Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... for tonight, we dine in hell!"
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    good report i've enjoyed that, it's an honourable death of the eldar! still you've claimed a good moral victory by robbing him of most of his army,

    you'll get even next time!


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