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Thread: battle report

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    battle report

    feel free to comment. New player, long time watcher.

    The armies were setup. Across the board facing my undead legion was the iron warriors. They brought 9 obliterators, set in to groups of 3, one in the left side , one in the middle and one in the right. To the left side of the board sat a basilisk behind cover, to the right a defiler, in the open. In the middle was 2 squads of heavy weapons chaos marines with missile launchers and laz cannons. Then there were 2 squads of troops, with missile launchers. Ohh.. to the left was a group of 3 bikes.

    Oh and two infiltrating uber chaos lords 18 inches from my lines.:w00t:

    Ok I had in the middle in cover 3 squads of heavy destroyers, two full and one with just 2. Then to the middle right I had a squad of 10 warriors, each 2 inches apart. Then 3 inches behind them another squad of warriors, 10 again with my lord attached, then a squad of 9 immortals behind them. Then to the left I had 10 scarabs with disrupter fields, and behind them 2 squads of 5 destroyers each. My phase out… 12

    Chaos went first.:cry:

    The pie plates killed about 4 warriors, 3 from the front squad and 1 form the middle squad. , obliterators and heavy weapons killed more from the both warrior squads. It frickken broke! Ran 8 inches to the rear. It was not yet down 50 percent. Then the 2 chaos lords were able to fricken assault! Move 6, fleet 3 , assault 12! One hit my scarabs, that’s ok, but the other hit the middle frickken squad with the lord.! The one vs the 10 scarab bases was in a tar pit. But the other one killed 2 more warriors, and ran my unit off the table, with the attached lord!!! :cry:Then it consolidated into a heavy destroyer squad. ,

    Ok lets see… my lord was dead.:x Most of one warrior squad was off the table, some of it was going to try a wwb. The other warrior squad was running, one of my heavy destroyers was locked in close combat, and I was down to 8 regular destroyers from 10.

    Ok my turn 1. ready?:w00t:

    My most of my guys made there wwb, fleeing warriors became a large group and made their moral roll. I destroyed the defiler, killed the earthshaker cannon, of and killed the squad of bikes.

    Turn 2.
    Chaos.. killes one of my heavy destroyer squads. A few of my immortals and a few of my destroyers by shooting.
    Then the assault lord kills the heavy destroyer squad he is locked with and consolidates into my immortals.

    My scarabs kill his other lord… go little bugs go!:yes:

    My 2 destroyer squads move close to the far left obliterators,. My plan was , if I get close, ill be able to hid my guys behind some cover, the front squad at least, the back squad can use the front squad for their wwb. So my one remaining heavy squad takes the middle of the board, my two reg destroyers are to the left, one about 6 inches from the 2 obliterators. 9 regular destroyers and 2 heavies can kill 2 obliterators right?

    The heavy fires, one misses .. one hits but the invulnerable save works.

    The regular destroyers fire. , obliterators make all there saves, but one,, takes one wound… chaos shouts “ Bring it!”

    My scarabs move 24 inches towards his middle obliterators.

    My warriors charge his lord, who is in contact with my immortals.

    I wound him twice, and he kills 4 warriors… I pass my moral checks.

    Next turn.. turn 3.

    His obliterators to the left destroy my first group of destroyers, firing melta guns and going hand to hand. Rest of the army kills the rest of my destroyers. My warriors kill his lord.

    He charges my scarabs with his middle obliterators.

    My turn 3. I move forward with my immortals and warriors. Immortals get range with one immortal to one obliterator. No effect.

    Turn 4. He fires his Laz cannons at my line, brings me below 12. I phase out at my turn..

    Game over..

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    Yeah, yeah. IW can be hard to handle. With the two infiltrating HQ's there was not much you could do to avoid a first round assault.

    But you didn't have to lose.

    I think your setup in and on itself was okay, but you should have included a second Lord to extend Resorb coverage. Perhaps a Destroyer Lord, for counter assault. Especially against IW you need all the Resorbs you can get. The D-fields on the scarabs where wasted. When you use scarabs for tank hunting, you waste their potential for tying up expensive units.
    I usually stretch out my scarabs in a single line right in front of my army. you can cover some 30" with a whole swarm, a great way of blocking assaults.

    Your biggest mistake was to attach the Lord to the warrior squad. If it was the 'standard' Lord with ResOrb and Vod, you don't ever attach it to a unit. If you hadn't done that, it would have been alive an kicking after the warriors were run down, and it could have teleportet the squad the Chaos HQ consolidated into out off cc. There's the Choas Flunkie, standing right before the guns of your entire Army. *ZAPP!*
    This would have saved you the Heavy destroyers and your immortals.
    With this firepower, the game would have been on even ground again.

    I detect one other mistake, ruleswise. None of your Warriors killed by the pie plates would have got his wbb. Why? Because when they were eglible to take it, there was no ResOrb nearby (the Lord was dead, remember?) Your phaseout would have happened a turn sooner.

    That's all I can think of at the moment. try to be more flexible and mobile when using your Necrons.
    Not in my game you won't!!

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    Battle reports belong in the Battle Report section.


    Thread moved.

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