I'm working on a campaign concept to run with my local gaming group. I thought I would post it up here to see if anybody else likes the concept, or more importantly (to me anyways), to see if anybody can point out some serious issues I've overlooked in the design. Thanks in advance for your interest!

Players: Any fixed number (map size dependent)
Length: Pre-determined (map size dependent), Final battle

A map will be divided into territories with clear borders, and each territory will be worth a pre-determined number of 'Strategy Points'. Some territories may be worth fewer strategy points, but grant special abilities to the controlling player. The goal is for players to amass as many SP's as possible before the predetermined end of the campaign (either a fixed date or fixed number of campaign turns). Players will also earn bonus SP's for the largest chain of connected territories under their control.

Each player will select an army pool before the campaign. If you want to fight 1000pt battles, consider a 1800pt army pool. In each battle your forces must be taken out of this pool. Any unit that is fully destroyed will NOT be available for your next battle. A unit that is half-destroyed will be available on the roll of a 4+. Your HQ unit is always available. This places a limit on the versatility you can take in any battle, so you always need to think ahead when selecting your army for a battle, considering the armies you expect to face up against in the near future. Each unit will also earn experience, as per the system in the Warhammer 40k rulebook (accelerate the system if you are playing a short campaign).

The campaign culminates in a massive FFA final battle, in which each player is allowed to bring a number of points proportional to the SP's they have earned over the campaign. For example, if 8000pts are set aside for the final battle AND player A controls 20% of all the claimed SP's at the time of the final battle, he will be given 20% of the 8000pt pool. The player who is victorious in the final battle is the campaign winner. Honorable mention also goes to players based upon their SP ranking going into the end of the campaign.

All players should agree upon a campaign map before the start of the campaign. SP's can be assigned with all players present as desired, attempting to reflect the strategic value of various territories. Alternatively, each territory could be worth a number of SP's equal to the number of adjacent territories. This will produce a map with varying SP values that reflect the difficulty of maintaining control over the specific territory.

At this point, players should also select several 'special' territories:

** See Map Campaigns in the BGB for suggestions for what these could be **

Highways/Rivers: These are the only territories that need to be 'drawn-in' to the territory map. They are simply long, thin territories that are worth no SP's. The advantage is that they allow you to quickly advance across the campaign map (because they are long and thin they are adjacent to many other territories, and usually run towards the center of the campaign map).

Starport: A starport is worth only 2 SP's. However a player that controls the starport can attack any unoccupied territory on the map.

Medical District: This territory is worth 1-2 SP's less than normal. Controlling this terriroty grants one free 'unit recovery' at the end of each battle. Alternatively you could choose to have this territory allow half-damaged units recover on a roll of a 3+ instead of a 4+. Select one of these two options at the start of the campaign.

Gun Emplacement: Grants the controlling player an orbital bombardment (CityFight rules) at the start of any battle in this and adjacent territories.

Once the map is decided on, players will roll priority and take turns claiming their starting territory. A player may NOT claim any territory that is adjacent to another player or adjacent to any of the 'special territories' as stated above. This starting territory also gains the following properties:

Starting Territory: This territory is worth 2 SP's (or select your own number). In addition, if this is YOUR landing zone, you get 1 SP for each territory you control that is connected to this one by a chain of adjacent territories under your control (similar to the rules for fortifying units in RISK).

Army Pool:
NOTE: The numbers in this example are built around 1000 pt battles. Customize the campaign to fight battles on whatever scale you wish.

At the start of the campaign, each player submits a 1800pt army pool. This will compromise the entire force pool the player has available during the campaign. The purpose of this is to add another layer of strategy (and continuity) to the campaign. Players will be restricted in their options when facing up against different armies or when sustaining heavy casualties. The list should be built in such a way that you have versatility against different opponents AND such that you can satisfy the force organization charts after sustaining casualties.

Before each battle, the player build a 1000pt army list from the units available in their force pool. At the end of each battle, each unit will earn experience as detailed in the BGB (you may accelerate this system to fit the campaign length desired by reducing the amount of XP required to earn each ability).

Any unit that was wiped out will NOT be available for your next battle. Any unit that was wounded enough to give half victory points will be available on the roll of a 4+ (or a 3+ if you control a medical center). After sitting out for a full battle, a unit will have fully resupplied, recovered, and be available again for future battles.

Game Turn:
*** This is where I need some help with the campaign. I am thinking of an adapted 'Mighty Empires' format. Let me know what you think ***

I was going to play turn-at-once, however this would often leave players with either no, or more than one battle at a time. Depending on your gaming situation this may be how you want to play it. Alternatively, the Mighty Empires campaign system for Fantasy can be adapted to work for this campaign as well, which allows each player to fight every turn, with the result affecting how much they can conquer on any given turn.

Final Battle:
NOTE: The numbers in this example are built around 1000 pt battles. Customize the campaign to fight battles on whatever scale you wish.

The final battle takes place at the pre-determined campaign end point. You may wish to have a map territory that was considered impassable during the campaign, and use it as the location for the campaign's epic conclusion (adding appropriate fluff).

Add 1000pts for each player in the campaign to a total pool. Then each player adds up the number of SP's they control, and compares it to the total number of SP's earned. Each player will get a percentage of the total points pool equal to the percentage of SP's they control.

Choose an appropriate mission type to fit the campaign fluff. For a Free For All battle including all players, it may be the most appropriate to set several objectives all over that table that need to be controlled. This also has the advantage of giving an advantage to the player with the largest army (they've earned it), while still making it possible for all the players to secure objectives and thus have a significant impact on the battle if not a chance to win.

The winner is the victor of the final battle. Prestige is also granted for how many SP's a player accumulated, how many objectives the secured in the final battle, and even the experience their units earned during the campaign. Thus while there is a clear winner, there are MANY chances for each player to claim some glory for themselves. The pre-set ending also ensures that players don't lose interest, and makes certain that whatever happens each player will have a roll to play in an EPIC final confrontation


Let me know what you think, and if anybody has ideas on how to handle the campaign turn it would be greatly appreciated.