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    Iron Warriors Vs. Space marines (pics and intro fluff)

    This is a battle I played with my roomate. He played his Space Marines While I played my Iron Warriors. I apologize my Iron warriors are still a work in progress and largely unpainted. Notably my two predators which I am converting into Chaos Predators, they are painted white. So sorry and here goes

    Dark Templars: (the execution of all things)
    - Master w/ terminator honors, thunder hammer, plasma pistol, iron halo

    - Codicier w/ veil of time, plasma pistol

    - Tactical squad(10) w/ x2 meltagun, terminator honors, lightning claw, rhino w/ hunter killer missile

    - Tactical squad(10) w/ x2 plasmagun, terminator honors, bionics

    - Scout squad(5) w/ shotguns

    - Scout squad(5) w/ bolters, missile launcher

    - Dreadnought w/ assault cannon, powerfist

    Fast Attack
    - Attack bike squad(3) w/ Hvy. bolters

    - Landspeeder tornado

    - Assault squad(50) x2 plasma pistol, terminator honors, plasma pistol

    Heavy Support
    - Vindicator

    Total: 1495

    My List

    Iron Warriors: (Irishoneall)
    HQ - Raban the Bitter
    Lord w/ Mark of chaos undivided, d. aura, d. visage, d. mutation, dark blade, bolt pistol

    Troops - Valin's squad IW squad 1
    Chaos marines(6) w/ mark-undivided, plasmagun, lascannon

    Fayde's Squad IW squad 2
    Chaos marines(6) w/ mark-undivided, plasmagun, lascannon

    Marcus's squad IW squad 3
    Chaos marines(10) w/ mark-undivided, aspiring champ. Power fist, meltagun, flamer, rhino w/ smoke launcher,extra armor

    Elite - Toran the Twisted and his Chosen
    Chosen(7) w/ 3 aspiring champions w/ x2 power fist, power weapon, rhino w/ smok launcher, extra armor

    Heavy support - Kale's squad
    Havocs(10) w/ mark-undivided, infiltrate, x4 plasma, aspiring champion, powerfist

    Pitar the Crazed
    Dreadnought w/ TL lascannon, Hvy. flamer

    Iron Wrath Predator 1
    Predator w/ autocannon, Hvy. bolter, extra armor

    The Destroyer Predator 2
    Predator w/ autocannon, Hvy. bolter, extra armor

    Total: 1490

    Objective: Gamma Level Take and Hold


    Daemon Prince Darius, also known as "the Beast of Fortis Binary", looked down at the world of Delan III from the bridge throne of his Repulsive Class Battleship "Pertruabo's Fist". The planetary defense platforms were burning and breaking apart in high orbit as the cruisers and Doomfire Bombers of his warfleet released salvo after salvo into their armoured hulls. Pertruabo's Fist rained chemical weapons from orbital bombs down on the surface below. Far beneath Darius's feet tens of thousands of humans were dieing a very painful and bloody death as their internal organs were liquefied buy the foul gases.

    the lackeys of the Corpse God deserve no better, Darius thought

    Darius felt the presence of another warp entity, it was the machine daemon that had melded with his ship, the warp spirit was happy at the distruction of the pitiful defense fleet. Darius knew the machine daemon would be in control of the torpedo bays that were taking part in the destruction, feeling every death filled salvo.

    Darius smiled, so easy to please he thought.

    With a mental thought Darius willed the machine daemon to control the circuts within his throne. The Throne on which Darius sat slowly turned from the view window to face his awaiting audience of warriors.

    Before him stood his champions, he surveyed each in turn.

    There was Ulan the Merciless, who took the head of Lord Millitant Commander Victor Kolb on the death feilds of Piscan IV. His power sword and chainsword slung over each shoulder. Closest to Ulan was Drax who was more machine than man, each limb had been replaced with bionics his two hounds of chaos sat at his feet ready to strike any who approached, except for Darius over course.

    The others stood in the shadows waiting in silence for their masters commands.

    They were all equally ambitious and would stop at nothing to reach power. Darius had always taken care to keep them at each others throat, so not one of them could consolidate power against him.

    He found the two he needed.

