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    Help with Campaign

    I need Ideas for a Tau vs whoever campaign it would be myself and 2 other tau players playing 3 players of chaos or the imperium

    Can someone give ideas with how it would play,map rules etc as this would be my first campaign started

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirage. View Post
    I need Ideas for a Tau vs whoever campaign it would be myself and 2 other tau players playing 3 players of chaos or the imperium
    I used the "Rynn's World campaign" from WD339.
    Just changing "Orks" to "Tau" and "SM" to "all Marines" -


    The Rynn’s World campaign

    The Rynn’s World Disaster is a two-player
    series of linked games:


    1. Planetstrike at Badlanding
    Pitched Battle/ Annihilation.

    The single habitable world of the
    Badlanding system was protected by three
    recruitment companies of the Imperial
    Guard and a small garrison of Crimson
    Fists, plus a planetary defence netwTau of
    ground-based missile silos and defence
    lasers which had not been blessed by a
    Tech-Priest in over three centuries. Perhaps
    unsurprisingly the Tau made successful
    landings across the planet, although they
    lost a number of ships to both the
    antiquated defences and some ill-
    considered landings in the treacherous
    dust seas of the equatorial region.
    The Imperial troops fought alongside
    the indigenous Badlanders and between
    them they put up a stout resistance centred
    around Krugerport, the only sizable
    settlement on the planet and seat of
    government. However desperately the
    forces of Badlanding fought, the Tau
    seemed bolder and more numerous. The
    Imperial garrison was swiftly outmatched
    by the growing numbers of Tau which
    gathered against them, and Krugerport fell
    within days, even as a counter strike of
    Crimson Fists was readied at their fortress-
    monastery on Rynn’s World.

    Deployment. Attackers: Tau (1000pts).
    Imperial Guard and/or
    Space Marines (1000pts).
    Special Rules
    • The Imperial player
    may launch a Preliminary
    Bombardment at the start
    of his second turn.
    • The winning player
    gains an extra 50 points
    for his army in the
    Krugerport Counterattack
    mission for every ’kill
    point’ that they win by.

    2. Blades in the Night
    Quarters/ Capture & Control

    Although wresting Badlanding from the
    Tau control would be impossible in the
    short term, Chapter Master Kantor planned
    a series of raids on Aun ‘Nagrod’s latest
    acquisition to secure information on the
    strength of the Tau and prevent them
    tightening their grip on Badlanding and
    exploiting its resources.
    The initial phases of the raid passed
    well. At nightfall, Scout squads infiltrated
    the town ahead of the main body of
    Crimson Fists and eliminated several guard
    posts to prevent the alarm being raised as
    the rest of the Company moved forward.

    Attackers: Space Marines
    composed from Scouts
    and Bikers only. No
    HQ (750pts).
    Tau chosen from the
    Troops section only.No
    HQ (750pts).
    Special Rules
    •Any surviving models on
    the winning side may be
    used in Scenario 3 for

    3. Krugerport Counterattack
    Dawn of War/ Modified Seize

    Three Thunderhawks cut through the
    yellow haze of Badlanding’s atmosphere to
    place the Space Marines within thirty miles
    of Krugerport. Captain Drakken planned to
    march his troops to the town, destroy its
    communications tower and water filtration
    plant, gauge the strength of the Tau
    garrison and then withdraw for extraction
    before overwhelming reinforcements
    arrived from the nearest harvesting rigs.
    Within an hour, the 4th Company had
    advanced within the outer limits of
    Krugerport. However, the Tau became
    alerted to their presence and fighting broke
    out across the town. Initial resistance was
    weak and scattered as individual Tau or
    small groups tenaciously held ruined
    buildings or recklessly counterattacked
    down the winding streets. Brushing aside
    the opposition, the Space Marines pushed
    forward towards their twin objectives of the
    communications tower and filtration plant.

    Attacker: Space Marines
    Defender: Tau (2000pts).
    There is only one
    objective (the
    communications tower)
    which is placed in the
    Tau deployment area.
    Special Rules
    • Forces can be affected
    by previous missions.
    • If the Tau player holds
    the communications
    tower at the end of of the
    game, he receives an
    additional strategic asset
    in Scenario 4.
    Should the Space Marines
    control it, the Tau player
    receives one less strategic
    asset than normal.

    4. Into the Maelstrom
    Apocalypse/ No Limit

    The Tau in Krugerport had proved to
    be alert and exceedingly aggressive.
    Chapter Master Kantor, a veteran of
    many wars against the Tau, could see
    what was coming by the strength and
    aggression of the Tau forces encountered.
    A Tau force was gathering strength
    and the attack on Badlanding had only
    been the first ripple of lightning at the
    beginning of a storm. Badlanding would
    have to be reconquered when the Tau
    had expended their strength on expansion
    and conquest, not whilst the Tau were
    gathering their forces there.
    The fortress-monastery of the Crimson
    Fists was placed on full alert and all
    companies recalled, even though an attack
    on the Crimson Fists’ heavily-defended
    home world seemed insane.

