ok so holaris is a planet i made up that has been the scene of many wars. it was reclaimed in m32 by the Imperial Guard. but after a few hundred years the system fell into civil war with devotees of nurgle trying to wipe out the rest of the systems inhabitants, the imperial guard that discovered the planet acted immediately destroying the chaos infestation in just over 17 years. an imperial guard regiment was then created incase of a similar occurence. The Holarin Guard 77th regiment. in 189.m41 a force of plague marines invaded and destroyed most of the guard regiment. the black templars were called in and the Holaris Crusade was created. these warriors annhilated the chaos. in 216.M41 the full force of Typhus' plague was brought down upon Holaris. the Holaris Crusade moved in once again but were being slaughtered by the plague. so they called in the Ultramarines...

ok so thats the background... roughly... the proper version is over 50 pages long so i dont think ill post that right now lol.
ok now im planning to battle 3150 points of nurgle (including a fellblade) against 3150 points of Ultramarines 3rd company with a small force of BT included.

but i want to make this interesting so that i can write a background story that is covered by this campaign. so everything that happens will be covered in the story. (except if marneus calgar and other special characters die lol)

i dont know what else to include in this battle besides an apoc game.. maybe a kill team... but i dont know the rules for this etc because i only have the BFM rule book... doesnt contain kill teams.. so what other ideas could there be?