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    Dark Eldar "Coven" vs. Dark Angels 1750

    1750 Dark Eldar “Coven” list vs. Dark Angels (long post, sorry)

    So I decided to play the store manager in a friendly game in which I wanted to try out a “Coven” style list. For those who don’t know what that is it’s a list that doesn’t use any Archons or Dracon as an HQ or any Wych Type units (like hellions, reaver jet bikes, wyches or warp beasts). Haemoculi are the only HQ you can take and the Grotesques become “troop” choices and the warriors become “Elite”. Although there is no real Coven army list that is sanctioned by GW, my list still qualifies as a Kabal which is legal.

    My list was:

    *Haemoculus, (haemy) scissor-hands, destructor, combat drugs, trophy racks
    8X Grotesques (grots)
    Raider, darklance, horrorfex
    *Haemoculus, (haemy) scissor-hands, destructor, combat drugs, trophy racks
    8X Grotesques (grots)
    Raider, darklance, horrorfex
    *Haemoculus, scissor-hands, destructor, combat drugs, web-way portal
    *Haemoculus, scissor-hands, destructor, combat drugs, web-way portal
    *Haemoculus, scissor-hands, destructor, combat drugs (starting in the portal)

    (Dark Eldar can take 3 haemoculi for each HQ slot)

    *10X Warrior Squad, 2 dark lances
    *10X Kroot carnivores, shaper w/eviscerator (master crafted)
    *2X Raider Squads 8 warriors, blaster, splinter cannon (1 starting in the portal)
    Sybarite, Agoniser, splinter pistol, plasma grenades, Xenospasm/terrorfex
    Raider, dark lance, horrorfex, slave snares
    *3X Talos (all starting in the portal)

    His Dark Angles list (please bear with me, I do not know Mon-keigh):

    *Company Master (I think)
    *Interrogator Chaplain
    *2 squads of 3 bikes – both had teleport homers, one had multi melta
    *5 Terminators, cannon, flamer, las or plas?
    *Rhino loaded with Tac Squad
    *2x Tack squads split up over the board – missle launchers and plasma guns
    *Predator, auto cannon with h. blolter sponsons
    *Whirlwind with incinerator ammunition
    *Devastator squad with missle launchers, h.bolter and plasma
    (I think that was it).

    We rolled “secure and control” with 4 loot counters and the level was “Alpha”.

    I placed the raider squad, kroot and haemy/grot squad on the left flank and the foot warriors and other haemy/grot squad on the right flank. So I had most on the left flank as the 2 loot counters were closer together and both defendable. I placed 1 Haemy with a wwp in each grot squad so I had 2 Haemoculi and 8 grotesques in each raider. Both grot squads were hidden behind cover but the lone raider squad was placed in the open which “freaked” him out and thought it was some sort of trap. Personally, I was praying for 1st turn.

    He placed a 3 man bike squad on each flank with the whirlwind, predator and rhino (w/interrogator) in the middle with a devastator squad and tac squad on my left (facing my strong side). He said he can split up his squad into smaller ones and pretty much scattered (more like littered) 4 man groups all in cover on my right side (my weak side). Terminators were starting off the board but I figured he would teleport them in on the first turn.

    His scouting move: He moved one bike squad right next to one loot counter in the open and the other bike squad moved to a loot counter on my strong side, this counter was only 10” away from my one of my grot squads.

    Turn 1

    I won first move and opted to do so. On my left side I advanced the raider squad forward and unloaded the raider squad – I was going to try to neutralize his devastator squad. Kroot could not infiltrate so they started in cover in my dz and moved forward. The grot squad on my left moved forward and deployed 1” from the bike squad, the 1 haemy with the wwp was separated at disembarking so the grots “screened” him. On the right side the grot squad also moved 12” forward and deployed into cover near a loot counter – again I separated the wwp Haemy from the group so the grots would screen him.

    My shooting was okay as I was able to “pop” the rhino with the interrogator with the 2 dark lances. The raider squad who targeted the devastator squad tried to pin them but failed twice and they saved against the rest of shooting. The 2 raiders that dropped off the grots both missed rolling “2’s”. The one grot squad that had a haemy 1” away from the bikes fired his destructor and killed one bike.

    In My assault phase I could only assault the one bike squad with the 8 grotesques and a haemy that lead them. The grotesques killed one biker but failed to kill the last one. He managed to put a wound on one of the grots so we ended up breaking even in combat.