    On 3903989.M41, orbiting augur
    satellites registered an alien warfleet exiting
    the warp. Opticon scans confirmed the
    approaching fleet as a mass of
    Tau ships which were even now launching
    a cloud of assault boats and landers at the
    planet. Aun ‘Nagrod was apparently psychotic
    enough to try a full-scale invasion of
    Rynn’s World.

    The planetary defences of Rynn’s World
    were not weak and ill-kept like those at
    Badlanding. Defence platforms and system
    ships were clustered thickly around the
    planet; great batteries of defence lasers and
    missiles lay beneath its surface. Within
    seconds of arrival, the first Tau ship was
    torn apart by incandescent blasts of laser-
    fire. More followed with each passing
    moment as more weapons came online
    and the defensive fire intensified. The night
    side of Rynn’s World grew bright as day
    beneath the terrible inferno which criss-
    crossed the heavens.
    The Tau fleet plunged on into the
    maelstrom with reckless bravery. They
    blasted satellites and platforms, rammed or
    boarded system ships and monitors. The
    first assault landers breached the
    atmosphere and plummeted down upon
    laser silos and missile sites, their deadly
    cargoes of blue-skinned warriors spilling
    out to slaughter the defence crews. The
    tally of casualties and combat reports
    became a stream and then a flood as the
    fighting spread.

    Then, at the height of the battle, a
    single missile from a salvo launched by
    Battery Laculum on the western flank of
    the fortress-monastery went awry. At the
    edge of the stratosphere it fell back, its fiery
    trail describing a long, elegant arc back
    towards the heavily armoured bulk of the
    Chapter fortress. A single rogue missile
    should have been able to inflict little harm
    on those adamantium walls, let alone
    threaten its vulnerable arsenal protected by
    stasis fields, ceramite doors and hundreds
    of metres of solid rock. Yet harm it did – by
    infernal chance it burrowed deep into the
    nigh-impenetrable stone, and its plasma
    warhead detonated with full force and
    breached the arsenal walls.

    The ancient, mountain-top stronghold
    shook as secondary explosions ripped
    through its subterranean catacombs. Flash
    fires roared through corridors and engulfed
    stairwells. Jets of flame geysered from every
    fire-point and embrasure, and in moments
    the fortress-monastery had become an
    erupting volcano of terrible violence. The
    rock itself melted and ran like wax in the
    resultant inferno.

    Special Rules:
    • The Imperial players
    have the following added
    to their normal forces:
    Bonus Strategic Assets:
    Precision Strike
    Orbital Bombardment
    Scheduled Bombardment
    Apocalypse Datasheet
    Defence Laser
    • The Darkest Hour:
    At the beginning of each
    turn, roll on the following
    table to see if the heart of
    the Imperial defences has
    been annihilated:
    Turn 1 2 3 4
    D6 n/a 5+ 3+ auto
    When the rogue warhead
    takes out the Crimson
    Fists arsenal, every model
    on the table takes a S10
    hit at AP1 (vehicles are hit
    on their side armour).
    • Objectives can be
    claimed by units of any
    size, even single models –
    it’s every man for himself!

    5. Battle at the Farm
    Special Mission

    Chapter Master Kantor had escaped the
    destruction of the fortress. He was engaged
    in surveying the outer defences at the time
    the attack came, and was hastening back
    as the missile struck. So Kantor and a
    handful of Crimson Fists survived the
    conflagration and, grimly setting aside their
    fury, fell back towards the distant planetary
    capital of New Rynn City. With their
    fortress – heart of the planetary defences –
    reduced to rubble, the skies above them
    soon filled with the distant glitter of the
    multitude of Tau ships in orbit. Hundreds
    of assault boats and landers streaked across
    the night sky like fiery meteors.
    Over the next five days the Tau
    rampaged across Rynn’s World virtually
    unchecked. Kantor and his men fought
    skirmishes with Tau hunter-killer-eater
    patrols, often barely escaping before more
    Tau arrived in overwhelming numbers.
    They travelled by night to avoid the
    attention of the Tau flyers which
    dominated the skies by day. During the
    daylight hours they were forced to seek
    cover where they could – lying up amidst
    the ruins of a farm one day, hiding out in
    an abandoned quarry the next. Food and
    ammunition grew scarce, and sooner or
    later an Tau patrol was bound to stumble
    upon their position...

    Kantor’s Last Chance
    • Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master of the
    Crimson Fists.
    • Ten Tactical Space Marines with a
    missile launcher and a flamer, split
    into two five-man combat squads.
    • Five Space Marine Vanguard
    Veterans (with close combat
    weapons and bolt pistols and
    without jump packs) or five
    Sternguard Veterans.

