Themed Battle: Survival - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Themed Battle: Survival

    Well I thought I would make up something new to pass the time. I look forward to any opinions on the rules and how to more fairly balance things out.

    Setting: Cityscape, set up is randomized as usual. The more crowded the better.
    Objective for Survivors: HQ must be alive and be transported off the board via droppod.
    Objective for Attackers: Destory all enemy HQs.
    Turns: 6 + D3 turns, on the 3rd turn determine randomly where the droppod will land. On the 4th turn transport arrives on a 4+, on the 5th turn transport will arrive on a 3+, the 6th turn it will arrive on a 2+, the transport will automatically arrive on the 7th turn.
    All players must use cityscape rules when dealing with movement, LOS, close combat or shooting.
    Nightfalls: On turn 5 all players will play with night vision rules.
    Attackers will always go first.

    (Rules are written with the idea forces being attackers are Tyranids and defenders are SM, IG, DH, or WH)

    Survivor Special Rules:
    - 350 deployment points for each survivor.
    - No special characters but on max 50 equiptment points per model.
    - Do not have to follow force organization chart.
    - No minimum squad size.
    - Cannot deepstrike, teleport, or infiltrate.
    - All units are deployed via deepstriking rules. If unit would land in impassible terrain reroll the distance, repeat as necessary.
    - "Will to Live" Treat all units controlled by Survivors as if they have Bonics.

    Attackers Special Rules:
    - 600 deployment points for each survivor (yes, per survivor).
    - Must follow deployment chart
    - All units are held in reserve and uses this rule as detailed in the core rule book. On any table edge.

    Misscellanous Rules:
    - Transport may not be destoryed under any circumstances but defenders may not enter transport if there are more attacks than defenders in a 5" diameter to where the transport is supposed to be landing.

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