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    Daemonhunters vs Tanith 2000 pts tourney army test

    Just finished playing a game with my friend, i'm testing out a tourney tanith army (yea i know, but its fun and the tourney is allowing Gaunt's retinue)

    Mission: Search and Destroy

    Doctrine Upgrades
    LI=Light infantry
    HF=Hardened fighter

    Gaunt and his Retinue

    Inquistor MC Powersword, Inferno Pistol hammer of witches
    2 acolytes w/mancatchers
    2 crusaders
    2 chirugeons
    1 familiar

    2x Anti tank team missile launchers--LI, C, S

    1x Fire support Heavy bolters--LI,C,S


    Veterans 1
    Scout Master MKoll
    1 vet sgt
    9 vets w/3 meltas and 1 missile launcher HF,LI,C

    Veterans 2
    Vet sgt w/bolter
    9 vets w/3 plasmas 1 missile launcher HF,LI,C

    Platoon Command
    Jr. Officer w/las/cc
    2 flamers
    1 medic w/ las.p/cc
    1 vox w/ las.p/cc HF,C,LI

    Squad 1
    vet Sgt w/cc/las.p
    flamer HF,LI,C
    Commissar w/pwr fist, plasma pistol

    Squad 2
    Vox LI,C

    Plasma C,LI

    Armored Fist Squad
    Chimera w/Multilaser

    Heavy Support
    Vulture Gunship
    TL Lascannons
    6 Heavy Bombs
    Armored Cockpit

    Daemonhunters(more or less)

    6 termies
    Teleport Homer

    5 termies w/Justicar
    Teleport homer

    2x 8 grey knigts

    2 guard platoons
    w/3+ grenade launchers. 2 missile launchers, 5 heavy bolters, lascannon

    grey Knights Dreadnought

    Leman Russ w/lascannon, sponson hvy bolters

    As you can see, about 80% of my force infiltrates and his termeis deepstrike, and he actually still out numbers me, despite half his points being grey knights.

    Map: Half of it is city fight, the other his forest/open terrain, so its a mix of wide firelanes and close in terrain and splotches of jungles. He won the die roll and chose the city fight area as his deployment zone.

    Tanith Turn 1: I got first turn, I moved forward on just about all cept kept Vets 2 and the Inqusitor back to deal with the termies bound to deepstrike, the support teams were set up with wide open shots to the leman russ and a couple guard squads. all 6 missile launchers and the lascannon from the top of the chimera open fire on it to no avail. Vets 2 and the Jr officer and the squad with the commissar were the only ones able to see anyone within range. the PLatoon command and Squad 1 burn all but 4 guard with their flamers and flashlights. Vets 1 get an open shot with their meltas at the dreadnought at long rannge and score 2 pentrating hits, geting an armenent destroyed and an immobolised result with crew stunned, effectively turning the expensive as hell dreadnought into nothing more than an angry flamer turret. Squad 2 climbs up a building to overlook basically the battlefield and fires upon one of the inducted platoon commands and inflict 2 unsaved wounds, but a medic was their to save one of the poor bastards. Gaunt and his unit move behind the buildings and only the sniper Larkin has a visual to any enemy troops, a vet sgt in a guard squad. Being the badass sniper that he is (his rules are similar to the vindicare's, he choose the target, but his sniper is a normal AP 6. but if he rolls 5+ then it ignores all armor and cover saves and he re-rolls failed to wound) puts one between his eyes and forces the unit to duck for cover, pinned.

    Daemonhunters Turn 1: He advanced his grey knights forward in hopes of charging the guard units huddled in the ruins, while the inducted guard stand and let loose with their heavy weapons and the leman russ attempts to blow apart the chimera with its battle cannon. The battle cannon misses, and all those heavy bolters and frag grenades and missiles account for 11 casualties, all on regular squads. The grey knights have worse luck, firing at the platoon command and Vets 1 (with Mkoll which allows re-rolled coversaves) and score no casualties. The grey knights attempt a charge, they must move throught difficult terrain to reach the veterans in the buildings, they need a 6. They fall just short with a roll of a 5 and are caught in the middle of a courtyard. The other grey knights were more than 10" away.

