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    1000 pt SM vs SM

    After taking it on the chin from the Greater Good, the 4th Company of the Lawbringers were looking to vent their frustration. Luckily, another Chapter in the area was looking to participate in some live fire exercises...

    This was a few days ago, so bear with me on any vagueries...

    1000 pt SM vs SM, Take and Hold

    My army, the Lawbringers.
    Chaplain led Assault Squad, 10 troops, serg with powerfist.
    Dread with Assault Cannon and Missle Launcher.
    Predator Tank with Autocannon and side Heavy bolters.
    1 Tactical Squad, serg with powerfist, and a Heavy Bolter.
    1 Tac Squad, serg with pf, and a melta.

    His army.
    2 Landspeeders, one tornado and one Typhoon, same squadron.
    Three tac squads, 10 man, each with a Hvy Bolter.
    Commander with a Storm Bolter and a Lightning Claw.
    10 snipers.

    I deploy first. Already my mind is racing, im outnumbered, but he only has a few things capable of penetrating my tank's armor, the Dread is sitting pretty too. The rear was still susceptible to bolter fire, but only the missle launcher, assault cannon, and 5 heavy bolters on the board could penetrate its side armor. Only the missle could hit the front.
    I pretty much deployed in a line close to the center except for the assault squad, who started off in a forest on the side.

    I won turn, made him go first.

    1a. The only thing that moved was the Whirlwind for some better positioning, and his landspeeders swung around to shoot my assault squad.
    His Whirlwind tried to shoot the dread. It scattered away and did nothing.
    Snipers shoot at my assault squad, I save the wounds.
    His tac squads fired heavy bolters and killed a guy. The sadness came next, when his speeders killed 3 assault marines. Pass leadership, hes done.

    1b. Moved my tank for a better angle...with the terrain, I wouldnt be able to fire both bolters. Also angled my Dread for missle goodness.
    The Tac squad with the melta had no ranged guns, and I wanted a distraction, so they started up the middle. Assault marines blasted forth toward the speeders...my opponent thought i was crazy.
    Shooting. My Heavy bolter guy shot at a tac squad, killed one. The tank and dread opened fire and killed another one.
    My assault marines fired their pistols. The bolt pistols could only glance on a six, but i also had two plasma pistols. Both plasma pistols hit and glanced, destroying hte assault cannon and a heavy bolter. Got that cannon out of the way. No assault.

    2a. His speeders bug out back and toward the middle. One of his tac squads moves to get out of the tanks los. His command squad starts advancing toward the middle.
    He shoots the heavy bolter in the other group at my advancing tac squad, kills 2. His sniper shoots at that squad, kills another. Theyre down to six and havnt fired yet. His commander shoots at them as well, but misses.
    Whirlwind shoots at my advancing tac squad, scatters and hits nothing. Big scatter roll. I pass leadership. Next song.

    2b. Assault squad shoots over toward his command squad. The wounded tac squad tucks up behind the center house (object of the take and hold) to avoid the shooting, but one or two guys are poking out. The tank also moves, and has no los this turn. The Dread moves up, he can now see the speeders that flew behind, but misses with his one missle shot.
    Assault squad shoots command squad, kills one. One pistol Gets Hot, but I save.
    Heavy Bolter fires, kills one.
    The melta guy peeking out takes a shot and misses.
    Assault squad assaults, as is their wont. Closest model to closest model is my chaplain to his captain. Clash of the titans. We strike at the same time. I roll five to hit, rerolling misses, and still only hit 3 times. I wound once. Power weapon, so no saves. He rolls 3 to hit, hits three time, wounds three times, I only save one. I did not get the best of that. My assault marines finish off the captain, and he manages to kill a marine.

    3a. Both of his tac squads moves up toward the middle, nothing else moves.
    His whirlwind shoots, hits the dread, but scatters and only hits the side armor so he cant hurt it.
    His speeders fire their remaining weapons, hvy bolter and frag missle at my tac with the Hvy bolter. The frag missle completely covers two, four are partially covered. He hits all of em. Kills 4. I fail leadership, fall back 11 inches, off board. Hrm.
    His tac squad up front rapid fires the guys they can see, kill the poor melta guy.
    His snipers cant see anything.
    In assault, I kill 2, he kills the chaplain. Sadness abounds.