    Space Marines’ Brief
    The Space Marines must
    attempt to kill Aun
    ‘Ullnec and obliterate his
    minions, all the while keeping
    Kantor alive. That said, the
    Chapter Master will need to
    get stuck in if you’ve a hope
    of taking ‘Ullnec down.

    ‘Ullnec’s Tau Raiders
    • Aun ‘Ullnec HQ with
    • 2x 12 Fire Warriors.
    • Five Stealth Suits.
    • One Crisis.

    Tau Player’s Brief
    The Tau must attempt to kill Pedro
    Kantor and get the Crisis Suit
    in position to pick up the Marker.

    The Space Marines set up in the ruins of the farm
    following the rules for hidden set-up (see map).
    They may not hold any units in reserve.
    Once the Space Marines have placed their hidden
    set-up markers, the Tau deploy. The Space Marine
    player then deploys his forces according to the
    placement of the markers.

    The Stealth and Crisis Units may not start the game
    within 24" of each other.

    The Honour of the Crimson Fists: All units in the same
    army as Pedro Kantor have the Preferred Enemy: Tau
    and Stubborn special rules.

    Lines of retreat
    The Tau player will retreat back to the short board edge
    in their deployment zone. The Space Marine player will
    retreat to the opposite board edge.

    Who goes first?
    The Tau side has the initiative and hence goes first.

    Game length
    The game lasts for 8 turns before Tau reinforcements
    arrive, forcing the Crimson Fists to withdraw towards
    New Rynn City and denying the Marker Objective.

    Reaping the rewards
    • If the Tau manage to take down Pedro Kantor, he
    escapes with his life but is badly wounded, and must
    subtract 1 from all his characteristics for the remainder of
    the campaign.
    • If ‘Ullnec gets the Marker, he adds +1 to all his
    characteristics in the Battle for Jadeberry Hill.
    • If the Space Marines manage to kill Aun ‘Ullnec,
    they are bolstered by their success. All surviving Crimson
    Fists are counted as Fearless for the rest of the campaign.
    • If the Space Marines kill all the Tau then the
    blueskin forces in the area are not alerted to the
    Crimson Fists’ presence. They need not play the Road to
    New Rynn City scenario. All Space Marines surviving the
    Battle of the Farm are added to the forces used in the
    final battle.

    When setting up, make sure to place a Marker in
    the rear section of the ruined farmstead as shown on
    the map. The Tau must try to get to the Marker by the end
    of the game if he can – if he ends any phase on the
    Marker, it counts as retrieved.

    6. Road to New Rynn City
    Modified Combat Patrol

    On the tenth night after the destruction of
    the fortress-monastery, Kantor and his
    command reached the outskirts of New
    Rynn City – only to find shattered ruins in
    place of the once-proud metropolis. The
    central portion of the city was built on an
    island in the midst of the great river
    Pakomac, and this appeared battered but
    still standing. The rest had been destroyed
    in the fighting. Many Tau forts had been
    built out of the rubble and it was obvious
    that several warbands were vying for the
    glory of capturing the last city on the
    planet. Each Tau element was busy trying to
    cross the river – some were building
    bridges under withering fire from the
    defenders, others were constructing boats
    or pontoons or submersible siege towers,
    still others were bombarding the city with
    artillery. Kantor still had a chance.

    • The Space Marines field
    the same forces as used in
    the Battle for the Farm.
    • The Tau have 300
    points of Troops from the
    Tau army list.
    • Place as much city
    terrain as possible on the
    board. You could even
    use the Cities of Death
    Special Rules:
    • The victor may add the
    survivors of this battle to
    the army in the next
    • If the Space Marines
    were all taken down at
    the Farm, play a Breakout
    mission with the Space
    Marines as the Attackers.

    7. Battle of Jadeberry Hill
    Apocalypse/ No Limit

    Kantor led his men to a major underzoom
    that led under the river near Jadeberry Hill.
    The Crimson Fists reached the tunnel
    entrance only minutes before the Tau
    advanced. They rejoiced when they
    discovered that the tunnel mouth was
    being held by a large force of Crimson Fists
    who had been dispatched to New Rynn
    City before the Tau attacked. Their leader
    was Veteran Sergeant Huron Grimm, who
    was astounded to find his old Chapter
    Master emerging from the pre-dawn mist
    with the battered and bloodied remnants of
    his command.
    The rejoicing was short-lived. Moments
    later all had to man the barricades. A vast
    force of Tau troops, led by ‘Nagrod
    himself, melted out of the dawn light and
    battered at the Crimson Fists in successive
    wave attacks.

    Special Rules:
    • Aun ‘Ullnec may
    take part in this battle if
    he survived the Battle at
    the Farm – he is used in
    addition to the normal
    Tau point total.
    • While Kantor is alive,
    all Crimson Fists receive
    the Counter Attack
    universal special rule.
    Bonus Strategic Assets:
    Space Marines
    Hold at All Costs,
    Obstacles, Recon.
    Flank March, Tunnels,
    The victor of this game
    wins the campaign.




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