    Tanith Turn 2: The roll for the arrival of the vulture fails as the plane is still inbound. The support teams and lascannons continue their bombardment of the leman russ without so much as scratching it, the heavy bolters have better luck and cause a guard unit to flee. Gaunt and his men move up to the building behind Squad 1 and Platoon Command, while squad 1 moves to engage the platoon command of the inducted guard, wiping them out with their flamer in a fiery inferno of burnt flesh, the commissar leaves the unit (he's an independent character) to take potshots at the grey knights. The platoon command moves in position to cover the squad and counter charge if charged by the approaching grey knights. Squad 2 from their high ground doll out another 2 wounds to the other inducted platoon command, 1 was saved by a medic. Vets 1 and the remnants obliterate the approaching grey knights with their meltas, missile launchers and plasmas, the poor grey knights had no chance caught in the open, they were slaughtered all but the Justicar... Larkin puts another in between the eyes of the Justicar, a perfect headshot.

    DaemonhuntersTurn 2: The smaller termie squad teleports a mere 6" behind the support teams, protected completely from fire from the chimera on the other side of the woods, they massacre one of the missile squads with storm bolters, leaving one survivor to run and spread the word. The guard and leman russ continue their fire, missing the chimera, but killing half of squad 2, they hold their ground, assured of their superior postion. The grey knights approach and send kill all but 3 men of squad 1, and the rest of the inducted guard in the ruins send the command platoon fleeing. The remaining grey knights charge Squad 1 and kill 2, sending a lone guardsman fleeing, unable to get to him or give pursuit.

    Tanith Turn 3: The Vulture is inbound and all can see it on the far horizon coming up behind the daemonhunters. Gaunt and his unit move into the ruins within demolition charge range of the grey knights, the Commissar prepares his plasma pistol and a charge with his power fist. Vet 1 and the Remnants move to complete the cross fire with their power armor piercing weapons. The Democharge vaporises 2 grey knights while Larkin takes out the Justicar. The meltas fire at the grey knights and kill 2 more, leaving the squad down to 2 grey knights. Gaunt and the Commissar charge. The remaining missile team attempts to avenge their loss brother and gives cover to the heavy bolter team as they make a run for the ruins with squad 2, the missile launcheres take aim at the terminators, all 3 missiles hits but the tactical dreadnought armored holds tough and doesn't even slow their advance. The lascannon tries yet another unsuccesful shot at the leman russ. Squad 2 fires and takes down another of the platoon command. Gaunt gets to the grey knights first, and striking at the same time due to frag grenades cut them down as they inflict 2 hits on the squad, which was miraculously stopped by the tanith's mere flak vests.

    Daemonhunters 3: THe grandmaster and his termies teleport right next to the waiting inquisitors and vets 2. They open fire and cut down 3 veterans, but do not do enough to turn them. The other squad of terminators cuts a swathe through the jungle as the advance onto the missile team, killing half. the team bravely attempts to stnad their ground, giving enough time to the heavy bolter teams to run. The inducted guard's onslaught is focused one squad 2 and Gaunt's command. Gaunt's command takes a couple hits but thanks to their superb medic remains at full strength, squad 2 wasn't so fortunate and was taken down to 1 sniper. With his friends gone and heavy fire cmoing through the windows, he needed a 4 on the leadership roll to fight on. He considered it, but in the end decided to live to fight another day and turns and runs with a ld roll of a 5. The termies charge the missile team and massacres them and continues out towards the chimera. The Vulture gunship comes in and surprises the leman rush and drops a couple of bombs on top ot it while shooting its vulnerable rear armor. Despite all on its side, the bombs miss as do the twin linked lascannons, and the vulture speeds off to make another attack run.

    Tanith Turn 4: the vulture needed to gain more altitude before its next run and won't be nmaking a return this turn. Gaunt and his men move to help the inquistor and the vets with the grandmaster and his terminators. The vets 1 and the remnants fire unto the guards while the heavy bolters move to take up squad 2's previous postiion. Vets 2 and the inquistors open fire on the termies and grandmasters. 6 plasma shots, 1 missile launcher, and 1 inferno pistol along with 4 laspistols 6 rapid firing lasguns and 1 bolter unleash upon the terminators. The plasma guns overheat and kill 2 of the bearers while the third makes up for it, slaying a terminator. The missile launcher misses at point blank range and the inferno pistol is stopped by the force shield on the terminator's armor. However, the mass of angry flashlights defied logic and slayed 2 more terminators. While larkin takes a carefully aim shot at the grand master and hits sneaks past the terminator armor to injure the grandmaster. The lascannon fails to scratch the leman russ again as the inquistor charges into the fron row of terminators, unable to get to the grandmaster. the two acolytes tie up on terminator with their mancatchers and the 2 crusaders and the inquistor along with the supporting attacks of the chirgeons and the familiar kill another 2 terminators as the terminators crush an acolyte and injured the inquistor, but the inquistor is still standing thanks to the remarkable skill of the chirugeons.

