Terra in Flames: a worldwide campaign idea:

The setting:

“my lords”, says the messenger, “The emperor has spoken for the first time in 10,000 years.” “By the throne, what did he say!” interrupted the lord commander militant. With hesitation, the messenger opened his mouth to speak, “The end has come, Terra must not fall.” The High lords looked at each other with deep concern. “is there anything else messenger that you have to report…” “yes my lord, and I am afraid the next part of my story is even more alarming. Throughout the galaxy, there have been reports of psykers all sharing one singular vision” for a moment, the messenger paused, “a vision of Terra in flames.” The Lord commander militant considered these words for a moment and then spoke, “That will be all messenger.’ As the messenger left, the lord commander militant turned to the Inquisitorial representative of Terra. “we know what must be done. We must send a message to all available imperial forces to immediately make a warp jump to Terra. The final battle is at hand…”

Through out the galaxy things are quickly spiraling out of control. Rumors say that Abaddon has launched another black crusade, one that the cadian gate cannot hope to hold out against. More and more planets are being devoured by the tyranids from below the galactic plain. A being that has slumbered for 60 million years on mars becomes restless and begins to stir. A great ork Waaagh the size of which has never been seen before has begun. A great Tau expedition force breaks deep into imperial space. The Eldar craft worlds have all changed their coarse, and something has emerged form an unknown realm to raid on the weak. There are even rumors that Leman Russ has returned and Guilliman and the lion have reawaken. And among all this havoc, all roads seem to be leading to Terra itself…

The stage has been set, now all i need is some rules. will anyone be willing to contribute to this. could this possibly be some sort of mass campaign idea similar to medusa 5? tell me what you think.