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    First ever 2 battles. 750 points, daemonhunters

    So yes, here are the battle reports from the first EVER games I played, with my brand new 750 point Daemonhunter list!

    Okay, so I went to the shop that sells WH in a nearby city. In the basement they are just starting a WH40k campaign. Rules: Everyone starts with the max. allowance of 1HQ, 1Elites, 2Troops, 1FastAttack & 1HeavySupport. If you win, both players roll on a table to see if which new cards are "earned" by fighting the battle. The cards have a 50/50 chance of being either another FOC choice, of a special skill (check pages 246-248 of the BBB!) Having found many nice people there, I just had my first 2 games!

    My list:
    HQ: BrotherCaptain
    Troops: 2 units of 10 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. Each unit carries a meltagun and a plasmagun. both units have chimera transports.
    Fast Attack: 10 Grey Knights
    -750 points

    FIRST BATTLE vs Space Marines
    His list had some sort of frenzy hero, which could re-roll all his misses and 'failed-to-wounds'. It had 2 lightning claws and a jump pack.
    He had 3 bikes with lots of heavy bolters on them, and 2 units of space marines which carried plasma and lasguns. he also had a predator tank.

    My first ever battle, and I'll tell you i got massacred. 750 victory ponits for him, 0 for me. ALL of my stormtroopers got charged by his HQ in his 2nd turn, and all died. His HQ remained unhurt. his many many weapons proceeded to kill both of my lightly armored chimeras (he quickly got side shots at my armor 10 ) and when both my HQ and FA deepstriked in, they shot 2 of his space marines. then in his following turn, he shot ALL of them in ONE shooting phase.
    After the battle, he got an extra elite unit and I got the "grizzled Veterans" skill which I gave to my grey knights.

    SECOND BATTLE vs Orks!
    He had some boss ork, LOTS of normal orks, who caried lots of rockets, he also had 3 killer cans and a lightly armored vehicle carrying 10 orks. it was fast and had armor 10.

    Again all my grey knights deep strike. FOR SOME REASON I MAKE A SUPID MISTAKE HERE. I deploy both chimeras carrying stormtroopers to the left, and think "yeah lets run to the right and make half his army useless" however they could only move 12 inches and ran 12 inches tot he middle right in plain view of his entire army. with the flank to it. So in his turn he shot like 9 rockets at them and he stopped both of them, immobilizing one and stunning the other, half my stormtroopers died the rest jumped out.
    His army moved forward and the other half of my army teleported in, right in the middle of the board. my normal knights scattered to my side while my BC scattered 2 inches away from his 3 killer cans he got charged and killed by their power weapons. My grey knights shot away one of his units and my stormtroopers jumped in front of my grey knights to protect them from his killer cans, they also shot with their meltas and plasmas and destroyed 1 out of 3. later they got charged, all got killed. my grey knights got charged by the orks in the vehicle, they killed all of them nonetheless and then shot the vehicle to pieces. Then they shot some more before being charged by almost his entire army itself. they compeltely DESTROYED all the 2 killer cans with their S6 weapons! yay! but then they got shot to pieces by sthe stuff that now could shoot them since they were out of combat again. Solid Victory for my opponent, I earned an extra troop choice and he earned "Tank Hunters".

    All in all a fun night allthough my chimeras were quite useless, always getting killed! Also I shoud have charged forward with both my chimeras but I was afraid for his 2 rocket launchers, but by running away I just allowed NINE rocket launchers to shoot at my flanks. Since both chimeras had flamers, this stupid move might have costed me the game. Oh well, it was fun anyway!

    Thanks for reading and place reply if you want

    A Tau Ethereal was thought to have been killed today by a Bloodthirster. However, many Tau were seen fleeing the scene and are considered suspects.

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    I am glad you had a good time playing your first two games. If you are not on the DH list please come over and we can help you with your army.
    Why use science and education when ignorance and superstition will work just as well.

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    You should check out the DH pages think it would help you a lot. But one thing I have noticed in playing is that deepstriking my PAGK takes away from turns of shooting and unless you are in really big games on 2+ tables as the battle field you wont really get anywhere you couldnt have walked too. I dont use stormtroopers but it might be better to do one squad with 2 meltaguns and one with 2 plasma guns instead of mixing them up.
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