    Daemonhunters 4: The leman russ finally finds its mark and destroys the chimera, forcing its passengers out and killing 3 of them. The termies were waiting and cut down all but 2, who stood defiant only to be cut down mere seconds later by force weapons. The sustained fire of the the inducted guard cut down the final support team.

    Tanith 5: The Vulture gained enough altitude and began its approach from the daemonhunter flank. Gaunt and his men raced to the aid of the inquistor, larkin firing once again, this time failing to wound the grand master. The remnants fire at guard in the open but only kill one of them and the vets move deeper in to cover as not to draw a charge from the grey knight terminators just on the otherside of the woods. They turn their meltas onto the platoon command, slaying the medic at last and prepare a glorious charge. They come and after intense combat no one is slain and both consolidate. The inquisotors and his men slay the final gry knight termie as they cut down a crusader.

    Daemonhunters turn 5: The guard move surge forward in hope to get a firing lane, while others wipe out the remnants. 2 mroe squads countercharge the vets 1 and lend aid to their platoon command, being the deciding factor as the vets wipe out hte platoon command but suffer too many wounds from the chargin guard and retreat. The inquistor strikes down the grandmaster in two bold strokes of his master crafted power sword and the squad consolidates towards the approaching grey knights termies.

    Tanith Final turn: Gaunt and his men are too slow and miss the fight entirely, but the inquistor needed no help as they surge to shoot and charge to next squad of terminators. the vets 2 train their guns on the termies and with the combined arms of the two slay 2 termies to melta and flashlights. the vets 1 fail their leadership and continue their retreat. The vulture make its final attack run as the inquistor charges the termies and personally cuts 2 of the 3 termies down before they can react. The reamining termie crushes the acolyte and is surrounded by henchmen.

    Daemonhunters final turn: with no one in sight, the guard move forward knowing they are too late and the grey knights are all but destroyed. The vulture comes in and shoots at the leman to no avail. However the bombs it drops scatter and takes out a few running guardsmen. The final terminator cuts down the inquistor with one to many grevious wounds for the chirugeons to handle. the henchmen srround the termie and cut him down in the name of the inquistion as the battle draws to a close.

    Tanith Victory

    I think its a pretty good tourney list, i versused just about a bit of everything in this battle and came out on top, even when i got lazy at the end and lost a couple squads to stupid risks. The inquisitor really became a force of his own, although i may take off hammer of the witches and spend it on upgrades here and there throughout the army. maybe give the vet sgts in the vet squads a few protective powerweapons or something. but its nice to have something that can kill a psyker clear across the board, specially when it comes to eldar warlocks guiding wraithlords. their ld is only 8, so a better chance of frying their brains. I did get very lucky with the termies, he rolled terrible as every hit he inflicted was an instant kill. I really liked the inquistor lord and his retinue squad as i used to use saint celestine instead (i'm going for more fluff, and the the novels they escort the saint in 4 books, then again there were plenty tiems with an inquisitor there too). whereas i got lucky against the terminators, i had nonluck in taking out the leman russ. even with rerolling lascannon shots to its rear armor.

    either way, i had a lot of fun with this game, and this battle report was written from memory so their may be some msitakes in it.

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    Great job on the wind and love the fact that you are using all of the Ghosts. I have but one question though. where the termies teleporting multiple times because that is what it sounded like.

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    Question about Tanith. It sounds like he has a sniper rifle. IF he does it soulds like he was running around the field and shooting it. Sniper rifles are heavy weapons. Can not move and shot in the same turn.

    On the DH list the second terminator squads should be 5 terminators and Brother-Captain not Justicar.
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