My Comic/Game shop has a 40k League happening.

Basically what happens is this you start out with a 1k army. you fight it out and resolve the outcome.

Here is what happens to the winner. you get x points from winning so if you played a 1,500 you would get half of that 750 points. bonus points if you win is based off of the units you killed minus from your opponents surviving units.


1000 point game you killed lets say 600 points worth of models and he has 400 points left. you would get 200 bonus points for wining your opponent would only get 750. but you can never drop 500 points (reason is a player got annihilated in turn one from a baneblade he set his unit in very close proximity of each other and got wiped.)

regardless you get 500 points even if you wipe.

But I had something else in mind, he has a warhammer fantasy happening. He has a map and your units are deployed and you scour the map one where you want to go but it takes real days to get where you want to go,but you have the option of cutting off other players or attacking other players or w/e,not going to go into great detail on what else happens.

my campaign has this.

you start out with 1000 points. you use those points to make your army and use to build refineries and send out scouts, but you can travel to various planets and get other resources and spend your resource points to make new refinery to replenish the points lost or send out scouts/drones to survey other planets and roll a percentile dice to see if the planet is controlled by an opposing NPC OR by another player.

now what I have in mind to keep things "fair and balance" you have to assign points to each planet you control with your resource points and each planet will yield various points to replenish your resources and will cost more to make refineries.

to determine the planets used you go off of the players playing in the campaign lets say you have 5 people playing. 1 do 5 planets (homeworlds) where the players start off of, and give 2 planets per person, to make if expansive and to give people a chance to gather resources to replace the lost ones.

and what i was thinking to give it a twist to have various unexplored planets that are unexplored be occupied by different forces be it orcs/tau/nids w/e.

this is all a rough draft any suggestions on how to make it better or add/subtract from my idea.