    "Raban, Toran stay the rest of you leave me"

    The two that stayed could not have been more different. Toran was silent and had his helmet under his one true arm. His right arm had been replaced buy a large power claw. It was said when his arm had gone to mutation Toran had cut if off himself and had the claw replace it.

    Raban on the other hand had welcomed the mutating effects of the warp, he no longer stood on human legs but legs of a beast of the warp and his right arm had become swollen and massive with inhuman muscle even for a space marine. Where Toran had an air of controlled death, Raban was always on the verge of open violence. Darius felt the presence of Khorne all around Raban.

    The two champions were bitter rivals, Toran stood higher than Raban but only slightly.

    "Raban you will go to the surface and take comand of our forces at this location" Darius willed the machine daemon to transmit the coordinates to Rabans mind.
    "Toran you are under Raban's command, you and your Chosen will form his bodyguard, do whatever he says,"

    Darius could feel pure hatred that Toran felt at the insult of being Raban's second, good

    "It seems the Astartes have lost one of their ships, the wreckage contains their recon data of our positions, they will want to secure this. Do not let them, now go, both of you"

    As the two left Darius turned back towards the view window of his battleship. Raban was the perfect beast to unleash on the Astartes, a mindless butcher.

    Darius remembered this planet. He had been to Delan III before, before Darius's assention to Daemonhood, in the days long past when he fought sided by side with Pertruabo as a man, Darius knew this planets secrets.

    Let Toran and Raban keep the Astartes occupied while he found his prize.....

    Turn 1:

    I won first turn. My Dreadnought fire frenzied killing 2 Havocs. IW squad 3 embarked in their rhino and move forward into cover. Predator 1 fired at the dreadnought causing no damage. IW squad 1 squad one hit the vindicator with a lascannon penetrating the armor, which resulted in immobilized and crew stunned. IW squad 2 shot the dreadnought causing no damage. Predator 2 killed two marines in DT squad 2. Havocs shot the rhino, destroying it and killing two marines in DT squad 1.

    The DT Dreadnought moved forward shooting and killing two marines in IW squad 1. The attack bike squad moved up the right flank along with the landspeeder. The attack bikes killed two Havocs. DT squad 2 moved forward with the Librarian. All other units either stayed in place or were unable to move or shoot.

    Turn 2:

    Predator 1 glanced the vindicator twice destroying both armaments. Predator 2 killed one marine in DT squad 2. IW squad 1 shot the dreadnought with a lascannon penetrating the armor and causing crew stunned. IW squad 2 Also shot at the dreadnought and missed. The rhino shot DT squad 2 killing one marine. The havocs destroyed one attack bike and wounding another but one havoc fried himself with his plasmagun. The IW dreadnought shot down the landspeeder.

    The Space marine Master moved forward joining DT squad 1. He shoots the IW rhino destroying its bolter and stunning the crew. DT scout squad 2 shoots the havocs with a frag missile killing one and the attack bikes fire on the havocs as well killing two. DT squad 2 rapid fires IW 3, entrenched in cover, killing two. DT scout squad 1 moves out of cover blasting IW squad 3 with shotguns, killing two. The attack bikes charge the Havocs. The aspiring champion kills one bike with power fist and the other falls back after losing combat.

    Turn 3:
    The havocs shoot and destroy the last attack bike. IW squad 1 and squad 2 shoot and miss the Dreadnought. Predator 2 destroys DT scout squad 1. IW squad 3 kills 4 marines in DT squad 2(Execution rolled 4 2's! :-X)

    The librarian suffers Perils from the Warp while trying to use Veil of Time but rolls a 1 to wound. DT scout squad 2 fires another frag missile at the Havocs killing one. DT squad two rapid fires at IW squad 3 killing one. The librarian fires his plasma pistol at IW 3 killing one as well. ST squad 1 moves forward shotting the IW dreadnought with meltaguns causing it to explode. The DT dreadnought fires at IW 3 killing one.

    Turn 4:

    IW squad 2 shoots the Dreadnought with a lascannon destroying its assault cannon. IW squad 3 shoots and kills two in DT squad 2. The havocs shoot and kill two scouts in DT scout squad two.

