Well, thought I'd post a battle report just because the fight was a total bloodbath and pretty fun to play. I'm gonna cheat for this one as my buddy already made up a report so it's gonne be from the Emperor's Children PoV

The Swords of Damoclese (The Space Wolves successor)
1x (Antaeus) Venerable dread/flamer/assault cannon/extra armor drop pod
1x (Priam) Termie Wolf Lord and wolf guard bodyguard x4 and drop pod
1x (Theireseus) Rune priest and wolf guard bodyguard x9 and drop pod
1x (Ajax) dread/flamer/assault cannon/extra armor drop pod
3x 10x(Hector/Pollux/Castor) Grey Hunters squads w/ drop pods

The Masochist's Cavalry
2 x Leuitenents Slaanesh, steeds(Bike, melta), melta bombs, Drugs, allure, lightning claw pair, doom siren
6 x chosen Steeds. slannesh, tallons
4 x 6 Daemonettes
2 x 6 Noise havoct, 4 x BM 1 x DS, Infiltrate, Drugs
1 Dread, Para possessed, mutated, warp DS BM
6 x Bikes 2 melta, 1 pw, Drugs
(Note I'm using a third printing codex)

Power Point

First Turn: Huh? Marines?
Due to Escelation my two noise marine squads are standin watch...

Second Turn: Nearlly a short game.
The SOD get a decent reserve roll and bring in both dreads a Tactical squad andtheir Libarian. After some mad shooting I'm left with two blastmasters in the north, and a champion in the south. On my Reserves I get the Bikes, cav, Bike Lord and two Demonette Units. I throw the Bikes over to the large building in the south and summon the demons off my champion, with great scatters. I figure with that I can overwhelm what was there. To the north I sent the acv to combat the Librarian, the Dread for support and I figured I could snipe the Venerable with my Bike Lui. During shooting I killed one marine with the doomsiren on the champion in the south. The bikes shot at a drop pod and got nothing. The doom Siren in the north got nothing. My Buke lord managed to kill the Venerable in one shot. During the assault phase the Champion in the south overdosed on drugs and died, while the cavalry hit the libarian, and were killed, only reducing his squad to half strength, due to a psykik power that made them count as being in cover. The Demonetts heavily dammaged the Marines and killed the regular dread.

Third turn: Sometimes the good must die...
The rest of the marine army comes in. His commander kills my Dread, and Bolter fire takes out some daemonettes.
I get The remaining demons and cav lui out. I figure I lost the east and decided to keep assets in the center to claim or contest the board when the game ends, but for now I need to reduce his units so I sent the cav lui to reduce his lords strength, and the demonettes were to assist. The bikes assaulted the western tactical squad along with the demonettes, draining the marine strength, although losing a bike and two demons. The cav man took a wound from drugs but killed all four termies in the retinue, although he was killed to the Woolfie. The Demonettes killed four from the central squad and lost two.

Fourth Turn: The Noise marines finally Die!
The noise marines die, the Wolf lord kills the central demonettes, and the western tactical squad is wipped out. The marine player withdrew east to avoid my demonettes in the Spires.... Fortunatly that kept them alive.

Fifth Turn: Wasn't the Game over?
After a breif exchange it turns out that it's only turn 5 so we continue. I do what I can to destroy the Drop pods and secure the quarters.

Sixth Turn: You still have Scoring units?!
Suprisingly the Librarian still has a scoring unit, so I send the Demonettes in to contest the quarter, and claim the other two.

I thought the marines preformed pretty well, learned a few lessons in the process. Got a loss on this one though as I had no scoring units and it was a cleanse.