    His movement phase was short. Terminators teleported in but were placed near the far left raider squad. He also moved a 4-man tac squad closer to the terminators just shy of the biker in cc with the grots. He moved his predator a couple inches in cover and the far right biker squad moved within 6” of my warrior squad with the Dark Lances.

    His shooting phase was very good. His terminator squad killed 6 of 8 of the Raider squad and the Devastator squad down their raider. Part of a tac squad killed the remaining 2 warriros. The Whirlwind scattered 5” away hitting nothing and the predator fired at the grot squad on my right but thanks to the grots special “feel no pain” rule he couldn’t score enough hits to hit the haemoculus leading them. He downed another empty raider and the bikes rapid fired the foot warrior squad and killed 2 of them.

    He assaulted the 3 bikers into the warriors and he lost one biker. I lost 4 warriors but lost the assault phase, lost leadership then rolled really bad for initiative - they were swept.

    The other assault with the lone biker survived my Haemoculus attack and he managed to kill the Haemy. The grots however did manage to kill him and they massacred 3” towards the Terminators.

    Turn 2

    Only the Raider squad in reserve was ready to enter the game but since none of the portals were dropped yet they had to stay in reserve until it opened. Not too much move otherwise as I now need to drop the portals so my reserves can come into play. So far, the plan to deploy the portal is going exactly to plan. I just need to drop the portal and let the 3 talos and raider squad to clear the areas around the loot counters. So I moved the right side grot/haemy squad forward as to get a good shot at the entangled interrogator but I rolled bad for difficult terrain and easily fell short of shooting distance. The kroot move closer and was trying to get into charging the terminator squad but there was a down raider in the way and I had to roll for difficult terrain and rolled badly – the terminators were blocked from line of sight. The grots without a Haemy to lead them needed a “5” on their leadership to move but were too stupid to do so – I wanted to move them towards the terminators but fell stupid, their only course of action was to charge the nearby 4-man squad.

    Shooting phase was also quiet for me, both haemys carrying the web way portal (WWP) didn’t move or shoot and deployed the portals as planned. I only had 1 lone transport with a darklance to shoot ended up stunning the predator on the glancing chart.

    Assault phase was short (not good for Dark Eldar) as only the Grots without a Haemy could only charge the 4-man tac squad. The grots were able to kill one marine but lost 1 grot in return (grots are 2 wound models but this one already had a wound) so we tied combat.

    His movement was just the terminators, a small tac squad on my far right to claim the far right loot counter and the interrogator chap with 3 tac marines to challenge the remaining grots and haemy. The terminators were climbing difficult terrain in order to get a good flamer shot on the kroot. He turbo boosted his remaining biker squad towards the center but he was traveling through my deployment zone.

    His shooting hurt as his terminator flamer toasted 7 kroot leaving 3 to be finished off by the rest. His devastator squad targeted the lone Haemy and insta-killed him with missles. There was an empty raider that had been floating around and for the life of him he couldn’t bring it down other than shaking it. He also wasted a couple rounds of firing on the right side grot/haemy squad but again his str.6 weapons kept missing and he couldn’t get enough bolter fire to get the “torrent of fire” rule to hit the hidden Haemy in the squad (I guess splitting your tac squads really didn’t help him much here) and he used just about all he squads on that (since there really wasn’t much to shoot at). The predator did kill two grots but the H.Bolters did nothing as they are not strong enough to kill the grots.

    So the now 3-man tac squad that was engaged with the remaining grots (with no haemy). He killed another 2 grots (four wounds) and the grots failed to do anything so I lost combat, failed the “4” leadership but I was able to remove the grots in base contact so they fled 6” away in which he decided not to pursue since he could catch them. He did want to consolidate into them as they were right on top of the portal and he hoped to block it. The interrogator chaplain moved in with 3 other marines and killed the haemy and 2 grots in close combat, the remaining 3 grots failed morale and fled a whopping 4” into cover – they were out of reach for the interrogator chaplain.

    Turn 3

    So the execution of deploying the portals went to plan – both were placed in aggressive positions but the squad on the table were losing and very little was left on the table that could kill anything. So now starts the pinnacle of my strategy as the portal units enter the game.

