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    Ultramarines vs ...Space Marines 1500Pnts (Yeah, I know it's boring, lol)

    Cleanse Mission (3rd Level, Omega I think) between me and a friend, Night Fight on turn six, infiltrate, and deep strike allowed, Escalation and Concealment (where infantry count as being in night fight until the move/shoot).

    Ultramarines: 1500 Pnts

    Epistolary Sychaeus: Master Crafted Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Fear of the Darkness, Might of Heroes, Purity Seals, Terminator Honours, Bionics, Iron Halo, Artificer Armour, Melta Bombs

    Inquisitor Lord Delanus: Master Crafted Thunder Hammer, Bolt Pistol, Holocaust, Hammer Hand, ArtificerArmour, Icon of The Just, Melta Bombs, Bionics, 2 Veterans with Meltaguns, Sage, Familiar

    Death Cult Assassin
    Death Cult Assassin
    6 Veterans: Lascannon, Plasma gun, Tank Hunters
    Venerable Dreadnought: Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer

    Tactical Squad Alpha (7): Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun
    Tactical Squad Beta (7): Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun
    Scout Squad (7): Missile Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Bolt Pistols & Close Combat Weapons

    Assault Marines (9): Flamer, Veteran Sergeant with Master Crafted Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Purity Seals without Jump Packs
    Rhino: Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour

    Whirlwind: Extra Armour, Vengeance Missile System

    Space Marines: 1500 Pnts

    Master of Sanctity Verus: Crozius, Rosarius, Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Melta Bombs

    Master of Sanctity Celsus: Crozius, Rosarius, Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs

    6 Terminators: 2 Assault Cannons, 1 Chainfist
    Dreadnought Alpha: Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour
    Dreadnought Beta: Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour

    Tactical Squad Gamma (6): Heavy Bolter
    Tactical Squad Delta (6): Heavy Bolter

    10 Assault Marines: Jump Packs, 2 Plasma Pistols, Veteran Sergeant with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol

    Predator Annihilator: Twin Linked Lascannon, Sponsoon Lascannons, Extra Armour
    Vindicator: Extra Armour

    Deployment: #=Ruins 0=Barrels (5+save, Size 1 Terrain) +=Hill
    *=Forest -=Empty Space

    The Ultramarines readied for the coming battle in silence, their main force, including Brother Librarian Sychaeus had not yet arrived, but the enemy were almost upon them, and there was little time left until they arrived.
    Inquisitor Delanus, followed by his retinue, had positioned themselves north of the main forest, with covering fire from the veterans in it, ready to take ground. Meanwhile the remaining marines dug in as best they could and waited.

    Deployment: Ultramarines: Inquisitor Delanus stationed himself just north of the southwest wood, the veterans deploying behind them, in the wood. Tactical Squad Alpha deployed in the small southern ruins, with Tactical Squad Beta as close to the central barrels as possible. The 2 Death Cult Assassins infiltrated west of the north west ruins, and the Scouts infiltrated into the large south eastern ruins. Everything else was in reserves. I won first turn but gave it to my opponent

    Deployment: Space Marines: Tactical Squad Alpha deployed south of the north east hill, and Tactical Squad Beta deployed west of the north east hill. Everything else started in reserve!

    The marines moved silently forward, taking their positions of either side of the hill. They couldn't see the enemy, but they knew they lay concealed somewhere up ahead. Nevertheless, their orders had been clear: take the ground and prepare for the heavy armour to arrive. This they would do, or die trying.

    Space Marine Turn 1:

    Tactical Squad Gamma moved south towards the ruins, as they wouldn't be able to see any of my men because of concealment. Tactical Squad Delta moved west and spread out for the same reason.
    There was no shooting.
    There was no combat.

    The enemy marines were moving cautiously forward, suddenly, out of the ruins a rocket flew out, impacting one of the soldiers in the chest. The anti-tank round blew him to pieces, showering his brethren with molten shards of ceramite.

