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Clash Of Generals is our first 1 day standard Swiss Style Tournament with a kick. Its the same standard quality gaming boards you have come to expect with our tournaments. We have challenging boards and you will have to really think how to best use the strength of your army.

For your money you get 4 games and a great days gaming
Tournament Date: 1st August 2010
Number of days: 1
Entry: £12
Number of places: 24
Tickets Available: July
Launch Pack Available: July
1st Prize: 1st Place Trophy and Certificate
2nd Prize: Runners Up Medal and Certificate
3rd Prize: Runners Up Medal and Certificate

Clash Of Generals
‘Simone laughed manically as the storm bolter roared in his grip, bucking and fighting against his control, the weapon of death spat at his foes. Beneath him the Baal pattern predator lurched forward, the machine sprit being no longer satisfied with the long range death it was being offered. Simone was grinning like a possessed devil as he ducked back within the turret, his long incisors glistering in the slow green glow of the screens in his command seat. Raphael turned to look up at him and Simone gave the order. With a grinding of the heavy set tracks the predator gripped the ground underneath and moved towards the approaching enemy. Still grinning, Simone looked through the viewing port, lining up the Inferno cannon mounted in the turret. Soon it would be roaring into life, and Simone slowly started to saviour the anticipation of roasting flesh’
Welcome to a day of death, a tournament in a day!
Set – Up;

A tournament in a day, offering enough games to be a day of death and fun, with some hidden twists to keep it lively.
Things I need;

A fully painted and based 1500point 40k army.

Models must be wysiwyg.

No forge world rules allowed.

Forge world models can be used as proxies for other models in your army.

Two copies of your army list.

4 games of 40k, using different missions and deployment types.

First round against a random opponent, then Swiss style for the remainder.

Four unique secret missions, to give an extra edge to the games and throw up a few surprises!
What You See Is What You Get (p47 40k 5th)

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