    So 2 talos and a raider squad were available to enter the game through the portal. One talos went between the terminators and the 2 man tac squad that just defeated the grots and the other talos came out of the right portal as to keep those loot counters free of marines. The raider squad ended up landing near the last one on the far left as to try pinning that devastator squad landing just left of the terminators. The right side talos was positioned for a charge to fight either the 3 man tac squad with interrogator champ or another squad of 5 moving close to the right side loot counters. Since the talos is an awesome marine killing machine I needed the talos to stay in combat or he would be shot to death by all the plasma and heavy bolters so I moved it close as to charge it into the larger 5 man squad. The right side lone haemy that just deployed the portal moved and fleeted as to charge the interrogator chap.

    Shooting phase was meager as the right side talos killed one marine and the other talos couldn’t wound anything. The raider squad killed one devastator and their raider managed to kill a terminator. I still had an empty raider and it still hasn’t hit anything (kept rolling “2”s” to hit). Lone haemy was too far to flame so he fleeted closer to the interrogator chap.

    Assault phase was interesting and somewhat productive. The Talos on the right charged the 5 man tac squad and killed them all easily. The massacre roll was 5 but the interrogator was 6” away. I should have moved it into cover but I was hoping to get to the chaplain. The other talos ended up charging the 2-man squad with the veteran sgt. and it too killed both marines easily. The talos massacred 1” and failed to reach the terminators. The lone haemy managed to charge the interrogator chap using 3 drugs (strike first, re-roll misses and extra attack) he managed 2 wounds that were easily saved by the marines. The interrogator struck back and killed the haemy – he massacred away from the nearby talos.

    His movement consisted of moving the terminators towards the deployed raider squad and away from the talos. He also moved the interrogator chap away from the right side talos but that was all that was done. The 2-man bike squad turbo’d again behind cover near the right center loot counter.

    The terminators wiped out the entire raider squad and the devastators took out their raider. With all the remaining fire power he concentrated on the Talos and managed the 3 wounds and killed it. The remaining fire power focused on this empty raider he couldn’t bring down – all he managed was another “shaken".

    Turn 4

    There was a lone Haemy and another talos waiting in reserves but only the Haemy was available to enter the game. I really needed that talos but it wasn’t ready yet. At this point I had only contested 1 loot counter on the left and he easily had control of the other two on the right – one loot counter was up for grabs.

    So feeling that the game would be lost with my current luck with the dice I started to get a little risky hoping to go for a draw so the lone drug-induced haemy came out of the left portal and lined up a destructor shot with the terminators - I was hoping to bring them down to half. The talos on the left also moved towards the terminators for a charge.

    The talos couldn’t wound terminators but the destructor on the haemy was able to cover 3 of the 4 terminators. All 3 were auto-hit (destructor fires acid and uses the flamer template) and all 3 wounded. I rolled the AP for each terminator and I rolled 3 “2’s” giving me 3 AP2 wounds – he rolled his 5+ inv. save and he failed them all.

    So now the Talos was out of charge range to the last terminator so only the lone Haemy was able to charge but he needed combat drugs to reach him. I took 12” charge, re-roll misses and extra attack and managed reach the terminator and give him 3 wounds. The terminator rolled a “1” on one of the wounds and the haemy now killed all 4 terminators.

    At this point the Dark Angels player had to work the GW store (he was the store manager) so he gave the army to a fellow GW employee to “finish me off”. Also, at this point we had forgotten to change the turn counter to “4” so I promptly did so (this was an accident that later proved to be an important incident).

    His movement was minimal as he only decided to shoot the crap out me. This was interesting as I figured he was going to do his moving in the 5th and 6th turn to claim the loot counters – I also think he forgot to move the bikes but there really wasn’t much on the table (one talos and one drug-crazed haemy). He shot at the talos but didn’t managed to wound at all.

    There were no assaults made.

    Turn 5 (all I had was 2 talos, a lone haemy and an empty raider that couldn’t hit the broad side of a landraider crusader)

    Now I did change the turn die to “5” but my opponent didn’t see it and I didn’t notice he didn’t see it (but I did mention the turn changed to “5”). The remaining talos became available and I decided to place him near the right center loot counter so the talos was sent to kill the interrogator chaplain. The other talos was moved behind cover as to preserve its wounds (and its scoring unit designation) but he was now out the 6” control of the far left loot counter. The lone haemy moved as to line up a shot at the devastator squad and the talos coming out of the right portal moved through cover and looked as if it could reach the interrogator chap. (who was hiding in the wreckage of the downed rhino).

    Shooting for me was really bad, nothing hit and the haemy’s destructor hit but failed to wound – the devastators were looking like they were invincible.