    3b. Now that both my tac squads have been whittled or killed, I feel a pang of worry. My only tac squad boys left are five strong facing about 15 or 16 marines about 10 inches away.
    My tank moves and gets line of sight on both of his groups. The Dread moves to get his assault cannon in range of the speeders. My tac squad leaves the safety of the house and sallies forth.
    My tac squad doesnt shoot...you know whats coming.
    The tank does, and kills 3.
    The Dread opens up and destroys both speeders.
    My 4 marines and serg charge in. 8 attacks, 3 hits, no wounds. I take a casualty back. Serg kills one. Anticlimatic.
    The assault marines kill 2.

    4a. He moves his tac squad up to get in base, get into the melee with the other group. He curses that his snipers still cant shoot anything.
    His whirlwind fires at the dread, scatters, hits front armor, needs a 7 to glance, no dice.
    Assault in the middle, all my guys whiff again, he kills 1, serg kills 2.
    My assault marines finish off the 2 theyre fighting. I consolidate toward the scouts.

    4b. Tank is just chillin waiting for the combat to end. Dread strolls down, he can now see the tank, but not the melee. Assault marines move to line up for scout bashing duty.
    Fire pistols, down a scout. He had some amazing 4+ saves this turn.
    Assault marines charge in, only kill one scout. 21 attacks, 1 death. Snarl.
    In the middle, he kills one, I kill none. Sweeping advance, he wins, serg dies too.

    5a. This is the turn I think he made his fatal mistake (aside from not bringing any tank busting). He moved his squads up, to try to line up a side shot with his heavy bolter. He cant see the side, so he knows he'll have to move next turn too. Well, he assaults. I guess its not a mistake. He needed to be close, but seemed to forget that I could just move away, and his guys were in scoring position. At that point, he had a mess of marines right next to the house, I only had the tank and the dread...itd have been close.
    Whirlwind shoots at tank, does no damage.
    His assault does nothing to the tank, he didnt have anything with a high enough str. And now hes in the dread's los.
    The scouts lose one guy, and therefore lose the assault. At this point I was pissed that the scouts and his guys in the middle were fighitng like ninjas in cc. But I caught a break. He failed leadership and fell back 11 inches, right off the board. Much rejoicing.

    5b. My tank backs up one inch. The dread walks closer. The Marines, elated by the scouts retreat, take off toward the middle. Tank and Dread open fire and just destroy the bigger tac squad, leaving one smaller one.

    6a. He now has a handful of marines with a tank to their south, a dreadnaught to the east, and 7 assault marines flying in from the North West. He moves north, out of dreads sight. He shoots at the assault marines, I lose one. His whirlwind fires at the assault marines, catches a few, but I make the saves. His turn ends.

    6b. Tank fires again, kills 1 or 2. Marines fire pistols, kill one. Two marines left. Assault, kill one. He fails leadership, I win initiatve, sweeping advance. Hes gone. Game ends.

    He has his whirlwind left on the far side of the board.

    I have my tank, my dread, and 6 Assault Marines, all in scoring position.

    I won big points wise, but in reality it was hard fought. It was like my guys were a bunch of kittens fighting transformers in close combat, numbers wise I should have slaughtered him handily.

    More than anything though was just his lack of tank busting...and that he sent the speeders (which had the best weapons to kill my armor) after the assault squad.

    His landspeeders did do well, considering the beating they took, they still killed 2 or 3 assault marines, 4 marines in the tac squad then then fell off the board, and threatened the dread. For their points, they were really his mvp aside from his kung fu marines.

    A good game, more lessons learned, plans to buy a whirlwind cancelled.

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    Good report lol about time SM place their rounds to some use and help the other races when what will happen sooner or later.
    Record with my Necrons
    W:2 D:0 L:0
    2st game: vs Chaos result: Win :p

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    hmm good..more whirlwinds for me...a very nice ocmbat report, it really seemed like your assualt marines just werent doing what they needed to, but they came through by the second rounds of combat.
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szfraniec View Post
    The rear was still susceptible to bolter fire, but only the missle launcher, assault cannon, and 5 heavy bolters on the board could penetrate its side armor. Only the missle could hit the front.
    I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but dreadnoughts have the same armor on their sides as they have on the front.

    I'm glad to hear of a tau victory prior to your report, glad to hear of your victory this time around.
    Whirlwinds? What to say. The biggest letdowns ever. They should have stats like they do in DOW.
    Turtles For the Turtle God!
    Shells For the Shell Throne!

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