I have looked through the campaigns page and have not found a currently running vassal 40k campaign.

So, I'm starting one.


The following rules must be followed:
-1500 Points
-Standard Force Organisation.
-Named Characters only allowed if included in respective Codex (No Chapter Approved or such. This means no characters like Cypher the Fallen Angel)
-Current Codex only. No 4th ed Marines or such.
-7 Points for a win, 4 for a draw, and 1 for a loss
-Missions, Setup and Maps will be pre-determined before each round by me and must be used.
-No Forgeworld
-Each round will last 3 weeks (less if all games are completed prior to that)
-Allies allowed as instructed per codex (Not allowed if not mentioned)

-In the event of a disconnection, the opposing player should save the game as soon as possible and wait to see if the other player can reconnect. If not, the saved game should recommence as soon as possible.
-In the event of a rule dispute, check the rulebook. It's all in there. If still not resolved, roll a D6 on it (1-3 one player, 4-6 the other)

If you wish to participate in this event, please PM me with the following details:
-Time zone
-Full army list (not a point over 1500 )
When you submit your list, it is final and cannot be changed. All the lists will be posted in a separate thread at the same time.

The prizes are still to be decided. (Will most likely contain physical prizes as well as virtual)

Finished Game
When you have finished a game, please PM me with your opponent's name and the results. All I need is who won. Both players must do this to confirm.

Stand ins
If you are unable to continue participating in this tournament after the official start of it, you may leave and have all your stats transferred to a stand in player who will now replace you and your army list with his own and will keep all your scores.
Please do not join this tournament if you know that you will not be able to finish it.

This will be a Round Robin Tournament, so even if you lost one game, you still have a shot on points.
Final 4 players will be named at a certain date (still to be decided) and will play each other finalist in turn.

Playing the games
Each game has to be played on the Vassal40k module version 5.1 (filename 'V40k_V5-1') and the map loaded from a provided download each round.
Please save regularly as some people like to join a room and mess around with games.

Tournament will start on the first of February and entries will close. Stand in rules will apply afterwards.

Please PM me as described above to join.