    Ultramarine Turn 1:

    My Death Cult Assassins held their position, waiting for the enemy squads to deep strike down. My Inquisitor moved north to support them. The veterans held position in the wood, Tactical Squad Beta also didn't move as I didn't want them to lose their conceal, as I was more than 6'' from the barrels, and I would be horribly vulnerable if I was fired at in the open. Tactical Squad Alpha moved further into the southern central ruin and spread out, preparing to fire next turn. The Scouts held their ground.
    The only unit to shoot was the Scouts, blowing apart a single member of the enemies Tactical Squad Alpha.
    There was no assault.
    I was hoping that by leaving the eastern elements of my force concealed, but revealing the western parts, I could lure the enemy to move his reserves in to fire on my Scouts, where he'd be in range of much of my anti-tank weaponry, but be able to kill relatively little himself.

    Tactical Squad Gamma immediately, returned fire on the ruins where the enemy had shot from. They could see movement and flashes of blue carapace armour, but their shots were mainly blocked by the rubble the enemy was hiding in. Just then an armoured behemoth lumbered into the small wood next to them, and opened fire with its multi-barrelled cannon. Thousands of rounds hammered into the ruins, blowing massive chunks of masonry apart: shouts and muffled cries showed that it was not just masonry that was hit.

    Space Marine Turn 2

    One of his Dreadnoughts arrived from reserves, and moved into the small eastern wood, in front of the enemy Tactical Squad Gamma. Tactical Squad Gamma held its ground, and so did Tactical Squad Delta.
    In the shooting phase Tactical Squad Gamma failed to hurt the Scouts due to some nice cover saves, but the Dreadnought blew apart 2 with his assault cannon. Tactical Squad Delta scythed down the only target they could see, a familiar from my Inquisitor's retinue, with their heavy bolter.
    There was no assault.

    The enemy were beginning to return fire, and their reserves were arriving. Already a Dreadnought had arrived, and reconnaissance said more was on its way. However, as if in answer to this, a blue armoured Rhino arrived, and, behind it, the figure of an Ultramarine Dreadnought. With heightened resolve the Ultramarines opened fire on the enemy before them.

    Ultramarine Turn 2

    My Rhino arrived, carrying the Assault Squad and Librarian, along with my Dreadnought. The Rhino drove up and ended its movement between the woods and the smaller ruin, the Dreadnought moved towards the smaller ruins as well. My Inquisitor, his retinue, and both Death Cult Assassins, moved into the north west ruins. Everyone else held their ground.
    The Scouts destroyed the hull down Dreadnought with a missile shot, Tactical Squad Alpha missed the enemy Tactical Squad Gamma with its missile launcher, and the Veterans killed 1 marine from Tactical Squad Delta. The Rhino and Dreadnought used their smoke launchers.
    There was no assault.

    Roaring down from the sky, on great pillars of flame, landed Chaplain Celsus, his squad landing beside him in perfect unison. Next to him a startled, black clad figure froze, almost invisible among the ruins. But the Chaplain spotted the movement and raised his pistol; with a blinding flash of light a ball of white hot plasma washed over the assassin, his armour and skin sloughing off from his waist as he fell to the ground.

    Space Marine Turn 3

    His Vindicator arrived from his reserves, along with the Chaplain led Assault Squad. The Assault Squad dropped in just east of the north west ruins, and the Vindicator drove up behind the hill, making it hull down. Tactical Squads Gamma and Delta both held their ground and prepared to fire.
    The Chaplain took down the nearest Death Cult Assassin, but the other was more than 6'' away through the ruins, so couldn't be seen by the squad. Tactical Squad Gamma killed 1 Scout, and Tactical Squad Delta fired to no effect. The Vindicator was out of range.
    There was no assault this turn.

    The massive war machine trundled around the edge of the hill, the huge cannon attached to its hull pointing at the Ultramarines' position. Seeing the threat the Inquisitor spoke into his vox-link,
    “All teams, open fire on the Vindicator, threat level omega.”
    In answer an incandescent beam of light slammed into the hull of the Vindicator; great, internal explosions rocked the tank. Smoke poured from its hatches as it slewed to a halt.

    Ultramarine Turn 3

    My Whirlwind turned up and took up position behind the south east wood. The Rhino moved up cautiously towards the enemy Assault Squad and its passengers disembarked about 14'' inches away, the Inquisitor and the remaining Death Cult Assassin also moved towards the Assault Squad, but weren't in charge range this turn. Both Tactical Squads, the Veterans, and the Scouts didn't move. The Dreadnought advanced, keeping hull down behind the ruins.
    The Scouts continued their duel with Tactical Squad Gamma, killing 1 marine. Tactical Squad Alpha shook the hull down Vindicator, before the Veterans did better, killing it with their lascannon. Tactical Squad Beta fired on the Assault Squad killing none, the Inquisitor and his retinue did better, killing 2.
    There was no assault this turn.

