For a number of months now, the 40K group that helped start has been planning a major campaign and it has finally gotten underway, despite everyoe's busy lives, health dilemnas, etc.
The campaign takes place on a tiny moon named Aerius which, since one of Abaddon's crusades, is not the place it used to be. Regardless, of late, some ancient relic long lost and dormant has reawakened, sending word of it's presence throughtout the Empirium and on into the Warp. As a result representatives of every sort have beaten a path to this tiny mud ball to either seize or destroy this 'thing' provided, ofcourse, that they are the one to find it!
There are four members in our group, and yesterday the second 'heat' of the first Aerius day was played. Included below are the results:

Battle Report Day 1 (WH v DA)

A Recon mission was fought in the Noble Quarter
between the Angelus Crux and the Ordo Hereticus.

The WH had the choice of field position, but the DA
went first.

Dark Angels Turn 1:

Rhinos move towards the enemy lines, the Predator
Annihilator Invigilus lines up on the Exorcist tank
and manages to shake and immobilize it with deadly
lascannon fire. The Ravenwing landspeeder races up
the right flank of the field and ravages the Battle
Sister squad “Bearers of the Burden” killing 4 battle
sisters, including the sister superior. The Bearers
steel their resolve and remain in the fight.

Ordo Hereticus Turn 1:

Several units maneuver for field position. The
Celestian squad fires at the Angel’s Rhino, causing 2
glancing hits, but only shaking the crew. The bearers
of the Burden shoot at the landspeeder, but fail to
score any meaningful hits.

Dark Angels Turn 2:

Both Deep Striking units fail to arrive on the field.
Both units in the Rhinos disembark and take up
positions on the field. The landspeeder maneuvers to
get a clear shot at the WH Immolator. The Predator
fires again at the crippled Exorcist, this time
sending its crew to meet the Emperor. The landspeeder
draws a bead on the Immolator, and riddles it with
assault cannon fire, causing it to explode and send
molten shrapnel in all directions.

Ordo Hereticus Turn 2:

Reeling from early losses, the Sisters fire back. The
Bearers shoot the landspeeder, and shake the crew, but
fail to destroy it. The Celestines fire again at the
Rhino, but once again, the superior armor of the Dark
Angels proves resilient. No casualties inflicted.

DA Turn 3:

Still no reinforcements arrive. The Dark Angels
decide to hold their field position and lay down
several torrents of withering fire. The Predator
turns its lascannons towards the insane Repentias, and
only manages to vaporize one. A Rhino fires and slays
another Repentia. Squad Parnassus, takes vengeance
for its wounded landspeeder brothers and decimates the
Bearers of the Burden, leaving only 2 of the Bearers
alive to flee the field in terror. Unfortunately, the
Repentias fail their morale check and move 12” TOWARDS
squad Hephaestion (umm, WTF???).

WH Turn 3:

The Repentias move closer to the Angels Squad. The
Seraphim squad jetpack over a massive boulder and move
into assault range of the landspeeder. The Repentias
and their Mistress charge squad Hephaestion and a
fierce melee ensues. The Repentias kill three
marines, but their faith in their Chapter and Emperor
holds. The Seraphim assault and plant 4 melta bombs
on the immobilized landspeeder, turning it into a pile
of slag. The Seraphim then attempt to Hit and Run out
of range of the nearby squad Parnassus, but only
manage to move 7”.

DA Turn 4:

Captain Tanthius and his Terminator Command Squad
arrive on target in the midst of the Ordo Hereticus.
All of the units not in melee decide to remain
stationary in order to aim carefully. The Predator
changes targets to the Celestians, who are not in
close combat, and vaporizes 2 of the women. Squad
Parnassus unleashes a massive wave of fire at the
Seraphim, turning 4 into chunky hunks of meat.
Amazingly, the Seraphim hold with just 2 models
remaining. Company Master Tanthius and his Deathwing
squad fire at the Inquisitor and his retinue. After a
devastating wave of storm bolter and assault cannon
fire, only the wounded Inquisitor remains alive. The
Terminators earn the moniker “Paste-Makers.” In close
combat, the Mistress and Repentias kill 3 more of the
Emperor’s Finest, and Squad leader Hephaestion’s
powerfist slays 2 of the 3 Repentias his unit defeats.
Both units hold fast in bloody melee.

WH Turn 4:

While the Inquisitor knows the tide of battle has
shifted to the Dark Angels, he intends to sell his
Order’s lives dearly. The Seraphim move towards the
melee with the Repentias and Tactical Marines. Both
the Inquisitor Lord and the Celestians move towards
the Deathwing Terminators, and baptize them with
flamer, plasma and bolter fire. The Terminators shrug
off all but the Canoness’ plasma pistol. One of the
Deathwing falls. Close Combat between the Repentias
and the remains of squad Hephaestion continues to be
fierce and unforgiving. One more marine falls, but
Hephaestion slays the Mistress and the last Repentia.
Only the veteran and one other marine remain standing
amid the carnage.

DA Turn 5:

Finally, the allies of the Dark Angels arrive via
teleportation, but are 12” off target. The Grey
Knights take the field near the Seraphim. The
Deathwing moves towards the Celestians. Squad
Parnassus moves slowly towards the Ordo’s Deployment
zone. The Gray Knights and a Rhino manage to kill the
remaining Seraphim in a hail of storm bolter fire.
The Deathwing (aka Paste-Makers) fire at and manage to
kill three Celestians and then Assault them. In the
Assault, the Captain kills 1 Celestian and causes 2
wounds on the tough Canoness. The Celestians fight
back but are unable to pierce the terminator’s armor.
The rest of the Terminators kill all the remaining
Celestians. Only the Canoness remains standing.

WH Turn 5:

Bravely, the Inquisitor Lord moves forward to support
his sole remaining battle sister, the Canoness. The
Inquisitor Assaults the Deathwing in a futile attempt
to avenge his forces. Captain Tanthius dispatches the
Canoness with a swipe of his power sword. The
Inquisitor’s attacks fail to wound the mighty Captain.

DA Turn 6:

The Dark Angels continue to move towards the WH’s
deployment zone. Captain Tanthius scores two wonds on
Sartorious and incapacitates the Inquisitor Lord.

Total VPs:

Ordo Hereticus: 195
Dark Angels: 1426

Victorious Slaughter!

The Angelus Crux gain territory number 11, Noble’s