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    2000pts Tiberius's Assault.

    Tiberius scanned the battleground. Shrubs, spores... cursed ground. The Word bearers had been in the vicinity.
    The battle worn Tiberius was a admiring his battle brother's courage as they stood poised ready for any eventuality, He had hand picked them before they left the Fleet in Orbit above. They were the fiercest Templars the Galaxy had ever seen. He was proud to lead such an army.

    Before he could return to scanning the battleground Tiberius heard the ever so familiar sound of.... "a defiler"

    The Word Bearers had mounted an assault before the Templars could initiate any kind of devised plan. The rattling sound of battle cannon fire rang clear in the air... Tiberius was sure the shot had made a direct hit on one of his fellow battle brothers transports.
    "<Status Report> ... Recieving Heavy Fire - Shot Fired: Battle Cannon From Defiler - No Damage Taken <End>"

    Tiberius lead his men with one bellow in the comms "ADVANCE". At this point four Rhino's rode forward. However like a Cheetah to close down upon his prey, first you must stalk it and get just into range... All the Rhinos Rode into cover allowing them to keep there smoke launcher's intact for the assault.

    Venerable Dreadnaught Reginald and Brother Dreadnaught Jehiovan took to defending the Sword Bretherin's Rear as there Driver had swayed to far to left in order to reach some kind of cover but also leaving them exposed to all kinds of heavy weapon fire.

    The Initiates in Purity Could clearly see the defiler through there cover but were unsure what to do.. calling upon Tiberius they asked thus:
    <Comms Inc> Tiberius, Sir. We have the foul creature in sight, Permission to use HKM! ....
    <Tiberius> Permission Granted Initiate, May the Emperor Guide it!

    Before Tiberius could even Finish his sentence the Missile had been fired.. through the air is whistled like a Banshee. Some even say that they could hear the words Sigismund uttered on Terra As it hurtled towards the Hideous Demon, and with one large explosion it was gone.

    From the mists of battle, A unholy Marine had completed his rituals. A Pentagram appeared on the floor, A sacrifice was made. And a Host of unholy Bloodletters Appeared. The Word Bearers seemed quite pleased with themselves.. but then they realised the seriousness of there predicament. The Bloodletters had managed to be summoned, but a long way from the original summon point. They were out in the open, they were as good as dead..
    <Comms Inc> Reginald, Jehiovan a host has appeared, you no what to do.
    <Reginald> In the name of the Emperor we shall purge the Unclean.

    The charging of a lascannon battery that was faint but 10minutes ago had become very clear and suddenly a unconcerning flash shot by Righteousness barely making a scratch on the paint work outside.
    All was quite... all was too easy.

    Tiberius launched his Assault whilst he could. It was time for the Cheetah to close in and make the leap on the unsuspecting prey. The four large Rhino Transports Rode forward through the cover of the broken ruins and appeared meters away from the Word Bearers Front Line. All Broadsided and The Battle hardened Righteous Zeal engulfed Holy Fanatic Templars disembarked. Tiberius and his Command Squad fueled the centre. bordered by two, eight man initiate squads. As a Pre-caution Tiberius bellowed to the pilot's "Smoke Launcher's! NOW!" Quickly the marines were covered on all sides, able to launch a massive bolter assault. Tiberius's battle brethrin and loyal command squad launched a hail of two rapid firing plasma weapons into the squad in front. Both Marines being veterans of there time aimed precisly, looking for those weak marines, ones without any kind of dodge skill. ironically they only smited one of there number. The two initate squads each firing there plasma at the same target also only managed one death.
    <Comms inc> Tiberius, sir. Plasma has been ineffective! Initiate Bolt pistol fire?
    <Tiberius> Is that a retorical question young one?

    Under a maelstrom of heavy bolt pistol fire another five tainted marine's were dropped.

    At this time the Sword Brethrin in Spiritual Attunement rode up to the now confused Bloodletters flanked by Reginald and Jehiovan and dis-embarked. Both Past Marines Fired up there mighty assault cannons with the emperor in there thoughts. Lashing from side to side across the battle weary demons. Killing 4 of there number.
    <Comms Inc> <Tiberius> All is well on the Frontal Assualt! will you be joining us soon Champion?
    <EC Raimer> Yes, These Demons will be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

    Each marine lifted there arms with holy precisioin, each show rang true, within seconds a new hail of heavy arms fire was upon the remaining bloodletters, they were slain with ease.