    DT squad 1 shoots IW squad 2 killing one. The Librarian shoots IW squad 3 killing 1. The Space Marine Master shoots one IW in IW squad two and charges in slaughtering three more with his thunder hammer. The librarian charges in IW squad 3 killing two. The lone Sgt. from DT squad charges IW squad 3 but kills none.

    Turn 5:

    The IW Lord and chosen squad disembark from rhino and moved towards Luthien and DT squad 1. The Havocs shoot DT scout squad 2 killing one. Predator 1 moves behind the DT dreadnought shooting and destroying its powerfist. Predator 2 shoots the DT squad 2 sgt. killing off the squad. IW squad 1 charges DT squad 1 led by Luthien killing one. IW squad 2 is finished off by Luthien.

    DT squad 1 and Luthien continue combat killing off the rest of IW squad 1.

    Turn 6: Dusk - Night Fighting rules take effect.

    The Havocs move towards Squad one, fire and kill three. Predator 2 shoots and wounds the Librarian. The IW Lord and chosen charge the Librarian, the librarian is cut down by the Lord while failing to causes any damage of his own. (The librarian had a force weapon, he scored one hit and all needed to do was roll a four plus to wound and if I failed my save my Lord would have been dead, however he rolled a three ;D)

    DT assault squad jumps out of cover shooting the chosen squad killing two. DT squad 1 and Master Luthien shoot the chosen killing two. They then charge the remaining chosen and the Lord. DT squad 1 is destroyed and Master Luthien kills all remaining chosen.

    Master Luthien and the Raban the Bitter stand face to face.

    Victory Points:
    Iron Warriors: 1039
    Dark Templars: 924


    Raban swiped the head off of the Space marine Librarian with his massive mutated arm. The body fell lifeless towards the ground. Raban howled in victory. Raban picked up the body of the dead Astartes Witch held it towards the sky lost in blood lust. Toran knew Raban was momentarily lost in the fury of Khorne, so he formed his men around Raban. I will not disobey the Master and protect this wretch, but his time will come, Toran thought.

    Suddenly through the smoke Toran could make out several forms of charging black figures out of the night as the twin suns of Dalen III began to fall. It was the Astartes commander and his few remaining whelps. I will get the glory of this kill Toran thought. Toran revved his power claw and formed his men for a charge when all of a sudden two of his men burst apart from plasma fire coming from the ruins on their right. "Ambush!!" They turned to see Assault Astartes to their right.

    "Iron Wrath and Destoyer, advance and destroy those fools" Toran transmitted to the two crew of the Predator battle tanks.

    Toran turned just in time to meet the Astartes charge. The Astartes Sergeant swung his lightning claw high which Toran ducked, Toran brought his power claw up and into the marines chest splitting the marines armour and piercing his two hearts. The dying marine grabbed Toran in a bear hug and stared him in the face "Chaos filth you come with me!!"

    Toran looked up to see the Space Marine Captain charging him with his thunder hammer. All of Toran's men were broken and dead on the ground.

    "Raban to me!!! Raban..." The Space Marine Captain's thunder hammer took Toran in the head crushing his skull into pieces and sending both traitor and loyalist dead bodies to the ground.

    Raban turned to face the lone space marine commander, they both stood surrounded by the copses of their former soldiers. Seeing the corpse of his rival ,Toran, made Raban smile. He would bring back the head of this Astartes upstart to his lord and reach new height's of his lords favor.......

    around the two figures the night lit up as orbital bombs continued to fall

    To be continued....

    Well all in all it was a very good and close battle

    I liked the army that I used and thought it had a decent amount of fire power, I do wish I had gotten the lord in allot sooner but I wanted him as a counter assault unit for those Assault marines. The real bane of my existants was not being able to completely destroy the Dreadnought or the vindicator. Yes they were immobilized and had lost all their weapons but that still only gave me half the victory points. I thought the Havoc squad really preformed great even taking two casualties right off because my dread fire frenzy. They manged to kill the attack bikes take scout 2 below half strength and Tac squad with the Space marine commander below half strength making it possible for my Chosen to finish them off on the last turn.

    It did suck losing all of the chosen on the last turn to the assault marines and the Capitan but they did keep the assault marines out of the fight until the last turn. The two predators worked okay but they are not really built to take on other power armour armies.

    Anyways good game, hope you enjoyed the fluff.

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