    “Onwards victorious servants of The Emperor! Strike down His foes, give them the deaths they seek!” Shouted the Chaplain, as he took off from the ruined chapel. Seeing, to his right, the leader of the enemy, he flew towards him, crying,
    “The enemy lie before you, and your weapons are in your hands. By His glorious will you have been given this chance to prove your worth, do not fail in your task.”

    Space Marine Turn 4

    The last of his reserves arrived, a Predator Annihilator moved on at the very top right corner of the table, his second Dreadnought moved up past the still smoking wreck of his Vindicator onto the hill, and his Chaplain led Terminator Squad scattered heavily, landing in front of the hill, near Tactical Squad Gamma. Both Tactical Squads held their ground. The Chaplain led Assault Squad flew away from the Inquisitor toward my Librarian's Squad.
    The Assault Squad and Chaplain opened up into my Librarian's Squad, killing 3 with a hail of plasma. The Terminators and Tactical Squad Delta opened fire into Tactical Squad Beta, dropping 3. The Predator failed to damage my Dreadnought. Tactical Squad Gamma killed 2 Scouts, leaving just 2 left. All my units held.
    The first assault of the game occurred when his Assault Squad and Chaplain charged mine. Due to positioning my Librarian couldn't attack, but cast Might of Heroes on the Veteran Sergeant, who killed 2 assault marine, leaving 6. In return all but 1 Assault Marine died, and he and the Librarian failed his check, and was caught, so died from being Fearless due to the And They Shall Know No Fear.

    Scyhaeus was desperate. His bodyguard was dead, having been slain in seconds by the enemy. He was outnumbered many times over, and in front of him stood the enemy's warrior priest. Sychaeus struck a blow, but his staff was parried in a blinding flash of light. Sparks flew from their weapons, and force fields flickered around the two fighters, surrounding them in a halo of azure light. For the first time in his life Sychaeus felt that he had met his match.

    Ultramarine Turn 4

    My Inquisitorial troops moved to relieve Sychaeus who was currently in a bit of trouble. The Dreadnought moved around the southern central ruins to get line of sight on the Terminators. The remains of Tactical Squad Beta moved up to, ready to throw themselves into the combat involving my Librarian. Tactical Squad Alpha, the Veterans, the remaining Scouts, and the Whirlwind didn't move.
    The Scouts killed another marine from Tactical Squad Gamma, taking them to 3 models. Tactical Squad Alpha failed to hurt the enemy Dreadnought, and my own Dreadnought turned out to be 25'' away from the Terminators and out of range. The Veterans sniped a Terminator, but the Whirlwind who caused 4 wounds, couldn't damage them, and all the bolter fire aimed at them did nothing.
    In assault everyone just piled in. My Death Cult Assassin took a wound, my Librarian lost a wound due to Perils of the Warp, but wasn't wounded by the Chaplain who he managed to wound. I lost another marine from Tactical Squad Beta, and a warrior and a sage from my Inquisitor's retinue. In return I killed off all of the enemy Assault Squad, and the Chaplain died from being outnumbered and Fearless. I consolidated towards the barrels in the centre, using Tactical Squad Beta to screen my more valuable units from assault.

    Verus saw his Brother Chaplain Celsus brought down by the enemy. Cursing he ordered his Terminators to advance.
    “Kill them, kill them all!” Shouted Verus, unable to keep the fury from his voice. His squad fired on the nearest group of blue armoured soldiers, explosive shells blasting massive craters in the enemy: tearing the soldiers to shreds. But Verus was not satisfied, vengeance for Celsus' life wound not be complete until he had the enemy leader's head.

    Space Marine Turn 5

    The Terminators and Chaplain moved towards the troops who'd consolidated towards the centre, the Dreadnought moved up in support. Everything else didn't move.
    The Predator destroyed my Dreadnought with a trio of lascannon beams, and Tactical Squad Gamma finished of my Scouts. Tactical Squad Delta took out the last warrior from my Inquisitor's weapon, and the Dreadnought wounded the Inquisitor twice with his assault cannon. The Terminators destroyed Tactical Squad Beta, but Chaplain Verus, who'd detached from his squad, moved towards my Librarian.
    The Chaplain assaulted my Librarian, perhaps foolishly I decided to use Might of Heroes, not the force weapon's power, and put a single wound on the Chaplain, who took a wound of me as well. The Dreadnought charged into my Inquisitor, missed with his attacks, and got immobilised by the Inquisitor's Hammerhand psychic power.

