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    Space Marines vs. Chaos 1500 point Cityfight

    Greetings folks, time to tell you of my latest battle.

    1500 point Cityfight between my custom Space Marine Chapter and my friends Slaneeshi army. It was my first time playing Cityfight and I was pretty nervous, I also had not fought Chaos recently. I just knew that our Chaos guy changed from Black Legion to Slaneesh because he was tired of having my marines kick his ass in close combat all the time.

    Space Marines - Emerald Dragons (DIY)
    No Remorse, No Respite
    Take the Fight to the Enemy
    Eye to Eye

    HQ: Master of Sanctity w/bike, term. honors, artificer armor, admantium mantle, bolt pistol

    Overwatch 1 - Sgt. w/5 marines 1 w/plasma gun
    Overwatch 2 - Sgt. w/5 marines 1 w/plasma gun
    Storm 1 - Sgt. w/7 marines 1 w/flamer, term honors, powerfist, frag grenades, combat shield, close combat weapons + bolt pistols, Furious Charge
    Storm 2 - Sgt. w/7 marines 1 w/flamer, term honors, powerfist, frag grenades, combat shield, close combat weapons + bolt pistols, Furious Charge

    Fast Attack:
    Landspeeder Tornado
    Assault Squad - Sgt. w/9 marines 2 w/flamers, term honors, powerfist, Furious Charge

    Dreadnought - Extra Armor, Hvy. Flamer, Venerable

    Heavy Support:
    Devastor Squad - Sgt. w/7 marines 4 w/Missile Launchers

    Chaos Slaneesh (Emperor's Children) - This is approximate, I didn't see his list

    Lucious the Eternal + 5 or 6 bodyguards with Mark of Slaneesh

    Squad 1 - Champion + 5 Marines bp+ccw, Mark of Slaneesh
    Squad 2 - Champion + 5 Marines bp+ccw, Mark of Slaneesh

    Fast Attack:

    Squad 1 - Champion + 5 Possessed Rending Claws, Mark of Slaneesh
    6 Mounted Deamonettes

    Heavy Support:
    Defiler w/ Indirect
    Havoc Squad - Champion + 5 Marines 3 w/Blastmasters 2 w/some other sonic weapon, Mark of Slaneesh

    We rolled for mission and got Fire Sweep. Grab the buildings. We rolled for mission type and got Gamma. Okay, we setup the biggest building in the middle, a giant 4 story factory, and had slightly smaller ones on each corner. I got to choose which quadrant I was in and chose one where I could stick some of my guys in the second story of a ruin. Then we chose Stratems. I chose Ammo Dump and Booby Traps. He choose Booby Traps and Sewers. We rolled for nubmer of traps, he got... 6, I got... 6. How many sewer entrances... 6. This was going to be fun.

    I placed my Ammo Dump in the building in my deployment zone. My opponent then covered every builidng I could reach in a turn or two with bombs on the lower level. I replied in kind. The buildings were packed with bombs. Every single building had at least a bomb on the bottom floor and the building in my deployment zone was liberally festooned with bombs on every level. Then he dropped the sewer counters all over the place. One was more or less on his side of the board, 2 were on my left flank and 3 were on my right.

    For the most part his stuff was in reserve so I got to deploy most of my army with no opposition.

    He hid his Defiler behind the intact building in his deployment zone, and had his Havocs as far out as they could be.

    I had my Devastators in the second floor of the building in my deployment area. To their left I had one of my close combat tactical squads and of of the plasma gun squads. To the right I had my Chaplain, the Landspeeder, my Dreadnought, the other assault tactical squad, the other plasma gun squad, and my assault squad.

    I lost the roll for turn order so the traitors went first. Great.

    Chaos Turn 1:
    The Havocs move as far as they can along the delpoyment zone but still can't see much.

    Very little is in range and their shooting was mostly ineffective, I only lost one man from Storm 2. Then the Defiler let loose. Picked the middle of Overwatch 2, no matter where this scattered it was going to hurt. Rolls the dice, it scatters about 4 inches to the upper left... right on top of my Chaplain. Gets almost all the partials to hit. By some miracle he doesn't wound my chaplain, but kills two marines in Overwatch 2 and three from Storm 2. The squads make their leadership tests.

    Marines Turn 1:
    Overwatch 1 moves directly left, trying to reach the far left building. Storm 1 moves towards the central building. My Devastators stay put, the Chaplain turboboosts straight to where the Havocs had deployed. The Landspeeder zips right towards his table edge, angled out slightly to see the Havocs but still be hidden from the Defiler. The Assault Squad takes flight and comes down next to the central building. I move my Dread up to cover one of the sewers. Overwatch 2 I move to the right to cover a second sewer. Storm 2 moves up to reach the far right building on the Chaos side of the table.

    I fire my Devastators, my Dreadnought, and my Landspeeder at the Havocs. Dread is out of range, Devastators kill 2, and the Landspeeder gets one.

    Chaos Turn 2:
    His demon steeds show up and he brings them in off the Havocs. They scatter a little bit but that's fine. He moves the Havocs a bit more and can see most of my army just fine now.

    The Defiler fires at Storm 1 and scatters to 'nowhere in particular'. The Havocs fire into the Assault Squad. Apparently these guys can move and then fire heavy Blast weapons just fine. Three guys cause 25 hits on the Assault squad! I lose half the squad in one fell swoop! Thankfully they make their leadership test (barely).