    Assault phase allowed the talos to charge the interrogator chaplain and I can’t remember if he had a powerfist or not but the Talos killed everyone in that squad and then massacred into another tac squad that was also a scoring unit. The Haemy charged the devastator squad and “whiffed” all his attacks and the devastator squad killed the Haemy easily – grrr! The far left Talos was just trying to stay alive and keep that counter.

    His movement was bizarre as he again didn’t move anyone near the counters except the biker squad. They did have a multi melta and moved them to fire on the talos as soon as it was done with close combat (he already written off the tac-squad that was now in CC with the talos.

    He finally managed to down the empty raider and I had positioned the raider so that if it crashed it would block the predator’s line of sight to the talos. The devastator squad tried firing at the lone talos on the far left sitting by itself but failed to lay a wound on it.

    In the assault phase the Talos got to strike first and killed 3 of the 5 marines, the remaining two somehow managed to hit and wound the talos taking it to 2 wounds out of 3. The marines lost combat and fled and I failed to catch them.

    Turn 6

    All that was left now was the 2 taloi and again I changed the turn die to “6” and thought nothing of it.

    Both taloi were right where I wanted them and they were alone in cover. Each was claiming a loot counter but the pesky biker squad contested the right center loot counter with my talos – they were too far away to charge so I left both talos alone. The left talos I did manage to move to ensure it was claiming the far left counter.

    Shooting sucked again and nothing was killed.

    Nothing in assault phase.

    In his turn he only moved the biker squad to get a multi-melta shot on the talos and at this point I realized that he didn’t know what the mission was. He only claimed one loot counter on the far right and the bikers were the only scoring unit near the counters to make a difference – everyone else was hiding in cover and trying to shoot the crap out of me (stupid mon-keigh).

    Just about everything missed the talos except for a bolter shot that managed to wound on a “6”. Of course I failed the 3+ save and now the talos was no longer a scoring unit – it only had one wound left.

    So now it’s the assault phase and the only thing left was the biker squad that had a charge on the talos – if he had ended the game here he would have won but…he then says, “I might as well charge the bikers into the talos (in cover) because next turn the talos is going to charge me.”

    Now I had tried to conceal my Dark Eldar grin and said stoically, “yes, you might as well charge it – who knows, you might get lucky enough to kill it.” So to my extreme delight he charges the bikes into the Talos and it immediately kills both without a sweat.

    Once that was done I put out my hand to shake on the well played game and I sheepishly said, “That was a fun game, I barely got a “draw” out of it – you really handed my butt to me on a platter”.
    He looked “shocked” and looked at the turn counter which I had been dutifully changed the last couple turns. He then asked what the mission was and I replied it was a “Secure and Control” mission at “Alpha” level and I pointed out the units on the board and the obvious loot counters. He admitted that he didn’t know the mission, the mission level or the turn. He said he thought for sure if there was victory points that he would have won but he thought I had another turn.
    I said, “Oh, I thought you knew…if those bikers hadn’t died then you would have won, they were claiming that loot counter where the talos was no longer a scoring unit…”.
    He grinned and said, “That was very “Dark Eldarish” of you to convince me to assault the bikers into that Talos – very nice. It’s my fault I didn’t know the mission or level but those bikers, man!”

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    12 (x1)

    things i learned after reading: Never Trust a Dark Eldar

    PD:very detailed by the way, like it 9/10

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    Yah, kinda sucky way of pulling a "draw" but I figured it was sort of in "character". On the other hand, I was playing at a disadvantage using a "Coven" list and figured I was just trying to have fun - it wasnt a serious game for position or prizes so no harm no foul.

    I have been adding map images slowly but surely. I have made only enough up to turn 2.

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    Against most normal opponents I would have definately reminded him about the turn and probably the scenario and mission level too, especially since he was stepping in mid game so that I wasn't stuck waiting for the Manager or looking for a whole new game. But seeing as it was a red shirt (whose sales tactics to little children are abhorent) I would have treated it like a tournament and just kept my mouth shut about the turn, objectives and game level. But outright lying about it is pretty poor. To quote Captain Hook, "Bad form Peter".

    IIRC Grotesques are fearless in CC. They should not have broken and run, or been swept. Also, how many models does a Talos count as? At one time I thought they only counted as 5 models but lately we've been playing it as the full 10 for an MC (since I can't find a page ref. for where I thought they counted as 5). At some points there it sounded like the Talos outnumbered him 3 or 4 to one and his unit under 1/2. I would have expected him to fail some leadership checks.

    I love these MS Paint kind of map for battle reports, it makes it so clear what is happening.
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