    With the news of the bloodletters defeat and the security of there rear flank. Tiberius was ready to launch a frontal assault into the writhing deamonic traitor marines ahead.
    Each marine could sense the Chaplins anticipation, they were all ready. anticipation filling there bodies, the lust of battle filling there minds, ready.
    "CHARGE" . . .

    Have you ever seen a herd of bull's stampeding? Have you ever seen a pack of lions hunt it's prey? The templar's charge were both more powerful than a Bull's and more precise than a lion hunting its prey. Striking deep into the ranks of Traitors ahead. destroying each foul marine down with a swing of deadly power weapon and crushing blow of righteous hammer.

    Tiberius let out his bellowing battle cry and the Zeal of the surrounding marines was largely raised. Each looking directly around for the nearest cover.
    <Tiberius> Consoladate to points Alpha and Tango. Try to minimize loses.
    <Squad Righteousness> We have lost Brother Artemis and Brother Belial within the combat. Both were attacked by some kind of unholy weapon one of the marines was weilding.

    Suddenly before any of the marines could reach the cover of the buildings. The lascannons that had been threatening them so starting charging up again. The Flash this time was not off target.
    <Squad Purity> Recieving Heavy fire. Four fellow Battle Brethrin have been Slain. We MUST SLAY THEM!
    Tiberius saw what had happened and bellowed to the men to hold there ground, but the Marines took no head and ran straight before the marines occupying the building in front.

    This is where they realised what was truly happening...

    <Comms Inc> Tiberius Sir, the Word Bearers are attempting to summon more demons, There seems to be some kind of Leader with them. A Dark...
    <Tiberius> Apostle, finally a worthy challenge.

    Tiberius noticed a strange pulsing in the ground near by. A horde of flies began to assemble as a wave of pestilance began to taint the ground.
    The Demons that appeared were by no means anything that Tiberius had seen before. But Raimer had seen them before. He and the Sword Brethrin were waiting for further instructions when he saw the foul plaguebearers appearing.

    <Raimer> Be weary the Plaguebearers are appearing close to your left flank.

    As the comms Reached Tiberius the Ritual had been complete, The Buzzing sound had become so loud that it was close to the sound of the weapons of the noise marines. The Fly's span round and formed the bodies of the demons. A loud screech then followed and the warp opened, Nurgle chuckled and with that they joined our world.

    The Dark Apostle ran from the cover of the building and grinned. Guarded by his Entourage the Traitor Marines. Tiberius was sure he was about to be flanked. But he was pinned down by the Lascannons above. He was unable to move.

    <Tiberius> Men, We are about to enter combat, lets make it under our own terms. These Demons are going to bring the fight to us. Lets Take the Fight to them. Let us show these foul Traitors. That we are the Superior. We are The finest in the Galaxy! FOR THE EMPEROR!

    With this speech the demons and Apostle were advancing upon them.

    Tiberius stood.
    Took a breath.
    Closed his eyes.
    He was about to fight a unwinnable combat.
    His Men were about to loose there lives.
    His Tactica had let them down.

    He raised his Ancient Lightning Claws. And Embraced the first demon with a swathe to the face, he fell. His Fellow Battle brothers went to work attacking the demons. His brethrin were falling before him. He and The chapter Champion and Sergeant were the last standing. But they had fellen all the demons.

    Tiberius Turned to face the Apostle. The Cause of his brethrin's deaths this day... Marine and Traitor's locked in combat.. He moved his way towards him...

    Raimer Had seen the combat ensue and was sure he could rach Tiberius. So without a sense of fear in his voice led the Sword brethrin towards the combat.
    <Raimer> Adavance men, UPHOLD THE HONOUR OF THE EMPEROR!

    With this bellowing War Cry the Marines Ran hurtling into the middle ground towards the combat!

    Jehoivan and Reginald Opened up there assault cannons onto the building as covering fire for the Brethrin charging forth.

    Both Initiate Squads Charged Forth into the building and Realised. The Marines had Teleported back to there Battlebarge Orbiting the Planet.

    the battle was nearly one...

    as each Sword Brethrin realised the battle was won, the Zeal of the Marines skyrocketed. Raimer Led the charge as they ran into combat. The Mighty champion raised his sword and with one fell swoop smighted two traitorous marines as the sword brethrin arrived Tiberius Realised this was his time. He entered combat with the traitorous lord. He smited him with a large swoop and the Traitors were routed.

    Tiberius Turned to Raimer. and nodded.

    This bought was not done.

    all in all i loved fighting this battle.

    any criticism on my writing is very welcome.:sleep:
    Thanks for any comments.

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    i dig the battle. What was the army lists? It might help keep track of who is who.
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