    The demons then assault my Chaplain. They get several rends and several normal wounds. Everything bounces off the invulnerable 2+ save from my turboboost, and I kill one for their trouble. He loses the combat and fails the instability test by a mile. Apparently deciding the Chaplain wasn't playing fair, 3 more demons decide to go play elsewhere.

    Marines Turn 2:
    The Assault marines charge forward to get ready to rip the Havocs apart. The Landspeeder comes zipping around the get a side shot on the Defiler. Overwatch 1 gets to the far left building on my deployment edge but can't get in it. Storm 1 gets to the central building but can't enter either. Storm 2 advances towards the far right building on the Chaos side of the table. Overwatch 2 moves a bit and tries to spread out to lock down 2 sewer entrances. The Dreadnought advances so it'll be in range of the Havocs.

    The Dreadnought and Devastators open fire on the Havocs and when the shooting is over the Havocs are a fine red mist. The Landspeeder fires on the Defiler but accomplishes nothing.

    The Chaplain kills the last two demons, takes a rending wound in return, and moves towards the building in the Chaos deployment area.

    Chaos Turn 3:
    The Possessed arrive. They come up from the sewers to the left of my Devastators and move towards my Storm 1 squad.

    The Defiler fires and again scatters to 'no place useful'.

    Marines Turn 3:
    Overwatch 1 turns around and comes back as fast as it can to get into range of the Possessed. Storm 1 does the same. The Dread just parks itself on one of the sewer entrances and turns so that no one can get rear shots on it. The Landspeeder gets closer to the Defiler. Storm 2 takes the middle building as the other flank is busy. Overwatch 2 tries to get into range of the Possessed as well, but can't. Chaplain can't do anything against the Defiler so just stays out of sight.

    Overwatch 1, Storm 1, and the Devastators tear into the Possessed, but only 5 go down. The Landspeeder tries again to kill the Defiler and again doesn't even glance.

    Storm 1 charges into the fray against the Champion. The Champion get a rend, and is then buried under a tidal wave of angry Dragons. They get a 6" Massacre and use that to head back towards the left most building on my side of the board.

    Chaos Turn 4:
    Both Lucious and one of the troops squads arrive. Lucious arrives to the right of my Devastator squad, the troop squad comes up by the sewer entrace on his side of the board.

    Luscious and crew open fire on the Devastators, kills several and pin the rest. The Emperor's Children troop squad takes a few shots against my Chaplain but they just bounce off the bike or his Artificer armor. The Defiler fires again, scatters again, but manages to kill one marine from Storm 1.

    Marines Turn 4:
    Overwatch 1 moves into the building my Devastators are in, setting off a bomb which kills one marine. Overwatch 2 moves back towards the deployment line to catch Luscious in a crossfire. The Dread moves as fast as his legs will go directly towards Luscious. The Chaplain and Assault Squad move to attack the troop squad that just appeared from the sewer. Storm 1 captures the building on the left of my deployment side. Storm 2 captures the building on the right on the Chaos deployment side.

    The Landspeeder still can't dent the Defiler. The Dreadnought flames and fires into Lucious. Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2 both rapidfire into Lucious' as well. Several plasma hits and rends later, Lucious is all alone with 1 wound on him. The Chaplain and Assault squad fire bolters and bolt pistols into the Chaos troop squad and drop one traitor.

    I've faced Lucsious once in the past that it wasn't pretty. I really don't want to fight him again. Thankfully I won't have to, with a little luck my Dreadnought might *just* be able to reach him. What do you know he can! Lucious takes a hit of the good stuff, gets another attack and some more strength. Doesn't help though. Lucious gets 2 hits and can't break the armor. The Dread gets 2 hits, 2 wounds, and Lucious fails both invulnerable saves. *Squish*

    The Chaplain and the Assault squad make a mess of the Chaos troop squad, I lose another Assault marine to the Champion but the Sgt.'s powerfist takes care of the rest. With the Massacre! I move the Chaplain back into cover and move the assault squad into another building.

    Chaos Turn 5:
    The last troop squad appears, shows up just about in the middle of the board, moves towards the middle building to try and capture some to at least get a draw.

    Opens fire on Storm 2 and another warrior falls. However this is to much and they break and run. The defiler fires at Storm 1 again and gets a hit. Four more marines are dead and Storm 1 has 2 guys left.

    Marines Turn 5:
    The Chaos squad is to close so Storm 2 continues to fall back. I move the Assault squad towards the remaining Chaos troop squad, my chaplain won't reach so I leave him alone. I finally get the angle I want and move my Landspeeder behind the Defiler. Storm 1 takes cover in the ruins from any more incoming fire. Overwatch 1, Overwatch 2, and my Dread all converge on the last enemy troops.

    The Dread fires and gets 2 rends, nothing else. My missile launchers fire again, get to use the re-rolls from ammo dump, and kill the remaining 4. My Landspeeder fires again and the Defiler explodes!

    Victory to the Imperium!

    The biggest mistake I think I had was I kept my guys to clustered together. The damage I would have taken from the blast templates and ordance would have been much less if I'd remembered to spread out more! I just wasn't used to the terrain being to tightly placed so that made it harder but I still could have done a better job.

    The biggest thing my opponent did was he kept placing troops where I could concentrate fire from 2, 3, or even 4 units onto just one of his. In the end I think his sewer deployment was poor and his small squad size didn't help.

    Last edited by Escaflowne; March 13th, 2007 at 22:41.
    May your aim be true, and your targets plentiful.

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    Good win. Thats one reason I hate armies that start out with so much in reserve. Against an enemy who doesn't you get pounded by massed fire for the first few rounds as your boys trickle in. Seems a terrible downside to it all.

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