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Thread: Vespus Campaign

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    Vespus Campaign

    i just started building this and im working with my local games workshop to put an event on. Take a look and tell me what you think.

    Special Tiles:
    Spaceport- One unit in the army can always deep strike

    Armory- One unit counts as having twin linked weapons at a cost of 50 pts

    Fuel Depot- One vehicle can move an extra inch, (this does not effect shooting or disembarking)

    Command Station- Always use your HQ leadership, even if they are not on the table, and always subtract one from negative modifiers to your leadership. (So if you have to make a leadership check at -2 it changes to -1)

    Mines- Control of one mine adds 100pts to your roster, control of both adds 300pts

    Mountains- Control of all the mountain tiles will give all none armor value units can roll an extra D6 for difficult terrain.

    Unrelenting Desert- Control of the Relenting Desert tiles will give all none armor value, monstrous creatures, or vehicle units the stealth rule.

    Starting Flags:
    Players start with a 500pt “scouting” match. Armies must contain 1 HQ and any units that infiltrate and/or deep strike. No monstrous creatures or anything with an armor value may be in this force. It will be a 4 turn game with 6 objectives. Matches will be chosen at random and played on a 4X4 table. Units must be at 25% to capture objectives. Captured objectives at the end of the match will be used at modifiers for starting position rolls.

    At the end of all matches a D66 will be rolled by each player for a starting position and the number of the objectives they captured can be used as modifiers. Such as if they have 3 captured objectives and they rolled a 5 on the first dice and 2 on the second, they can change the first to a 3 and the second to a 1. After they place their first flag, the second must be placed adjacent to the first.

    Players will get D2 flags per round after the start.

    Flag Movement:
    Players move D3 tiles per round.

    Mountain tiles count as 2 movement per hex.

    “Sand Storms”- For every none mountain hex that is moved onto players will roll a D6, on the roll of a 1, movement ends on that tile. Movement in Unrelenting Desert must use 2D6.

    Tile Control:
    To capture a tile that is not controlled a player must roll a D6, on a 2+ the tile is taken. If the tile is not adjacent to another that the player controls the roll is needed on a 3+. To take a tile controlled by another player, a player must roll 2D6. On a 3+ the player takes the tile, if tile is not adjacent to another tile the player controls then 7+ must be rolled. Attempting to capture multiple tiles per round has a modifier of -1 for every tile after the first.

    Entry into Ares City:
    For a player to enter the first wall of the city they must roll 2D6 and roll lower than the number of tiles they control. To enter the second wall they must roll 3D6.

    The Coming Shadow”:
    To represent that the players are on a tomb world, campaign organizer will roll 3D6 after the 4th round and every round after. If they roll higher than the number of unclaimed tiles on the board a “Shadow” enters the table. One can enter every round if rolled for. They are placed at a D66 roll at one of the predetermined tiles. Shadow moved 1 tile in a random direction every turn. If it lands on a controlled tile or a player moves onto a shadow tile, the player rolls a D6. On a roll of a 1 the player loses the tile automatically, or the flag they were moving. On a roll of 2-5 the get attacked by the shadow. On a roll of a 6 nothing happens and the shadow ignores the player.

    Shadow represents a 1500pt necron force with special necron rules. Special rules are that they phase at 50% however they always get their “We'll be back” roll, even against power weapons, double their toughness, or a unit getting wiped out.

    Flight across the board:
    After the 4th round a player can choose to instead of placing any flags they can attempt to capture a tile on the other side of the board. It will be a 1000pt planet strike mission. If the attacking player wins they will capture the tile on the role of a 7+ on 2D6. If they control a spaceport they can re-roll the dice. All players must start campaign with a 1000pt planet strike attackers and defenders list.

    Army Construction:
    After the first round players must have a 1000pt list. Every round the pts increase by 250, but the original list must be kept. War gear can be added on but not taken away. Players must keep the same units they played in the 1000pt game for the remainder of the campaign.

    Conquest Points:
    Every win gets 3
    Draw gets 1
    Loss- 0
    Every mission card completed gets 1
    Defeating “Shadow” gets 1
    Normal tile capture gets 1
    Capture of inner circle tile gets 2
    Hive capture gets 3

    Veteran Points:
    Get one for every battle fought
    One for every achievement card completed
    Can be used to upgrades

    Skills can be bought for the appointed veteran point cost. After that all of the players units are available to purchase that skill at their assigned point value. These points to not count towards war gear maxes. If unit can already purchase the skill then the cost is halved rounded up, it will then be still counted towards war gear max. If unit already has that skill then they can get “upgraded” version for half of their point value. The upgraded version will be created by campaign creator.

    Story Arc Chapters:
    Scouts and knives
    First Contact
    It Hits the Fan
    The Sands of Vespus
    Scenes of Oblivion
    Shadows of a Colossus
    Mines of Hades
    To the Spires of Ares
    Stairs to the Heavens

    Mission Cards:
    With Prejudice- Wipe out all of your opponents units.

    The Collector- Take and hold all game objectives.
    First in, Last out- Make one troop choice unit your “ranger” unit. They have the infiltrate rule and must do so. If they survive the battle the player gets the mission. If they are wiped during the battle they are worth an extra objective or 1.5X their point value to your opponent.

    Take the Masses- Kill all enemy troop choices.

    Head of the Snake- Kill enemy HQ.

    Hold the bridge- Have a none armor value or monstrous creature unit survive the game with at least 25% unit strength.

    Make 'em Walk- Destroy all enemy transports

    Sudden Strike- Have a deep striking unit take and hold an objective for the rest of the game.

    Stem the Slaughter- Prevent an opponents unit from a sweeping advance by assaulting it with another unit.

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    Senior Member Firaya's Avatar
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    Haven't been on for quite a while, hope you're still looking at this thread for ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by midnightmonty View Post
    Mission Cards:

    Head of the Snake- Kill enemy HQ.

    Hold the bridge- Have a none armor value or monstrous creature unit survive the game with at least 25% unit strength.

    Make 'em Walk- Destroy all enemy transports

    Sudden Strike- Have a deep striking unit take and hold an objective for the rest of the game.

    Stem the Slaughter- Prevent an opponents unit from a sweeping advance by assaulting it with another unit.

    Ok some thoughts on the quoted missions, to help iron out any questions that might appear in the middle of the campaign:

    Head of the snake:
    1. What if there are multiple HQ choices? Is it the FOC or the HQ unit itself?
    2. What about their retinues?

    Hold the bridge:
    1. Must this unit be declared beforehand?

    Make 'em Walk:
    1. How will armies without transports be handled?

    Sudden Strike:
    1. How will armies without deep striking units be handled?
    2. How will the Daemons army be handled? Its entire army deep strikes.
    3. Must you deep strike directly within scoring range of the objective, or can you walk towards it? It would feel really silly to scatter away from the objective and lose because of it.

    Stem the
    1. I honestly don't understand this mission. Perhaps some clarification will help?

    Hope that gives some ideas.

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