    Once again Sychaeus found himself in single combat with an enemy commander. If anything this one was more dangerous than the first; vengeance granting him terrible strength and power. Sychaeus hastily parried away a blow aimed to remove his head, but could not press his advantage. The Chaplain's rosarius throwing up a shimmering field of pure energy, which even Sychaeus' blessed staff could not penetrate.
    Ultramarine Turn 5

    Tactical Squad Beta moved into the south east table quarter, to claim it. The Veterans and Whirlwind didn't move and everything else was dead or in combat, with one exception. My Rhino, overlooked by my opponent, tank shocked Tactical Squad Delta, who failed their leadership test and ran off the board! I love Rhinos.
    The Veterans opened up on the Terminators, killing 1 with a plasma burst, and the Whirlwind caused wounded all 3 from Tactical Squad Gamma, but none of them actually died.
    In combat the Dreadnought splatted my Inquisitor, but not before being destroyed by Hammerhand. In the main event however, no one seemed interesting in dying, as neither Sychaeus nor Verus could wound each other.

    Blows were exchanged faster than the eye could see: thrust blocked by counter-thrust. Sycheaus and the Chaplain were both at the point of exhaustion, but this did not stop the blurring speed of their movements. Sychaeus pushed his superhuman constitution to the level, battling Verus not just physically, but mentally as well. He finally broke through Verus' defences, bringing his staff up, smashing the Chaplain's rosarius in two, he hammered his staff into Verus' torso, and, with a burst of psychic force, slew the Chaplain where he stood. But not before a stray bolter shot, fired from the dying Chaplain flew past Sychaeus' head, clipping his skull. Sychaeus fell to the ground, unconscious.

    Space Marine Turn 6

    Night Fight has begun. The Predator moves to contest the south east table quarter, while Tactical Squad Beta holds the north east quarter. The Terminators move to take the north eastern table quarter.
    The only firing was the Terminators firing on my Rhino, but only stunned it.
    In combat I lost my last wound to the Chaplain:cry: , but caused a wound myself, and, one psychic test later the Chaplain was dead also .

    Night had well and truly fallen, and the enemy had disappeared into shadow, with only the occasional flashes of gun fire to show they were there at all. The veterans took stock of the situation. Out of everyone only Tactical Squad Alpha were still answering their vox-link, and no one knew what had happened to Sychaeus. When darkness had fallen he had still been battling the enemy Chaplain. He must be recovered.

    Not much happens this turn. No one moves.
    Tactical Squad Alpha take out a single enemy from Tactical Squad Gamma, taking them below half strength.
    No assault this turn.

    At the end of game I had my Veterans, Tactical Squad Alpha, the Whirlwind, and the Rhino. I also had 1 uncontested quarter.
    My opponent had his Terminators, his Predator, and Tactical Squad Gamma under half strength. He also had 1 uncontested quarter.

    A Draw (in his favour)

    Post Battle Thoughts

    I thought I did alright this game, although my opponent was unlucky with his reserves, as I managed to take his tanks out piecemeal early in the game. Later on his two Chaplain led squads and a Dreadnought just took down my assault elements in a battle of attrition: he more units to assault with than I did. It just reinforces to me that I need something to support my Librarian, as though he's good in combat (he killed 2 Chaplains and 4 Assault Marines) he's just one model. Another squad in a Rhino could be nice, and I plan to make my Inquisitor Lord an Inquisitor and join him to the Assault Squad (I'll drop the Assassins as they're quite cr@p). Also, the spare points could be used to get some more fire power as well: I'd like a Predator and Landspeeder.

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    You seemed to roll really lucky when shooting at his vehicles, they didn't do very much. He left his Assault squad pretty isolated, that cost him. I prolly would've advanced the Termies on foot from Turn 1 as you don't have alot of long range AP2 and he mighta been able to jump a unit. Pretty good battle, if you had more of a dedicated anti-tank vehicle/unit he prolly would've lost.
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