Ok it was a cold but sunny morning. (don't know how else to set the scene lol)

Anyway, my friend and i both thought since it is the holidays it was about time we both played our first game of warhammer 40K, so we got our armies together [650pt game since that is all he has] and got an adudicator/ rules guy and off we went.

My army list went like this:
  • Warboss - choppa & sugga
  • 9 x Trukkboyz with basic unupgraded trukk [accompanied by warboss]
  • 10 x sluggas with burna
  • 10 x sluggas with burna
  • 4 x warbikes
  • Leman russ battletank with heavy bolter
His army was something like this:
  • Warboss [indipendant] LoL
  • 12 x shoota boyz, plus big shoota, plus Nob with more dakka and kustom job shoota, plus rokkit
  • 12 x slugga boys
  • dreadnaught with 2 flamers
  • 5 x stormboyz
Ok, so this is how it went.

we played the game on a 4x4 board with 8 buildings, small to large
the objective was to clame as many table quarters as possible or kill the oppositions army.

he deployed in one corner (<) and i in the opposite (>)
*< *

* >*

Turn 1:
He goes first and moves his warboss stupidly into the direct path of my russ without noticing, he then moves his slugga boy mob who were hiding behind a building out into the open but out of LoS of any of my units. he keeps his shoota boy mob still [in the one building in his deployment quarter] and his dreadnought is moved from next to the builiding to a hiding spot behind another building, scared that my russ will pop it. he then moved his stormboyz into the building in the very middle of the board, passing all dangerous terrain rolls.
His shooting this phase was non existent as well as his assault and combat.

I moved my truck to the far left as far as i could and could not then disembark my troops, although they were safe behind the building for now. I moved my bikes into a large open space just north of my deployment so the had LoS but not the distance to shoot his sluggas. I moved my first mob of sluggas straight towards the building with the stormboys in and the other took a building, just left of my deployment.
My shooting was AWSOME!
my ordance blast on his warboss from my russ was a direct hit, killing him and two shootas and my sluggas shot 2 stormboyz dead
that was then the end of my turn one.

End of turn he is winning 2 flags to my 1

Turn 2:
he is still strugling with the loss of his boss and 2 stormboyz and in his daze does something stupid again and moves his 3 remaining stormboys into chraging range and line of my 10 mn slugga mob.
He moves his dread so that it can do some damage to my warboss and trukk, but was still a good 10 inches away from them.
he moves his shottas from the builiding to just in front and stpidly his sluggas closer to my bikers so that he could get a 5+ cover save behind a barrier (he could have moved them towards an objective instead)
his shooting phase does nothing and he goes ino assualt.
he moves his 3 stormboys into my sluggas and due to my lucky rolls 2 of them get wasted, while 1 slugga of mine gets hit but didnt die. hehe.
his stormboy then flees 4 inches, ready to be wasted nxt turn by my flamer.

in my turn two i moved my sluggas into the building his stormboyz formerly held flamed his remainign stormboy.
i disembarked my trukkboys into a building
then since my leman russ couldnt move that turn, i just took a shot at his now out of cover dread. I rolled a hit for the second time in the game! unluckily then the result only turned into a lost weapon, but that was one flamer down, one to go.
I then used my bikes to shoot his now easily viewable slugga boys mushing 5.

He again was extremely devistated, but he is a really nice guy and just laughed about it.

Turn 3:

he was unable to move his dread this turn, so it did nothing, he moved his shootas close enoguh to shoot my sluggas in the middle of the board and moved his remaining sluggas towards this building as well (although they could not get LoS).
his shootas including his Nob, rokkit and big shoota only manage to kill one slugga in a pitiful attempt at rolling.

as he was unable to do anything else, he just sits and watch his chances of winning fade away.

this turn i started off by moving my trukkboys further into the building.
I then move my bikes so that i can shoot the remains of his not 7 man strong sluggas.

My russ started off the shooting, pulling off my third Hit result of the game on his dread, although it too only resulted in a lost weapon (the other flamer).
My bikes mauled his sluggas killing another 5.
and my sluggas in the centre building take some shots at his shootas but kill none with some bad rolls.
next the assualt happened my bikes then assaulted the remaining sluggas siting next to the centre building killing both extremely easily.

After these three turns the score was 3 buildings to me and 1 to him
and he had killed one of mine, while more then half of his entire army was gone.

we decided from there, that due to us both needing to leave for work ( that the match was clearly over and he forfited.

So after that it was an AWSOME game!! i massacred him, i am extremely happy! and he definatly had a fun game as well, because since it was a first time each, it was a very funny game with alot of dice rolls!

Ending comments:
I actually have a new found respect for looted tanks and bikers. both have been shunned by alot of people (especially bikes) but i found them to be the game winners!

i was disapointed in my chioce to send my boss with the sluggas into a building, this did turn out to be a bad moves, as well as my second mob of sluggas really being only a building graber.

loved the tank and my lucky rolls, it kept that dread in check and the warboss at the start was Hilarious!!:w00t:

All in all a great game and my record is 1/0/0 w00t w00t!