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    1000 pt SM vs Necrons

    Greetings all, this was my first real game of 40k, and therefore this is my first battle report, so bear with me...

    Codex SM vs Necrons

    He was the Necrons
    His force consisted of 30 warriors, 3 groups of 10.
    3 Wraiths.
    4 Destroyers
    1 Destroyer Lord, no other toys.

    I had 2 Tactical squads in drop pods, each with two either meltas or plasma guns (traits), vet sergeants with powerfists.
    I had a command squad which was the same makeup as my tactical squads, they just were just accompanied my Librarian in place of one marine, who was my HQ.
    Last thing I had was a Venerable Dreadnought with a Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor...he was pimped out.
    I took all four squads and put em in drop pods.

    Terrain was decent, nothing dangerous or blocking, just some gentle hills.

    He deployed most of his units near the center, his lord near the middle. Since I was in Drop Pods, I didnt deploy anything.

    We roll, he wins, I go first, which was a wise choice for him.

    First turn nothing happened, he didnt move and I cant get reserves.

    Second turn I roll all four, only the dread shows up. Gulp, I say. He rips loose at a group of warriors with the assault cannon. 4 hits, 3 wounds, 3 saves. Blast! Heavy Flamer! 5 hits, 5 wounds, 5 saves. Things do not look good for our hero. I forget to shoot with the drop pod (this will be a common phrase in this report)

    His turn, he opens up with everything on the Dread. He only lands two glancing hits. One shakes my crew, no big deal. The other he rolls a six. Vehicle Destroyed. But AHA! I shout, im venerable, I can make you reroll. He rolls a six again. Drat! Dread is gone.
    Then his wraiths assault the drop pod, destroy it no problem.

    Turn three begins. My command squad and one of the tac squads make it to the party. I drop the Pods all close to the other pod, creating some nice blocking terrain. Tac squad opens up on the Destroyers, rapid firing. Two destroyers go down, one of my plasma guys blows himself up.
    Command Squad fires at the wraiths, 4 wounds, 4 saves. Hrm.
    Librarian uses fear the darkness, one group of warriors starts to fall back.
    I forget to fire with my Drop Pods

    His turn, one destroyer gets back up. Some of his warriors can nick some of my tac squad, they fire, I save the wounds. Destroyers fire at the tac squad, kill 2.
    Some of his warriors come into range of my Command squad and open fire, take down a guy. His lord flies up, opens fire, kills another. Then the wraiths assault my command squad, making sure that my librarian is not within range to join the fight. He whiffs, I hit back, but he saves em all. Pile in, now the Librarian is in the melee.

    Turn four. Tac squad #2 shows up. Ive now built a square of drop pods with some good 'hits' and lucky scatter rolls. Tac squad #1 opens fire on the destroyers again, killing the rest. Remaining plasma guy blows himself up. Tac squad #2 opens fire on the approaching warriors, downing four. Plasma guy in squad #2 blows himself up. Destroyers off the board, no wbb.
    Librarian and company kill two wraiths, take no casualties, and the remaining wraith fails leadership, wins initiative, but will fail his regroup next turn and runs off the board. No wbb for the other two.
    I forget to shoot with my drop pods.

    His turn. Only one of the four warriors gets up. Wraith leaves on some amazing fall back rolls. Warrior group fires at command squad, kills all of them except the Librarian and the Sergeant. Lord fires at Tac #2, kills 1. Lord assaults Tac #2, we lose one, but Sergeant is able to wound the lord. The wounded warrior group assaults tac #2, getting them out of Tac #1s sight. They kill a guy or two.

    Turn Five. Tac #1 takes one shot at his last, untouched group of warriors that has been coming up, kill one. Librarian and Sergeant move up to the warriors close to them, fire pistols, drop one. Then they assault. They drop five, none of who get wbb. He still passes leadership.
    Tac #2 keeps fighting, focus everything on the lord. Lose more guys, but kill the Lord. Squad is now down to a Sergeant and a guy with a melta.
    I forget to shoot with my drop pods.

    His turn, the one warrior doesnt get up. The guys fighting the librarian are destroyed. The group of 7 warriors continues its assault of Tac #2. Marines make some great saves, and the powerfist destroys 2. Forces a leadership test, he fails, we win initiative, group is wiped out.

    Turn six begins, he has 9 warriors left, which is also his phase out number. Tac #1 advances into shooting range, Tac #2 gets up close, and the Librarian flanks. Tac #2 fires its melta, hit, kill, no save, no wbb. Phase out.

    Lawbringers win.

    Victory Point wise I controlled all the quarters, so that gave me some good points. I still had my HQ, but his squad was decimated down to the serg. Tac #2 only had two guys left. Tac #1 was ok, just lost its plasma guys. So I only had 1 scoring unit, and I think my HQ still counted as scoring. He got VP for allt he guys he killed, and he got 1/2 vp for every drop pod since they start play immobilized. He got full points for the one he killed.
    My sergs saved the day. They steadily whittled down the groups with the powerfists. And they saved like crazy, and actually killed the Lord. The Necrons leadership actually hurt them, because I think my opponent would have loved to fall back when he was stuck in with these small amounts of strong guys.

    My Dread felt useless, but im gonna keep him. Hes too kitted out to leave behind. And I think he COULD have been devastating. Im also going to look into more melta guns. The plasma guns definitely killed well for me, but not as well as the meltas, and they didnt BLOW UP. Every plasma guy killed himself.

    I also think it helped me to target the destroyers first, I hate those guys.

    At first I was going to say no res orb hurt, but he had about 50% res when his guys even had a chance. Only once did he have a bad roll, that was when he lost 3/4. I dont think he can whine though after 7 straight saves from the Dread and the double sixes.

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    Nice win, I thought you'd have an uphill battle with army list selection. For a first time player it's a very efficient army list.

    You were lucky in that your opponent seemed to spread out far too much and couldn't mutually support with his units.

    I know the Ven Dread was in a bit of trouble coming in by himself, you might have considered trying to target the Wraiths, they're pretty much as easy as Warriors to drop with AC/H.Flamers and you've a better chance of doing significant damage.

    HQ's can't claim table quarters.

    Every time you read this sig: a fairie dies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szfraniec View Post
    Victory Point wise I controlled all the quarters.....So I only had 1 scoring unit,
    How is this possible? If you only had one scoring unit, you should only be able to hold one table quarter.

    Quote Originally Posted by gingerninja View Post
    Dear god.... that is a bit scary.
    Quote Originally Posted by Karmoon View Post
    Not only does he have a mighty beard, but he also mentioned nakidity in his post.

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    Nice fight, ugly, lots of shooting and melee and a victory. What marines are for

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